BlogMay 24, 2004 2:19 AM ET

The Sopranos

Finally, an episode where something actually happens. Then again, anything was better than that worthless twenty-minute dream sequence from last week. What the fuck was that?Anyway, I never liked Adrianna or Christopher, so I'm not upset she's gone. Part of me was surprised, but I guess the actress will be working on that Friends spin-off, so it all makes sense. The whole fake suicide thing was pretty cool though. Whenever you end up in the middle of the forest with a mob dude, you know you're dead. That's like Mob 101. The best part was Tony at the end telling Johnny (i think that's his name) to fuck off. It's about time Tony got some balls.

Whenever I ponder a TV show too long, I start to wonder about myself. These people don't exist. Why expend brain cells on them? I need to take up gardening or something.


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god_ 5/24/2004 2:12:44 AM

mediocre show only enjoyable if you're a gangster or a wop

demonbarf_ 5/24/2004 6:20:10 AM

It was a good show, I just hate for the past 2 seasons they've been building this whole thing with her and the fbi up, and it was resolved in a matter of mins. Although I really dont know what else to expect, other than it was definetly better than her and christopher running off together. Now this potential war between Jersey and NY looks awesome , I wanna see Tony bring down Johnny Saks! fcking Carmine jr sellin em out........what a pssy!!

xjaggedvisionsx_ 5/24/2004 8:47:17 AM

I'm stuck with basic cable, and I have no inclination to see the dvd's despite all the hype.

trevor_ 5/24/2004 9:10:22 AM

Bad move man. You're missing out.

eulogyforadream_ 5/24/2004 12:53:51 PM

this weeks episode was fcking awesome. it was the best episode since season two. last weeks episode wasn't that bad. i enjoyed it.

izold_ 5/24/2004 5:37:34 PM

mediocre show only enjoyable if you're a gangster or a wop posted by god () on 5/24/2004 2:12:44 AM message board???????

xfathersgunx_ 5/25/2004 2:05:21 PM

so ross finaly left the OC eh? heh *backs out of blog slowly*