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Christian Bale learned double-bass drums by listening to Pantera, Mastodon

Christian Bale drumming

In a new interview with Screen Rant, actor Christian Bale discussed learning to play double-bass drums for a brief scene in the new film, The Big Short, by listening to Pantera and Mastodon. In the movie, Bale plays hedge fund manager Michael Burry, who likes to unwind by playing drums. When asked if it was true that he learned to play drums in two weeks, Bale had this to say:

"Yes, yes, yes. It was a wonderful crash course. Double-kick drum, Pantera 'By Demons Be Driven' — a fantastic song to begin with. This is how Mike Burry unwound. This is actually how he calmed down. He would listen to it all day long in his headphones — and not just that; Mastodon as well. But his brain is on fire so much that death metal calms him. He's a very, very different indivudal to most of us."


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Best role in the movie. 11/10

captcha_arnold 1/17/2016 5:14:20 PM

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anonymous 1/17/2016 6:32:55 PM

Everyone knows Christian Bale is a gigantic jerk. This is still kind of neat, though.

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anonymous 1/18/2016 1:59:56 PM

Pantera and Mastodon isn't "Death Metal" what a poser

anonymous 1/18/2016 2:31:46 PM

death metal. LOLZ

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