BlogSeptember 26, 2005 12:01 PM ET

random thoughts

Starbuck's has good chai. Border's cafe does not... Tom Brady is a great quarterback... one week later, I'm still enjoying the new Death Cab For Cutie album... Headbangers Ball is extremely boring... getting an MRI while listening to Train's "Miss Virginia" is torture... I got all excited when I was on Pulaski Highway this weekend in Maryland, then realized that the Clutch song was titled Pulaski Skyway. This was the beginning of a dark period of depression for me... Rush Limbaugh is still a piece of shit... I watched Desperate Housewives last night, but slept for a third of the show. I'm a much bigger fan of Extreme Makeover: Home Addition. Then again, Ty Pennington is one annoying motherfucker... fantasy football has been a disaster for me thus far this season. We're 0-3, thanks to shitty shitty defense and the poor play of Jamal Lewis and Sebastian "Fatty" Janikowski... Real Time with Bill Maher is one of the best shows on television... the new Classic Struggle album just doesn't do much for me... someone gave me a paperweight last week that cost $50... I'd rather sleep with Katie Couric than Mariah Carey.

$50 paperweight


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bolognapony_ 9/26/2005 9:58:26 AM

Katie Couric? ewww

din_ 9/26/2005 10:13:01 AM

Couric used to be hot. Now she's like a plastic surgery wasteland.

ese_bauber_ 9/26/2005 10:36:26 AM

definitely agree with the bill mahr comment.

deez_nutz_ 9/26/2005 11:21:37 AM


xpissangelx_ 9/26/2005 11:57:12 AM

i agree 100% about bill maher

Mixhail_ 9/26/2005 6:20:32 PM

yeah my fantasy football team is sucking ass too... i have jamal lewis and the ravens defense on one team and peyton manning, janikowski and curtis martin on the other. My record is 1-2 in both. and the best song on that Death Cab cd is "Brothers on a Hotel Bed" followed by "Stable Song" and "What Sarah Said."

StreetForce_ 9/26/2005 7:05:17 PM

what is chai anyway?

Ash_ 9/26/2005 10:53:06 PM

Webby, you sound depressed, bud.

har_har_ 9/27/2005 10:36:46 PM

webmaster was on pulaski highway, up in my hood, and I missed his AHHHHHHHHHHH!

d4n_ 9/28/2005 2:22:20 AM

i won my first fantasy game last week, i'm 1-2 now. i have pretty decent players but they get me no points, brian westbrook is my whole team, i have manning, tony gonzalez, vinatieri, ravens d, but all those dudes have sucked so far, and my wr suck

Kanye West_ 9/28/2005 4:30:45 PM

George Bush doesn't care about black people.

anonymous 10/4/2005 11:12:20 AM

yes, headbangers ball sux, watch Uranium great show

incircles_ 11/6/2005 4:28:03 PM

i hate starbucks chai!!!! it's all weird and syrupy.

watever_ 11/13/2006 11:09:08 PM

Your wierd