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Baldur's Gate 3: Class Guide according to Lead Systems Designer at Larian Studios

Choosing the right class isn't always easy, but Larian's Lead Systems Designer gives some advice

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Baldur's Gate 3 Class Guide

In the unforgiving world of Baldur's Gate 3, the path to victory lies in mastering the diverse character classes offered by the game. With expert advice from the Lead Systems Designer at Larian Studios Nick Pechenin, players can now embark on their journey armed with valuable tips for each class, informing the tough decision of which one to play. 

Each class in Baldur's Gate 3 offers a unique playstyle and set of abilities, allowing players to tailor their gameplay experience to their preferred style. Exploring the strengths and weaknesses of each one can be an adventure in itself, as you strive to find the perfect balance between offense, defense, and utility. 

1. Barbarian: Unleash Chaos

Barbarians are the epitome of raw power and unyielding fearlessness. Among the suggested subclasses, Wild Magic Barbarians add a thrilling element of unpredictability with their magical surges. On the other hand, the Wild Heart subclass offers flexibility by allowing players to adopt different Beast Spirit powers based on their preferences and evolving playstyle.

2. Bard: Weave Enthralling Melodies 

Bards bring a unique utility to the party with their music and support abilities. The College of Lore and College of Valor offer distinct playstyles, allowing players to customize their bard to suit their preferences and party needs.

3. Cleric: Channel Divine Powers 

Clerics have the opportunity to pick a deity that guides their actions and dialogue choices throughout the game. From the Life Domain, focused on healing, to the War Domain, emphasizing combat prowess, each choice leads to different narrative outcomes.

4. Druid: Embrace Nature's Forces

Druids harness the power of nature, enabling them to wild shape into various animals. Whether players opt for the Moon or Spores subclass, they gain unique thematic abilities and tactical advantages.

5. Fighter: Embody Martial Expertise

The Fighter class proves surprisingly versatile, catering to various combat preferences with a wide range of subclasses. Those new to D&D can find solace in the simplicity of the Champion subclass, while experienced players can delve into the intricacies of Battle Master or Eldritch Knight. Furthermore, Fighters can become even more potent by mixing and matching magical equipment, making them formidable forces on the battlefield.

6. Monk: Master Martial Arts

Monks are agile combatants, excelling in swift and stunning attacks. The Way of Shadow subclass allows players to become masters of stealth and surprise, proving invaluable in various situations.

7. Paladin: Uphold Virtue and Oaths 

Paladins are warriors guided by a strict code of ethics. Players can choose from the Oath of the Ancients, Devotion, Vengeance, or Oathbreaker subclasses, each offering unique abilities and influencing narrative choices.

8. Ranger: Embrace the Wilderness

Rangers are skilled hunters and trackers, at home in the wilderness. They have a unique bond with nature, allowing them to communicate with animals and command their loyalty. The Hunter subclass enhances their combat prowess, making them formidable archers and trackers. On the other hand, the Beast Master subclass allows Rangers to form a deep bond with an animal companion, providing additional support and versatility in battles.

9. Rogue: Embrace Shadows 

Rogues are the masters of skill checks, thievery, and stealth. With the Assassin subclass, players can surprise enemies with swift and deadly attacks, adding an element of thrill and strategy to the gameplay.

10. Sorcerer: Harness Arcane Potency 

Sorcerers wield incredible arcane power. Wild Magic Sorcerers introduce chaos into the game with magical surges during casting, while Draconic Bloodline Sorcerers manifest dragon-like powers through customizable scales.

11. Wizard: Command the Arcane

Wizards have access to a vast array of spells, each with different effects and uses. The Divination subclass enables players to predict and manipulate dice rolls, adding a strategic dimension to the game.

12. Warlock: Embrace the Eldritch Powers  

Warlocks are wielders of dark and mysterious powers, making pacts with otherworldly entities for their abilities. Among the various subclasses, the Archfey pact grants Warlocks enchantment and charm abilities, allowing them to dominate the minds of their foes. The Fiend pact provides destructive powers, unleashing fiery spells and curses upon enemies. Finally, the Great Old One pact delves into the realm of cosmic horror, offering psychic and mind-controlling spells to befuddle adversaries.

In Conclusion

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Armed with this valuable advice from the lead systems designer, players can confidently set forth into the captivating world of Baldur's Gate 3. Each class offers a unique and exhilarating gameplay experience, ensuring that players can fully immerse themselves in the thrilling adventures and unforgettable moments that await them in this extraordinary D&D universe.

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With this many classes to choose from Dungeons and Dragons has never been shy of ways to express your own personal needs and desires in your character, and Baldurs gate is no different.


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