TidbitsMay 21, 2015 1:43 PM ET

A new Author & Punisher song is available online.

Official press release: Author & Punisher, aka Tristan Shone, the musically-inclined mechanical engineer who has created an intricate set of machines to replicate his unique version of doom, is streaming "Callous and Hoof" a new song from the outfit's Housecore Records' debut, Melk En Honing (June 30), via Revolver. "'Callous and Hoof' is a track that encapsulates the aura of the album for me; the push/pull between urban dystopian fantasy, real fear, and sentiment towards a physical/medieval lifestyle, " explained Shone of the nearly seven minute song. "We are not using our hands and muscles anymore and this track seeks to counter that notion with intensity, speed and unharnessed tumult. Performing this track live really sucks the life out of me, I hope it does the same for some others as well."