BlogFebruary 7, 2005 12:19 PM ET

Oh God The Aftermath

Ok, so the game is over. I'm not pleased, but I'll be over it in about two hours. Before I stop thinking about football completely for the next six months, I just wanted to say a few things!

Donovan McNabb had a few amazing throws, but otherwise, he was off. Bad decisions. Bad placement. Horrible looking non-spirals. Zero yards rushing. You name it.

Andy Reid needs to get a fucking clue. If your team can't execute a hurry-up offense, then you're not doing your job as a coach.

Props to Terrell Owens. I don't care if you like the guy or not, he came to play.

The Eagles had opportunities to win. They couldn't get it done. The Patriots are a better team.


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d4n_ 2/7/2005 9:58:23 AM

superbowl, more like superGAY

mikecole_ 2/7/2005 10:03:50 AM

i fcking hate the patriots.

xscottx_ 2/7/2005 10:31:52 AM

I agree. It looked like the Eagles were just strolling out there like it was nothing. I really wanted to see them win, but they didn't really execute as much as they should have. Its the Superbowl, not just a game to blow off. I bet Philly is going to be in tears today...

d4n_ 2/7/2005 9:19:24 PM

hah alright.. i thought the game was pretty good, it was definitely a close game and both teams played pretty well. mcnabb was playing crappy in the first quarter he was forcing his passes too much and threw some bad passes and caused turnovers, if the eagles didn't give up that int in the redzone in the first quarter and actually scored a touchdown or fieldgoal i think they could have won. TO was awesome, that dude played like he wasn't even hurt, he had like over 100 yards, he is the man. wes

rat_ 2/7/2005 9:51:52 PM

oh god the norma jean reference

wigslam_ 2/7/2005 11:37:37 PM

good man i agree totally TO kicked ass, but i was happy when gvens made fun of his gay ass mcnabb had some crazygood throws for sure, but you can't run on them patriots

WeedySpecies_ 2/8/2005 1:15:10 AM

im truly sorry webmaster. clayton and i were with you all the way....fcking patriots.

anonymous 2/8/2005 8:07:02 AM


Jhonn_ 2/8/2005 7:15:43 PM

The Sox win, the Pats win, and yet I still don't understand how people get so excited over all this stuff, esp. Bostonians.

ghetto_paul_ 2/9/2005 1:32:47 PM

well said webby... The Eagles played well, but made too many mistakes (turnovers killed them) and were way too casual about that TD-scoring drive in the 4th quarter. And Owens played great, props for his game, but he's still a fcking prick.

john_doe_ 2/11/2005 2:51:37 PM

i find it amusing that everyone is still trying to explain why the eagles lost. donovan had dry heaves. donovan couldn't call plays. donovan threw up. it's nice to see that someone can see that they just got beat by a better team. and freddie mitchell needs to shut his pie-hole.

anonymous 2/24/2005 3:49:41 PM

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