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Scott Vogel (Terror) interview

By Drew Ailes
I've read in a few interviews where you've gone out of your way to mention that you're in your thirties now. Do you ever feel out of place or confused as to how you ended up where you are?

Out of place? Absolutely. Well, when you're in a room full of eighteen year olds that are acting like eighteen year olds, and you're almost twice their age or closer to their parents know? A lot of the things I did when I was eighteen such as think that it's cool to puke on my own shoes or be really loud, or just a lot of things like that - I would much rather be calm and quiet. As far as confused? I'm not confused. I know if I didn't still want to be involved, I wouldn't be, and if I was confused, I would figure out an answer. I still love touring, playing, writing music, going to shows, exploring the world, making new friends, and I made a conscious choice to start a new band when I was twenty-nine, so I knew what I was getting myself into. I think I'm at a point in my life where I'm pretty happy. I don't have too many problems and I'm not too concerned with this or that, I'm just in a good place.

I know you came from Buffalo, but what made you decide to go to the opposite end of the country and end up out in Los Angeles?

I was born in Buffalo and lived there for a long time. The biggest reason is that when you get a chance to leave Buffalo and go to different cities and see different environments, coming back to Buffalo was kind of depressing. If you spend a week in Buffalo and you spend a week in Los Angeles, I bet if someone asked you which one you'd rather live in, you'd pick Los Angeles. There are some things I miss about Buffalo but I don't regret moving.

Los Angeles is pretty insane place. Are there any things that you just see out there that you want to lash out at?

When I first moved, I couldn't believe the traffic. It was just stupid. At that time, I just didn't know that if you were going to go somewhere, you either leave before three o'clock or you wait until seven thirty and you just don't go in the middle unless you absolutely have to. Just like anything, you just have to get used to it. The cost of living is a lot more expensive and certain areas you go into you can tell people are a little more well off and it's affected their attitudes towards others. Another problem is that I've lived in Los Angeles for five years but I've probably only been there for a total of less than a year because I'm always gone. I still don't know it that well, but from what I do know, I love it for the most part.

Good, it takes a rare breed of human to truly love the Los Angeles experience. So the numerous bands that everyone in Terror have been involved with in the past have always had large pockets of fans here and there. Terror, as of now, is one of the bigger names in the metalcore/hardcore circuit, and you've always had a somewhat sizeable fanbase to begin with. Was there anything that was consciously done different with this band?

No, not at all. I mean, we started off like any band I've ever been in. Some people that were mentally on the same page about music and the music scene, and life in general. We wrote a couple of songs, put out a demo, and our first show was for maybe seventy kids in a little warehouse with no stage. All the bands I've been in...well, one thing that's a little different is that the bands I was in when I was still in high school couldn't tour right away, but we had the same mindset of going out to play anywhere, anytime, and not worrying about money, what we're getting paid, what type of crowd we're playing to, or anything like that. So it was definitely the same. I can only speak for the bands that I've ever been in, but there's definitely no contrived plan. We have no look and our style is traditional hardcore, which if you're trying to get big with, you've picked the wrong style. Bands like Sick of it All, who should be the biggest band in the United States...

...have rat tails?

Yeah. And we're not playing the music that sells, we're playing the music we like. I think we've just worked hard and I don't know, maybe a little bit of luck.

Tentatively, when will the world see another Terror record?

This record has been out for less than six months, so we're still going to tour on it for a while. I mean, we definitely have a lot of new stuff already written. I love our new record. Anyone who knows me will agree that I'm not the type of person who goes around talking about how good Terror is or boasts or brags about my band or anything, but the new record I actually really like. From the layout, to the lyrics, to the music, to the recording - everything about it. So I want to push it because I think we did it right and I want people to hear it and read the lyrics. But, we've got new stuff, so when the time is's not gonna be too long.

Of course, I wanted to touch on the Vogelisms, which I'm sure you're aware of them about.

This is definitely a question I hate but I love to address it.

I'd love for you to address it as well. I haven't read anywhere that you've talked about it. Tell me about them.

First of all, half those things that are written I've never said. There are things that...I know myself and there are certain words that would never come out of my mouth. Certain phrases that I would never put together. I mean...I guess if people have fun with that and think it's cool...I mean, there's some of them that are serious and some of them are stupid. But whatever. It's just to me, I'm just a dumb kid and I don't know. The whole name of the whole thing. I don't know. I guess it's amusing, it's dumb, it's somewhat flattering, I don't know. It's everything.

So in other words, you just take it for what it is and shrug it off?

