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Dead Icons interview

By Alex
Dead Icons interview

Since we've now broken the news that Dead Icons has signed with Bullet Tooth, we thought it would be a great time to do a quick interview with the band (specifically bassist Stanley Sievers).

So why Bullet Tooth?

We chose Bullet Tooth for a few reasons. The first being that Josh released some of our favorite hardcore records ever through Trustkill and the fact that he liked our band and wanted to sign us is something we never thought would happen when we started this band.

Second, I think Josh understands diversity and it shows through his bands. We always said that we wanted to be on a label that had all kinds of different bands on it so that new people might check us out and like us that normally wouldn't if we were on a hardcore only label.

Third, before we signed to Bullet Tooth we ALWAYS saw stuff Josh was doing for his bands. That dude works hard, or maybe he's got a staff of 100 elves or something working for him. Either way he works hard for his bands and we definitely wanted someone who was going to work just as hard as us if not harder.

Were you talking to any other labels?

We have talked to a few labels in the past but it was just either not the right timing or didn't feel right working with some of them.

What do you think about the other bands on Bullet Tooth? I want specifics.

I'm just going to pick a few for you...

Affiance - I think this band is good, their singer can actually sing and they have some cool guitar stuff going on too that I really liked. They've got something unique about their music that makes them stand out from other bands like them. Disclaimer, this isn't really necessarily my cup of tea but I can definitely appreciate it.

Deception Of A Ghost - Once again this isn't really my cup of tea, but they remind me of older Underoath and I really like that stuff. I think they have cool guitar leads and song progression. Just like previously I like that their singer can actually sing.

First Blood - Easily my favorite band on the label. They have been one of my favorite hardcore bands since the demo came out however long ago. Carl has a unique voice and when I listen to First Blood it gives me everything I want from a hardcore record. Not going to lie, I really really like this band.

Kid Liberty - We have played with this band a few times and they have always been cool dudes. I am not the biggest pop punk band but I think they write good songs and their transitions are very good as well. I think they are good and I would watch them if I get to see them again.

Most Precious Blood - Once again I am pretty biased about this since they are one of my favorite hardcore bands ever. I like all of their records equally and I listen to them quite alot, but I have never seen them which is a bummer. Awesome band.

Serianna - This is a good band. I like the drumming alot, it's thrashy at times and the double bass is very precise. Cool guitar work. They have a good singer and have something unique about them that I can't quite place. I usually don't listen to this type of music very much, but I would definitely watch this band.

Victory In Numbers - I was surprised by this band and I like them. They have the whole Taking Back Sunday thing going on with the guitars and they remind me alot of Bayside too. Good transition between verses and whatnot. I would really like to see them live.

So tell us about your Bullet Tooth debut? How far along in the process are you?

Currently we are in the writing process and just have a few more songs to finish and we will be good to go. Lyrically we have been working hard to express some of the things we have been feeling in the past year. I'd like to think that the album won't be your typical hardcore album, "Look how mad I am, I hate you, I hate this, " etc.., we are hoping to focus more on how situations aren't always black and white and that our relationships with ourselves and other people are very complicated. Rest assured, it will be pissed off though.

Do you guys hope to accomplish anything specific as band? Or this just a case of dudes who like playing music, etc.?

We hope to do for younger kids what hardcore has done for us. If I hadn't picked up my first hardcore CD and instantly felt like it had hit home to all the things that were going on in my life, then I don't know what kind of person I would be today. Probably not a very happy one. We hope to be that for someone else. Also, we hope to in a way "carry the torch" for our city for a while and hopefully pave the way for more bands from our area.

Where you do hope Dead Icons is two years from now?

On tour with cool bands and about to release another album.

What are the top three hardcore bands out there today?

Madball, Sick Of It All, and Terror.

Let's do some word associations. I'm going to throw out some names, etc.; give me your thoughts...

Harm's Way

Wiffle Ball, Hammers, HM-2 pedal, 28 mph Bowling, Darkness

We Came As Romans

And we left with Togas


I have the 3GS but I want the 4. I will always be one step behind.


Jane Doe, Concubine, Great lyrics

Katy Perry

I want to build a house in her cleavage and live out my days in happiness.

Rise Records

This Is Hell, Bleeding Through, cool bands, good label

Stray From The Path

Path of Resistance, Left Hand Path, Your Path To Divinity


Drain for all the time I should use to do productive things

Barack Obama

Baraka Flocka Flame


Awesome band, Stagedives, Stagedives, Stagedives, StagediveqerfStagedimkdStagdiveefpisnpsigmkhmPjnjefj

I've never been to Kentucky. What's the best thing about it?

Wide open spaces, beautiful countryside, southern hospitality, and low crime rate. University Of Kentucky Wildcats Basketball. Haters be damned. Respect the name.

What's your favorite city to spend time in while on tour?

Seattle by far for me, for some of the others I would say San Francisco.


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"Rise Records bands, good label"

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