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Lambgoat Looks Back At 2023's Most Visited Items

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By David Truax

In 2024, Lambgoat will celebrate its 25th year online. As we step into the new year, let's reflect on the past 365 days and examine the content that garnered the most attention from our users in 2023.

In commemoration of our 25th anniversary, you have the opportunity to acquire a high-quality heavyweight hoodie. This marks the initiation of our limited 2024 merchandise collection, paying homage to the color schemes of our early days. The hoodies come in Green and Blue variations, featuring our white embroidered script logo. Please note that this is a first-come-first-serve offering, and the product will be unavailable after January 31st. Once pre-orders are closed, these will no longer be offered ever again.

Hoodie specs are: Independent Trading Company Men's Premium 450GM Heavyweight Cross-Grain Hoodie. 70% Cotton 30% Polyester. Double fleece lined hood.

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Blue Variant:

Green Variant:

Now, to the meat and potatoes. The subsequent lists showcase the top 15 items from each of our primary sections in 2023. Although our List section was introduced later in the year, there isn't sufficient content for a list at this time. However, you can anticipate one next year, along with any new or revived sections. 

Top 15 Reviews:

15. Dying Fetus Make Them Beg For Death
14. Baroness Stone
13. Drain Living Proof 
12. 68 Yes, and…
11. End The Sin Of Human Frailty
10. Incendiary Change The Way You Think About Pain
9. Jesus Piece …So Unknown
8. Frozen Soul Glacial Domination
7. Periphery Periphery V: Djent Is Not A Genre
6. Sanguisugabogg Homicidal Ecstasy
5. Cattle Decapitation Terrasite
4. The Acacia Strain Step Into The Light
3. The Acacia Strain Failure Will Follow
2. Metallica 72 Seasons
1. Sleep Token Take Me Back To Eden

Top 15 Features:

15. Lambgoat's Top Albums of Quarter 3 2023
14. Top Fifteen stories on Lambgoat in 2022
13. Hitting The Bins with Mean Pete (Ether Coven/Remembering Never)
12. Made Of Metal: Jackson Guitars and The Virtuoso
11. The Album That Sculpted The Face Of Modern Death Metal
10. Luke Fabian (Pupil Slicer): Six Songs To Die With
9. L.S. Dunes Go Record Shopping With $60
8. Retrospect: Thrice's 'Artist In The Ambulance' 20 years later
7. Least Hated: BOYSETSFIRE ‘The Misery Index: Notes From The Plague Years’
6. Lambgoat's Albums of the Year 2023
5. Lambgoat's Top Albums of Quarter 1 2023
4. Lambgoat Goes To FYA: Hardcore Lives in 2023
3. 2022 Metal Albums of the Year
2. Lambgoat's Top Albums of Quarter 2 2023
1. Ryosuke Kiyasu: Redefining the Drum Solo with a Singular Snare


Top 15 Podcasts Episodes: 

Based on YouTube views & audio downloads

15. #114 Josh Brigham of Hopesfall
14. #087 Andrew Marsh of Thy Art Is Murder
13. #084 Stephen Rutishauser of Chelsea Grin
12. #083 Sammy Duet & Zach Simmons of Goatwhore
11. #085 Carson Pace of The Callous Daoboys
10. #120 Colin Campbell of COA
9. #082 Anders Fridén of In Flames
8. #109 Mike Schleibaum of Darkest Hour
7. #112 Josh Middleton of Sylosis/Ex-Archietects 
6. #080 Pedram Valiani of Frontierer
5. #081 Jonathan Hunt of Dead To Fall
4. #103 Danny Diablo of Skarhead
3. #096 Stim & Luther Manhole of Chat Pile
2. #106 Nick Brooks of It Dies Today
1. #113 Alex Webster of Cannibal Corpse 

Top 15 News Stories:

15. Anti-Flag have apparently broken up
14. Turnstile add Meg Mills as new touring fill-in guitarist
13. Ex-Slipknot drummer Jay Weinberg undergoes surgery on torn labrum, updates fans
12. Terror, The Black Dahlia Murder show interrupted by overzealous security, “I don't think so!”
11. Blue Ridge Rock Festival 2023 in Virginia full lineup announced
10. Brojob cut ties with their vocalist over statements defending accused Tactosa member
9. Vulvodynia vocalist Duncan Bentley removed from band over violence towards drummer
8. Animals As Leaders guitar tech Dave Cohen passes away on tour
7. Against Me's Laura Jane Grace shares opinion on Jay Weinberg being fired from Slipknot
6. Year Of The Knife involved in accident, vocalist Madi Watkins in critical condition
5. Slipknot and Korn received millions from U.S. government according to Rand Paul's “Festivus Report”
4. Falling In Reverse's Ronnie Radke stirs the pot with Motionless In White, defends Crown The Empire
3. Jordan Blake, original frontman of A Skylit Drive, has died
2. Peter "Mean Pete" Kowalsky has died
1. Trophy Eyes get called out for mosh pits and crowd surfing; respond appropriately


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anonymous 102 days ago

vulvodynia vs brojob?

anonymous 102 days ago


anonymous 102 days ago

Max Weinberg has been kicked out of 109 bands.

anonymous 101 days ago

Callous Daoboys should be every #1

anonymous 100 days ago

RIP Mean Pete

anonymous 100 days ago

lmao at making more merch when you only sold one of the last run of t shirts you made

anonymous 96 days ago

Imagine being the fruit that actually pays $75 for a Lambgoat hoodie lol

anonymous 81 days ago

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