Yeah. You know, if it was all things that I've said, then I would have a different opinion of it. But I know half of it is things I've never said, so I don't know how to analyze that.

Could be a dumb question or even a great question, but has the band ever experienced any sort of prejudice, anger, or misinterpretations over the miscommunication that a band called Terror is coming to their town?

It's definitely odd when you show up at the airport to go overseas and you have five-hundred Terror shirts, CDs, pins, stickers, and you have these big cases and they start to think, "whats in these cases?" Or when you get pulled over by the police when you're driving and they say, "what's the name of your band," "Terror," and I've heard other stories of people wearing shirts and people saying stuff to them. I don't usually wear Terror shirts so I don't usually have that problem. The thing with the name is, Terror and Terrorism aren't the same thing. We needed a name and we didn't have a name, and I looked at a Sheer Terror videotape I had, and we wanted a short name. A lot of bands have these really long and absurd names, or abstract maybe is the better word. But we wanted a name kind of like our music - just something that hits you. You look at the word "terror" and you at least get kind of a feel of what you're getting into. And it kind of matches our music, we hope. So we went with it. I guess a little bit of controversy or a little bit of shock value doesn't hurt.

Terror are kind of regarded as a "tough" band. Not saying there are rumors of you guys jumping people in alleyways or things like that, but a lot of your fanbase are of a "tougher" crowd, or so it would see. Have you ever had to witness misguided fans or misguided crowds kind of take things too far?

Absolutely. I mean, there's a time and place when violence has to occur, and I don't think the right time is over some moshing beef, or a hardcore kid fighting another hardcore kid, or a wonderfully open-minded metalhead comes to a Terror show and they just don't fit in, so they've gotta get beaten up. That stuff is absolutely disgusting to me. You know, there were times where we had an incident where we had an incident at The Whiskey, and we're banned from a lot of clubs in that area in Los Angeles because the bouncers were being really out of line with the kids and when you keep pushing and keep pushing, something is going to happen. And it did. And we happened to be playing, so we got blamed for it. Stuff like that. Although I don't think violence or ruining clubs or anything is cool, that's not really what I'm about, but that's kind of empowering to see kids kind of hold their scene down. Now, on the flip-side of that, with the question you're asking me, I've definitely been playing and just seen things that just made me wonder why I'm doing this. People just getting hurt for no reason. People getting beaten for no reason to the point where we stop playing. I think maybe two or three years ago, we were at the point where if you came to a Terror show, there was a good chance there was going to be a fight and you might be in it. We did everything we could and we talked to whoever we could to end that, and I think for the most part, it has. I think we'll always have a little bit of a reputation following us, but we're doing our best to let that die real quick. That's something we don't want at all. I think anyone that knows us knows how much of a positive band we are.

That's one thing that kind of struck me as interesting is that the more reading I did about you guys, the more I found out how genuinely nice people you guys all seem to be. I talked to a friend of mine, but he had nothing to say but positive things about you guys. So that's what really kind of hit me is that there's this reputation that Terror is this hard-ass band where all the fans are going to start a fight, it's hard to understand where that comes from is how the general message of the band differs so much from that.

I don't understand it either. We definitely do play a heavier type of music and all that aggression and stuff sometimes boils to a head, but I just would hope people....if you come to a show looking for a problem, there's going to be a problem. I really hope that doesn't happen too often.

And that's with any situation.

Yeah, if you go to a bar, or you go to a party. Whether we're playing a metal show or a hardcore show, there's always idiots there. There's always really cool people there and really amazing people there, and there's always going to be some idiots there.

It's no secret that you're big into hip-hop, having Mr. Dibbs appear on the record as well as other obvious things. Is there a chance we'll ever see you delve into the rap world and maybe see you make an appearance on a Necro album or something? Anything?

We're actually, something we just found out, we're going to Europe in April and the first show we're playing in London is with Necro and ill-Bill. We've talked about trying to do a tour, but those two worlds colliding, I don't know what would happen. It would either be something that would be amazing or bad. I mean, we've done metal tours. A metal guy, in this age, kind of knows what a hardcore kid is. Maybe Hatebreed has really bridged that gap. But when you throw a hip-hop kid and a hardcore kid together and a band starts playing and people start getting their heads jumped on, it might turn ugly. Or they might love it. You don't know. We actually did a song with Jedi Mind Tricks. It's a remix of one of their songs that's on their new record. That was really cool for us. I don't think you're ever going to see me rapping. I don't think that's something I'm ready to do, or really interested in doing. Working together or touring would be cool. I mean, for us to work with Jedi Mind Tricks was awesome. For us to have Murs and Mr. Dibbs on our record, it was unbelievable. But I'm content just being a fan and listening to it. I don't think I need to get my emcee career going.

