BlogJune 3, 2004 1:02 AM ET

sleepless in Virginia

So I'm in Virginia right now. I'm sitting at a hotel desk as I type this. Being alone in a strange town is weird. I'm not used to it.

Particularly odd is eating out. Generally, when one eats dinner by themselves, they go to a fast food place, or a deli or something. Tonight I went to Chili's. Every table in the joint was like three or four attractive females drinking margaritas, smoking, and being loud. And there I am in the middle, sitting by myself, eating mozzerella sticks and reading a book. Last night at Pizza Hut was odd enough, but this was disturbing. I'm sure everybody was wondering what the fuck I was doing. Nobody goes to Chili's alone. Why did I? I have no idea. Maybe I wanted attention or something. Either that, or it was the closest place with Yuengling on tap.


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john_doe_ 6/2/2004 11:06:47 PM

dining alone is teh suck.

Ken Wregget_ 6/2/2004 11:23:21 PM

Man I gotta go down to Vaginia! Here the hot girls all have idiotic italian boyfriends.

evil hero_ 6/3/2004 12:47:00 AM

yuengling on tap is to good as eating alone is to suck

portal_ 6/3/2004 1:02:33 AM

i dont mind eatting alone, usually on my breaks i go to the mall food court, i serously feel like im in some art gays movie, i eat my salad,in silence , read my book, and then go back to work in the music store, i have a friend that works and the photography store, and a friend that works at the comic book store, its priceless

the_pope_ 6/3/2004 1:28:33 AM

dont feel bad, a lot of times on my lunch i will go to the chinese buffet by myself and stuff my face. it is WAY more pathetic. you should have went and sat with the girls.

Crap_ 6/3/2004 1:50:16 AM

I always eat alone on my lunch breaks from work. It's lonely.

erwhuntle_ 6/3/2004 6:44:19 AM

damn. yuengling on tap. :( chilis always has hot chicks. chilis and target are guaranteed to always be loaded with hot chicks.

horseheadxbookends_ 6/3/2004 8:44:27 AM

you should have sat at the bar

wannabe_ 6/3/2004 9:41:10 AM

fck you guys

the pancake man_ 6/3/2004 2:29:05 PM

eating alone has its perks... you don't have to listen to stupid people talking. Although I do agree that there's something odd about going to a sit-down restaurant and getting a table alone... you should have eaten at the bar.

Chris_ 6/3/2004 2:37:01 PM

Ever hear that song 'Dine Alone' by Quicksand? Good tune. Eating alone is under-rated. Grab a book and screw everyone else.

jesuschristsuperstar_ 6/3/2004 3:21:29 PM

i enjoy eating alone...reading a book. it does seem a bit depressing, but for a single appear mysterious and deep.

Sekio_ 6/3/2004 7:47:26 PM

I never really thought about this before. I've never dined alone. I was at Subway alone once and one of my friends (whom I don't particulary like) came in and asked me why I was there alone. I told her I was eating a fcking sub, it doesn't have to be a social event. I don't think she understood.

hass_ 6/3/2004 11:59:29 PM

wow webmaster.

eulogyforadream_ 6/4/2004 10:05:21 AM

you should of used this as a pick up line. "Hey Baby, I'm The WEBMASTER. I own and operate a sucessful hardcore website. I know you want me."

bane the coles_ 6/4/2004 5:57:24 PM

Mr. Lammy, as a person who travels for his company alot, I do understand your situation. I see going out of town sort of as starting over. where better to reinvent yourself than in a strange town. I've lost many a dollar bill at countless nudie bars up and down CA. it took me a while to get used to eating alone at a sit down place in a strange town, but I got used to it. I would come in dressed like the American Psycho guy and pretend to be irritated by everything, when someone would ask wh

kaveh_ 6/5/2004 10:35:31 PM

you should have hooked up with some of those attractive ladies, it would have made things much better.

society_ 6/6/2004 3:09:03 PM

*mozzarella ???