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WATCH: The Moshumentary

In this ESPN 30 for 30 style mockumentary, a man must right his previous wrongs in order to come out of mosh retirement for his favorite band's reunion show

The Moshumentary

By Lambgoat Staff

Based on Stanley Sievers’ viral ‘Mosh Retirement Guy’ character on TikTok and Instagram, “The Moshumentary” is a 22-minute mockumentary short film in the style of an ESPN 30 for 30 that satirizes the world of hardcore punk. 

It follows a sad grown man banned from moshing due to his violent past, who must right his wrongs if he wants to come out of mosh retirement. 

Stanley Sievers wrote, directed, and starred in the project which features seasoned actors - many with ties to the hardcore scene themselves. Cast includes Stanley Sievers, Gino Vento (Mayans MC), Katie Kershaw (Fargo), Randy Gonzalez (The Walking Dead: Dead City), Spenser Granese (Barry), Mike Aviles (Grown-ish), William Woods (Cracked.com), Jo Scott (Joe Pera Talks With You), Jimmy Pennington (Chicago PD), and more. 

On top of that, it boasts all original music from Jordan Olds of metal talk show Two Minutes to Late Night and actor/musician Mike Aviles who was a member of hardcore bands Seventh Star and Call to Preserve. It was even shot at 720 venue in LA, a heavy music staple. 

In addition to a stacked cast, The Moshumentary features a ton of cameos from people in the metal/hardcore scene including Brendan Murphy (Counterparts), Akil Godsey (End It), Chad Green (Frozen Soul), Shapel Lacey (Comedian), Eric Methsyndicate, Tonie (God’s Hate), and others. 

Stanley’s characters on social media have gotten millions and millions of views, resulting in a strong following which he enlisted to help with this project.

The Moshumentary was financed through a mixture of crowdfunding and brand sponsorships by Pabst Blue Ribbon, Grillos Pickles, Overcast Merch, and Lambgoat.

Stanley Sievers says:

I always found it frustrating to see heavy music represented in tv/film and it just be so… bad. It’s always crystal clear when the creators aren’t familiar with that world, so it just comes across as fake.

I’ve always wanted to make tv/film where alternative music feels more like a character than an afterthought. Having spent years touring in hardcore bands (Dead Icons on Bullet Tooth, and Call to Preserve on Facedown), making a project about the music scene I grew up in just made sense. I saw how much people connected with my characters on social media roasting their niche music scene, and I wanted to take that to the next level.

Growing up I always loved mockumentaries like This is Spinal Tap, Best in Show, Reno 911!, and Waiting for Guffman. SLC Punk was also a favorite of mine.

He continued:

I’m never going to stop doing characters on social media, I love it too much, but projects like this are the next step for me. The Moshumentary is part of my larger mission as a writer & director to create TV and film that authentically represents alternative music scenes. I have several feature scripts and TV projects in this same vein that I'm developing. Even if the project isn’t directly about music, it’s always heavily influenced by it.

Stanley is represented by 3Arts for TV/Film by Adam Triplett, and more of his projects can be found at www.stanleyws.com

The Moshumentary was produced by Steven Tobiasz, Shot by Taylor Frontier, Edited by Randy Baublis, Colored by Clark Griffiths, and Sound Mixed by Andy Thomson of Groundbird TV. 

Watch here:


As a bonus, here's the full Lambgoat article from the epilogue:


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Dead Icons sucked.

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This is cool. Will watch

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