I feel like the hardcore world and the more underground hip-hop world have always kind of kept a pretty uneasy alliance. They've always been kind of together, but apart.

I see so much similarity in ethics, style of dressing, just the whole meaning. Just the whole underground culture. Finding music and using it as a way to get away from this ugly world and finding a beautiful escape. I know more now than ever, hardcore kids are listening to hip-hop. I've been listening to hip-hop for as long as I can remember, and there was a time, ten years ago, where most hardcore kids would frown upon hip-hop.

What actually got you into it, initially?

I don't know. I don't even remember. I used to listen to Whodini and Run DMC, and UTFO, and really old stuff, so I can't remember what got me into. But I was listening to hip-hop before I was listening to hardcore.

In your own words, I know you're not completely affiliated with it, but Wings, Beer, Sports! ?

[laughing] That's my drummer, Nick's project. And it's just about having fun.

Obviously it's tied to Buffalo Wild Wings....

Um, we go there a couple times a week. We were all there last night. I ghostwrote some of the songs.

How does that work? I imagine you don't eat there...?

Well, we go and I like to drink, and we have fun, and there's wings everywhere, and there's sports on TV, and there's a lot of beer.

Alright. Are there other Terror side-projects you care to mention or bring up?

At this point, Nick also sings in a band called Piece By Piece. Martin, our new guitarist, is in Donnybrook and he's also in a band called Lion Crew. I don't have time for anything else. When I'm not doing Terror, I want to be on my couch, watching TV.

What bands would you encourage fans of Terror to go out of their way to check out?

One thing I think is important is bands like Murphy's Law and Agnostic front, the bands that taught me hardcore, are still doing it. They don't really get the credit and the respect that they deserve in the United States, which is sad. So, first I would encourage people to go back and look at that. You know, it's kind of crazy because this is the first time we've toured with Stick To Your Guns, and I've been hanging out with them a lot. I rode in their van yesterday and I was playing the Bad Brains, and they didn't know them. That's just crazy to me. Hardcore kids that don't know the Bad Brains. It just goes to show that the hardcore scene is very diverse and there are younger kids who probably got into hardcore, this is just a guess, but through Throwdown or Unbroken, which to me are bands that haven't been around for long.

Yeah, a later generation of bands. That's kind of what happened to me, but coming from being a metalhead. I didn't jump into metal listening to old thrash music or anything like that, but for me, it was bands like Obituary that now if I try to go back and listen to, I just can't get them.


For me, it's so foreign and so different. Well, Obituary is an extreme example, of course. But there are certain bands where it's something I should know I appreciate, because they've inspired a lot of the bands that I love that just came five years after them, yet, for some reason it's just in such a different place that I can't do it.

I definitely think, too, I don't want to be one of those guys who just talks about the past. There are a lot of great bands out right now. Blacklisted, Death Before Dishonor....Texas has Will To Live, Bitter End, Iron Age, three really good bands. Internal Affairs, Donnybrook, Down To Nothing from Virginia is really good. Also, another thing that's really cool is that we've been fortunate enough to go to all these other countries. Japan, Europe, Australia, South America...there's bands everywhere. I see today a little more that these bands are getting to come to the United States, which makes me really happy. I encourage people to branch out a little bit and look across the sea for some good stuff. There's some really good stuff out there.

Kind of out of left field, but as I mentioned before I have something for you to do, which is an ink blot test.

Let's do it. What is it, like, some psychotherapy shit, right?

Yeah. We'll give it a try. So this one right here. What do you see?

What do I see? It looks like a globe. Like, countries on a globe. What is it? What does that mean? I'm crazy?

No, it's siamese twins with their heads joined. It's two women.

Do you see what I saw at all?

No, I do, definitely. But I see that in every one. I think of countries and insects. Okay, this one:

The abominable snowman with a huge penis?

Yeah, yeah. Actually, I wrote, "what Godzilla would look like if you were looking up at him," you know what I mean?

[laughing] Now, your answers, that's just what you saw?

Yeah. Now see, those were going to be the right answers. No matter what you were going to say, I was going to say you were wrong just to fuck with you. Alright, this one here:

[laughing] It doesn't look like anything.

Want me to tell you what it really is, according to me?


