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American Standards 'The Dealer' video premiere

Arizona metalcore group American Standards debut a new song and video.

American Standard

Arizona metalcore outfit American Standards has dropped "The Dealer", a blistering new track and video tackling themes of existentialism and self-doubt that consistently hangs over and haunts so many.

Their music is as harrowing and bleak as the song's subject matter, with their brand of chaotic metalcore bringing to mind now-defunct bands like The Chariot and Every Time I Die's early material married with the anthemic urgency and gang vocal chants that have become hallmarks of punk and hardcore.

American Standards shared:

“It’s easy to make excuses for putting off taking the first step towards something you want. More often than not, the real reason is self doubt. The Dealer is about throwing caution to the wind and believing in drive and perseverance over fate.”
The band continued: 

“We’ve been a DIY band for the better part of the past decade. No money, limited connections, and debatable talent. That’s never stopped us from giving it everything we’ve got though. If it wasn’t for that mindset, I wouldn’t have had the majority of experiences and friends that I’ve made through them. We have no delusions of grandeur, but the band makes someone say 'I want to do that' or 'Check out these jackasses. I can do better'; I’d love to know it’s inspired someone to take action.”


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PoultryInMotion 65 days ago

American Standard, classic Zao track.

anonymous 65 days ago

They named themselves after a toilet? Sounds about right.

anonymous 65 days ago

Only seen them once, was high energy and rad

anonymous 65 days ago

Some of the best dudes

anonymous 65 days ago

5 people are stoked the rest of the world is not

anonymous 65 days ago


anonymous 64 days ago

Amazing feel in this song. I think you found a new fan

anonymous 64 days ago

Based on the twats in this band, it appears America has zero standards. This is what you get when you keep making unlimited sized clothing rather than capping it off at XL. People have no incentive to stay a healthy weight and body shape. There's always 5 more sizes above yours regardless of how morbidly obese you are.

anonymous 63 days ago

Shit house

anonymous 62 days ago

Isn't that the same name as the album by Seven Mary Three that had that song "Cumbersome"?

anonymous 62 days ago

"The dealer" is what these tubbo's call doordash

anonymous 56 days ago

Cool bass player

anonymous 53 days ago

Quite possibly the best song I have ever heard.

anonymous 4 days ago

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