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Lambgoat's Top Albums of Quarter 2 2023

Releases from April 1 to June 30, 2023

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The second quarter of 2023 is in the books and while we tried to cover as much as possible, there are always plenty more quality records to discuss. Below are a few favorites from the Lambgoat staff that may or maybe not end up on our list at the end of the year. For now, they are at least in the running.


Incendiary: Change The Way You Think About Pain

Over 6 years have passed since we've heard from the Long Island, NY Hardcore band Incendiary. Admittedly, I had written them off and figured they had faded into the obscure never to be heard from again. That was until March of this year when they slapped me with the first new single in over half a decade, and that track left me wanting so much more. When the album dropped, it delivered! This record will be on my EOTY list and has been in heavy rotation since we received the digital advance. If you haven't taken a second to check it out, what are you doing?



Cattle Decapitation: Terrasite

Terrasite delivers a bone-rattling and haunting experience that resonates long after the last note fades. With lyrics penned by Travis Ryan, the album delves into the harrowing theme of humanity's self-inflicted demise, as showcased in their captivating performances during the Decibel Magazine tour. With relentless blast beats, visceral vocals, and skillfully crafted compositions, everything sits just right. Terrasite strikes with unyielding force, leaving a cattle-branded mark on the listener's psyche. Backed by top-notch production, the album's overall brightness complements its dark and poignant message. The tracks weave together to form memorable riffs and melodies, such as the mesmerizing "We Eat Our Young," as Cattle Decapitation solidifies their position as juggernauts of extreme metal.


Envision: The Gods That Built Tomorrow

Ever wonder what would have happened if Randy Rhoads played 90s hardcore? Me either, but here we are. The Gods That Built Tomorrow finds Envision taking the groove-centric hardcore sound they developed on In Desperation… to another level by adding a bunch of 80s metal guitar flair. They reference groundbreaking 90s bands like Outspoken, Unbroken, Zero Tolerance and Withstand (who outside of Albany references Withstand?) as their main influences but it’s clear they are really starting to think outside the box here. Is that Scorpions I hear in there?



World I Hate: Years Of Lead

This one came out of nowhere for me and totally knocked me on my ass. One of the absolute meanest and most ass-beating hardcore records I've heard in several years, reminding me of Weekend Nachos if they leaned more into straight-up hardcore territory and less into powerviolence and sludge. Just under 19 minutes of pure vitriol, I feel like it's only a matter of time before this record starts turning heads and World I Hate becomes a household name of modern heavy hardcore.

D. Rodriguez

Squid Pisser: My Tadpole Legion

Wet and sloppy hardcore from the alien swamps, featuring a ton of names across the heavy music universe. Squid Pisser are one of the most promising bands I could think of, keeping things weird and teeing off with a wonderfully chaotic and messy debut album that feels like an ectoplasm bukkake at mach 4. Does the squid piss or is the piss squids? Who knows! My Tadpole Legion is a cartoonish enigma and I dare you to find a wilder album in 2023.



Torture Rack: Primeval Onslaught

Within the scope of death metal there’s an entire spectrum of approaches that range from calculated to subtle to progressive and a host of other ideas. Torture Rack doesn’t give a flying fuck about any of those. Primeval Onslaught is a 26-minute barrage of riffs, carnage, and flying viscera that has a single goal: destruction. There is, however, some sneaky great songwriting and album pacing that makes this album a joy to listen to and that sub-half-hour runtime makes you keep coming back for more. This record has been a constant gym companion and belongs on every metal fan’s radar.


Immortal: War Against All

Immortal’s “War Against All” reminds me that even in the middle of Summer when I’m at my most miserable, the cold chill of Winter is never too far. The songwriting is as strong as ever, the production’s massive and this record paints a vivid picture of Blashyrkh as clearly as the rest of their discography.

CV the Intern

Aodon: Portraits

French atmospheric black/post-metal with pummeling drums. Nine tracks that'll keep your adrenaline at 100 the whole time.


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Please get better taste.

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Chud f*cker Tantalizing Tesicles of Eternity

anonymous 280 days ago

About Incendiary: "Admittedly, I had written them off and figured they had faded into the obscure never to be heard from again." What? They've been constantly playing shows. Even if you don't like them you'd probably see them by accident.

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lmfao, i want whatever the hell that mother f*cker's smokin. incendiary is known for being a somewhat active part time 'when it works' operation. they literally set that standard. their shows go off but idk how the f*ck you think they play all the time

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randy rhoads? wow