It's a ballerina dancing on top of a pile of trash. See?

[laughing] Okay. I don't think if you had given me a hundred guesses I wouldn't have guessed that.

Or a ballerina dancing on a bear-skin rug.

I can see the rug. It could be like, a crucified Jesus, too.

It could be. Yeah, yeah, I kind of thought of that statue in Rio De Janeiro. Alright...

I got that one already. That's what you see a couple days after Halloween when you throw a pumpkin against the wall. When it explodes.

That's way more accurate than mine, which was a horse that was hit by a car.

[laughing] Where's the horse?

There's a little tiny horsehead. At the top.

Do you see mine?

I completely see it, I completely see it. That's perfect. Alright, now this one:

Two people back to back, or something.

I have a nun with groin claws. See, there's the nuns wings, kinda, then the head...and there's the groin claws.

You're acting weird. No, I don't see that one. Where did you get these from?

I don't know, I just typed Rorschach on Google.

I saw them in a barn, once.

Yeah, actually I was going to try to make a reference somehow.

I saw them play in a barn and they charged a keg of beer to play.

Sounds like a good show to me. This one's easy.

A bat?

It's a bat. Okay, now this one:


It's a rabbit wearing a very stupid-looking cape. See? Little rabbit there?

I see it, yeah, yeah.

Oh, this one is good. There's only a few more left.

A teddybear raising the roof?

[laughing] I have a dissected Grimace wearing a bow-tie. The purple guy from McDonalds. Maybe wearing some cool glasses. Yeah. Alright, this one:

Wow...a good ass band. Buddha from Blood For Blood.

Damn right.

That one doesn't quite look like the other ones.

No, it doesn't. Now we have this one.

Ugh...I hate him. Did you know that from interviews that I hate him?


Ugh. Him and Sandra Bullock. I hate them. Speed...

But Dennis Hopper was still cool.

Fuck that. Dennis Hopper definitely is cool, but...

I was actually going to try and correct you and insist that it's just the bassist from Dogstar, that fucking band.

Yeah, that's sick.

Last one:

I saw that yesterday. I don't understand. I guess that's like, somewhat flattering...

Dude, people love you.

Who the fuck has enough time to do that?!

I don't know. I don't fucking know. You know where it came from? You know you guys had to cancel some shows about a year ago from van trouble? People kept joking around saying how you pushed the van to all the shows saying, "c'mon, lets move this shit!"

It's just like...I...another thing, I get these people that come up to me and are like, so excited and think I'm this really righteous guy. And I'm like, man, if you fucking just hang out with me for one night you'll just see what an idiot or boring person I am. I guess you know, like, I always want to write lyrics that inspire people, so that's cool, but who has time to do this?

People on the internet.

They should fucking make us merch designs and send them to me instead of wasting their time on this stuff. Something we could use.

[laughing] Do you have any last words for Lambgoat, Scott?

Uh...I'm not going to lie, I've never posted anything on a website in my life. I look at Lambgoat all the time. Not the fucking dumb messageboard, but I think it's a great idea. I can look at it and see what's going on in hardcore, that's great. I got one other thing to say. To counter things such as Lambgoat and messageboards, I have a new fanzine that I made.

Ah, yeah, I know about that. I forgot to ask you about it.

It's very small, and it's issue two. I did issue one maybe two years ago. But throughout my life, I've made several fanzines and I think there's something to be said about print zines and flyering shows. Stuff like that. I encourage everybody to maybe step away from their computer for a minute and make an actual print-zine and when there are shows, there are other things other than dumb fucking Myspace...

As I just saw someone over in the other van surfing on a few minutes ago.

The first part of this is bad enough. I have a laptop now. That's bad enough. I tried to set it up so no one can go to Myspace on it. Now, there's probably a way, but I'm not smart enough to know, but my band tells me they can, so if they have to use my laptop they can go to it.

So this is just a personal ethical thing you're against?

I mean...

You don't have to sugar-coat it. I'm not secretly rooting for Myspace.

You know, Terror has a Myspace and I'm probably one of the last people in the world that doesn't have a personal Myspace. Although there has been several made where I have to write to the person and tell them to take it down.

I did find a Scott Vogel who is an aspiring stand-up comedian who lives out in Los Angeles. I found it on Google and I thought it was you with a really fucked up personality, because Google only shows a preview of what the profile is. So it started talking about stand-up comedy and I was like, "wha"? So I clicked it and it was just some fucking dork.

