BlogJanuary 22, 2005 3:18 PM ET

random bullshit

Whenever I find myself with nothing noteworthy to write about, I resort to random thoughts. Here we go...

My throat has been fucked up for a month now. I'm probably dying... I can't stop listening to Burn It Down's Eat Sleep Mate Defend. Genius... if the Eagles lose this weekend, I will do the same thing I've done for the last three years: get upset for a few minutes, then get on with my life... The Cardigans are good... I've seen a ton of movies lately thanks to Blockbuster's wannabe-Netflix program. Get into it. Today I'm going to watch Open Water... It's snowing hard outside. It's times like this where I like sitting on the couch with a cup of coffee, reading People magazine. No joke... I went to the gym this morning. I joined a few weeks ago and I've been going regularly. I'm actually getting in shape again... I've been watching the Seinfeld DVD series lately. Season 1 actually isn't that good. Midway through Season 2 is where this show started hitting its stride. I still don't like Jerry's comedy club scenes though... Eva Green is hot... I'm sick of hearing about Desperate Housewives. I watch the show sometimes, but it's not THAT good... Alright, I'm going to go shower now.


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fuk_ 1/22/2005 12:36:50 PM

*Steals comment hymen* haha suckers!

yousuck_ 1/22/2005 12:37:55 PM

burn it down - let the dead bury the dead > eat slee mate defend great band

fuk_ 1/22/2005 12:42:53 PM

They both die in Open Water. The guys bleeds to death from a shark bite and the bitch drowns herself. That movie was an atrocity to film-making. Enjoy!

fuk_ 1/22/2005 1:01:55 PM

hahah it was so worth it!

xSHAT_CREWx_ 1/22/2005 1:44:50 PM

I just bought burn it downs let the dead bury the dead, at sonic unyon while I was out with tima.. 5 bucks.. cheap bin I liked it, she didnt too much

xpissangelx_ 1/22/2005 3:11:19 PM

dude i had a cough for 2 months and iw ent intothe sdoctor and had acut ebronchit-ts and strep throat, go to a doctor you'll prolly have strep too, all you do is take zithromax

d4n_ 1/22/2005 10:49:40 PM

burn it down and seinfeld in the same blog? best blog ever! burn it down rocks, and i finished watching my seinfeld gift set a couple weeks ago or last week.. i can't remember, i went to see the building that they used as an exterior shot of jerry's apartment on the show and took a picture. i also hope the eagles win and TO can play in the superbowl

d4n_ 1/23/2005 10:58:48 AM

ok, that last comment was my imposter. but burn it down and seinfeld to rule

d4n_ 1/23/2005 12:47:07 PM


badkarma_ 1/23/2005 1:43:33 PM

if the Eagles lose this weekend, I will do the same thing I've done for the last three years: get upset for a few minutes, then get on with my life... I don't know how you do it dude. If the Eagles lose today my entire year will be ruined.

d4n_ 1/23/2005 1:46:55 PM

holy shit, my imposter is still going strong. yeah, every post has been fake. this is the real d4n. but burn it down and seinfeld do rule, that is true. pretty good blog

rob_mcfeters_ 1/23/2005 2:07:52 PM

The Cardigans - 'long gone before daylight' is wicked sad

d4n_ 1/23/2005 8:52:35 PM

haha dude you just made the same post twice

d4n_ 1/24/2005 9:38:43 AM

eat shit, imposter

????_ 3/10/2005 11:16:14 AM