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Wretched: The Winter Warriors Tour Diary

North Carolina metal band Wretched is currently touring and they're keeping us apprised of their progress via a tour diary.


Tour Diary Installment #2

by Joel Moore (guitar)

It's amazing what a seven hour drive will do for the weather. One night it was 28 degrees in Tulsa and the next it was 72 in Houston. Fuck the cold. Thankfully, in Tulsa we lucked out and found a pretty sweet hotel with a sauna and a hot tub. And, of course the much needed, rarely seen, tour shower. Our sweaty balls breathed a sigh of relief and we made our way to Texas, where shows are always badass and the people love to party. Also, Whataburger. Go there and eat a honey butter chicken biscuit. I had like thirteen of them in four days. Goddamn, that honey butter.

Dallas was another kick ass show followed immediately by excessive debauchery. Something happened at a Waffle House maybe? I don't know. Kinda hazy. Austin. Motherfucking. Texas. Probably our collective favorite place to play anywhere in the states. Shows at the Dirty Dog are always packed and the people that pack them go absolutely apeshit. These same people are also very generous in the wealth sharing of various tour necessities: booze and herbal remedies. We also had the opportunity to tour and taste some awesome beers from a badass micro-brewery called Hops and Grain. Long story short, Austin kicks ass.

Lubbock was another fun-filled show. Well, the show was great, but the after party at the shithole, smoke-filled, college dance club named Kong was awesome. Jell-O shots, scantily clad college girls, Jameson, cheap beer, shitty DJs, what's not to love, right?

The Winter Warrior Tour treks on! Stay tuned for the 3rd installment from our bassist, Andrew Grevey – COME PARTY!

The Hops and Grain Brewery
The Hops and Grain Brewery.

Wretched bassist Andrew reading
Andrew, our bassist, reading a book, being intellectual.

Adam needs new boxers
Adam, our vocalist, who ripped his boxers. He needs new ones.

Joel and Andrew with friends
Myself (Joel) and Andrew (bass) with some good homies.

Texas dance club
The dance club in Lubbock, TX.

Wretched ink in Dallas
More Wretched ink in Dallas.

Austin crowd
Rowdy Austin crowd \m/.

Tour Diary Installment #1

I've been busting my ass at the Hay Farm that I work at part time, dreaming of the fun I'd be having on the Winter Warriors tour with Battlecross and War of Ages. It seemed like the closer tour got, the longer the work days got. After my final day, I chucked the pitchfork and grabbed my bags.

Wretched met in Charlotte as usual for a week of practice. First night, we decided to find a good time after jamming. We jumped in the van and ended up at a very empty Hispanic dance club. After countless beers, tequila shots and some awkward dancing with two of the most hideous bartenders ever seen, while all four of the Spanish-speaking patrons looked on in confusion, we decided to go to the local hipster bar and pick up some ladies! But in the end Andrew was the only one to get lucky with a sweet high school-style make out session. Which is bullshit cause he's a bassist. Fuck bassists. 

After a hellacious drive to Grand Rapids we met our touring mates. Thankfully both bands kicked ass. The first show was awesome and full of energy. While hanging out at the merch table staring out the window at the oncoming winter weather, a fan approached and whispered in my ear "Do you want some REAL weed?" That's when I knew I was back in the right place. 

That night we all curled up in fetal position to try and sleep through the freezing night. 

Turkey day arrived as we found our managers house. He and his wife made an amazing Thanksgiving dinner for us. During the time it took to eat (and watch the 2nd Hobbit movie), 4-5 inches of snow had accumulated. Thus begins the Winter Warriors Tour…

Here are some pictures from the first show/first snow/etc. MORE TO COME!

Wretched fan tattoo
Awesome fan at the first show – Wretched chest piece – too badass.

Wretched guitarist and bassist
Guitarist Joel Moore and bassist Andrew Grevey.

snowy Wretched van
The snow covered Wretched van.

Wretched drummer
Our drummer, Marshall Wieczorek, a true Winter Warrior.

Wretched flask
Myself (Adam Cody) with a custom Wretched flask, with a special appearance from Andrew Grevey.
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