I've had people, like, come up to me and say, "you're on Myspace," and I'm like, "no?" and they go, "yes, you are." And they send me the link and it's me. It's got mostly accurate information and a picture, and I write...well, I don't know how to, but I have someone write them and they're like, "oh, we just made it because we really like your band and it's just cool," and it has comments to me, and they're answering these people back like they're me! Which is just insane. So I write the person and they're like, "I don't want to take it down," and it's like, take it down. There's a reason I don't have one. I don't know. I guess maybe if I was a single, eighteen year old man, Myspace would be my best friend...but I'm kind of at the point where if I want to talk to somebody, they have my phone number. I don't know. I'm just not into the whole thing. I see a lot of people doing a lot of dirty things on there. So, I don't know. Whatever. If it's for you, cool. I remember the minute I started hating Myspace.

Where were you?

I was outside and I was in L.A. with our drummer, Nick. I was just starting to learn what Myspace is about. I'm a little late, I'm sure it had been booming. I know there was Friendster first and all this stuff that I don't know about. But I was standing outside of a Gang Starr show, and these three thirty-year old, maybe forty-year old men in suits and ties walk by us, saying, "oh yeah, I'm on Myspace and I'm talking to this person," and I was like, "what the fuck is going on?" But I'll tell you this, I do love Youtube. That's amazing. There are nights where there's nothing good on TV and I'll just search tons of hip-hop videos, and hardcore videos, and metal videos on Youtube. I think that's great.

So you agree with Bill Gates' future forecast that the Internet and television will be merged as one and will revolutionize the entire world.

Uh...I never heard that.

You have now, Scott.

I'm trying to think. So what he's saying is that the Internet and television would be as one?

I don't know if he said "as one," I mean, only I would say something that lame. "As one" like I'm a fucking wizard or something.

It's a good Warzone song. [laughing]

But he basically said that the Internet was going to completely change television. They have the On Demand stuff and shit like that through television.

He's probably right. On Demand is great, too, when it's free. There's some good movies on there, too. I think different carriers probably have different movies.

I'm sure out in L.A. you guys probably get a lot of different...

We got the best shit out in, I'm just kidding. Sometimes I wish I was there, you know? Other things you want my last comments? I think it's amazing how amazing the Buffalo Sabres are doing this year. I'm very pro-Airborne. That stuff so you don't get sick.

Yeah. I thought you were going to go off about Airborne Rangers.

No, no. I'm just getting over something though. I think it's impossible to be on tour in the winter and not get sick.

Well yeah, you're in a damn van.

Yeah, there's just coughing and sneezing.

I have friends in a band that I won't mention that all caught scabies from one guy.

Ughh, what is scabies? Like, your skin gets crusty?

Pubic lice.

Ohhh. I really knew, I was just playing it up. I can tell you a funny story. Someone, not in Terror, that's a close personal friend of ours and helps us out a lot received oral sex outside of a show in the winter in a city that is freezing cold. This is going into the scabies thing. Someone in the band, and he's not...I don't want to say that he's not the brightest person...but he's not the most brightest person. He's young. Someone in the band decided to make up the story that if you receive oral sex in the very cold weather, somehow you can contract this disease that I believe he called rheumatosis, or something that sounded pretty good. It just came off the tongue and it was good. We all joined in and kind of told him and he got a little nervous. Next thing you know, he was calling his friends having it Google searched [laughing] and then he was like, "you guys are all assholes". I wish I could remember the name he used. I think it was repetosis, cuz then it came down to you got really dry and scaly skin, kind of like a reptile. I don't know. [laughing]

Hah, that's pretty good. Well, I think that about covers it.

We're good?

I think we're about done. Say thank you and goodbye.

Thank you and goodbye.


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Gambload_ 3/30/2007 9:14:45 AM

Porn from Baine!!! good dude

hcgrl4life_ 4/8/2007 11:52:42 PM

I am someone who knows this guy on a personal level... He is awesome, doesn't need a f*cking personality... The bottom line is that he is a genius. He also has a big heart. So anyone who talks shit on these little message boards, comment sections, etc. obviously has no clue. They do however, have an interest, or they wouldn't be here. So f*ck off. Scott owns.

Emmett_ 5/29/2007 10:19:59 PM

great interview I wanna see 100 stagedives per song.

ashley_ 7/22/2007 3:25:57 PM

probably one of the better interviews i've ever read on this site. and some of you people need to lay off the hate, we're obviously not all as perfect as you are. geez.

doktor_ 2/13/2008 5:09:13 PM

he is god! i love him, i'm his big fan!