BlogAugust 24, 2005 10:35 AM ET

working 9 to 5... again

I was going to stay up and work last night. I mean, I was literally going to sit at my desk and work from 5 PM until 6 AM. Then, instead of working normal office hours, I was just going to go home. I lasted until 6 PM, haha. At that point, I walked up the street to Border's, spent three hours there, then went home. So, instead of being at home in bed right now, I'm just starting another fabulous work day. So much for my clever plan.

In other news, remember that $1000 I opened an Ameritrade account with a few weeks back? Well, my total investment is now worth $840. If anyone wants me to manage their money, just let me know. I might lose your money, but I promise to be honest about it. "Good morning Sean Patrick, this is Alex over at You Would Have Been Better Off Investing In Hellfest Inc., I'm just calling to let you know that the NASDAQ is up 8 points, the Dow is up 17% percent, however, your portfolio is down $3831. Good day!"


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ihavegas_ 8/24/2005 7:49:19 AM

haha i liked that last line quote... NICE would have been better investing in hellfest indeed webby , you said youd update more often... hah

bolognapony_ 8/24/2005 8:32:20 AM

Sell your stock in metalcore. Now! Diversify into value shares in old school hardcore.

horsecow162_ 8/24/2005 12:53:52 PM


SwollenGoat_ 8/24/2005 5:52:41 PM

*bes reminded of Boiler Room*

xfathersgunx_ 8/24/2005 7:23:47 PM

will you manage my private parts?

d4n_ 8/24/2005 11:46:19 PM

that last line saved that blog hah

808_ 8/26/2005 12:41:52 PM

If you need stock adivce or help with trading...consult's what I do for a living....I am typing this right now from the Chicago board of trade

tony_ 8/31/2005 9:13:06 AM

ABC. Always Be Closing!

Ash_ 10/12/2005 6:54:35 PM

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