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football defies math

Hey football experts, can you explain something to me. Look at these stats:

B. Roethlisberger 9-11 (81%), 218 yds, 2 TDs
D. McNabb 23-29 (79%), 342 yds, 5 TDS

Now, Roethlisberger's QB rating was perfect at like 158. Meanwhile, McNabb's was 155. I don't get it. Yeah, McNabb's completion percentage was 2 points lower, however he threw nearly three times as many passes, 120 more yards, and three additional touchdowns. How could his rating be lower? I want answers!!!


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d4n_ 9/18/2005 4:28:42 PM

i don't know but that was a hell of a game by mcnabb

StreetForce_ 9/18/2005 5:40:53 PM


yousuck_ 9/18/2005 5:50:08 PM

eagles fcking rule superbowl bound

jerkface_ 9/18/2005 8:03:22 PM

Because you touch yourself at night. ...go Birds.

bolognapony_ 9/18/2005 8:10:17 PM

[25 + 10 * (Completion Percentage) + 40 * (Touchdown Percentage) - 50 * (Interception Percentage) + 50 * (Yards/Attempt)] /12

bolognapony_ 9/18/2005 8:11:39 PM

By the above formula, yards per attempt is a big chunk of the rating. Since Big Ben only had 11 attempts, he had a high YPA, thus a higher score.

har_har_ 9/18/2005 8:53:21 PM

because big ben gave tagliabue sexual favors

deframon_ 9/18/2005 10:15:57 PM

McNabb also has the best completion % in the last 7 years with 70%

gay porn time kiddies_ 9/19/2005 7:03:04 AM

thats fine but the eagles cant beat the bengals so dont even worry about your stats!

deez_nutz_ 9/19/2005 7:41:19 AM

you watch guys run around in tights and slap each other on the butt, you lose forever

die x 3_ 9/19/2005 2:12:33 PM

because mcnabb threw more balls and completed less percentage, therefore, giving Ben a better overall QB Rating. If Ben went 9 for 15, the ratings would of been the same. Thank you.

bernie_ 9/19/2005 6:29:56 PM

qb passing rating is an overrated state. i believe steve young has or had the highest career passing rating. was steve young a good qb? yes. was steve young the best qb all time? No.

bolognapony_ 9/19/2005 8:23:35 PM

It measures QB efficiency, not greatness. Steve Young was very efficient that year. He completed a high % of passes, threw a lot of touchdowns, didn't throw many INTs. Joe Namath, Otto Graham, and Terry Bradshaw are all HOF QBs, but their ratings are pretty average, because they didn't throw 40-50 times a game, and when they did throw they weren't afraid to take chances downfield.

marching_band_rules_ 9/19/2005 9:37:02 PM

So what should we do to alleviate AIDS?

d4n_ 9/20/2005 12:49:51 AM

just wondering... what's daunte culpepper's qb rating so far this year? rofl he sucks

keiser_ 9/21/2005 3:08:27 AM

super bowl bound to loose! haha get it. bound to loose. cause they suck? hahahaha. anywa it took mcnab 3 times as many throws to make 12o more yard? figuer out the amount of yard by the amount of passes and it took roesitwhatsit alot less. it makes sense to me and i don't even like foot ball. im to busy talking to girls.

deadwithfear_ 9/24/2005 8:04:10 PM

it's definitely because he's black