TidbitsMarch 5, 2015 4:30 PM ET

Sick Of It All's new video for "Get Bronx" has made its online debut.

Official press release: Right before kicking off their South American Tour in Mexico City tomorrow, Friday March 6th, NYHC legends Sick Of It All are premiering their brand new video for "Get Bronx." The video was recorded in Europe during the EMP Persistence Tour earlier this year by Dirk Behlau. Our friends at Decibel Magazine are hosting the premiere here. Drummer Armand Majidi about the song and video: "'Get Bronx' is a hard-hitting groove with a message of defiance against the modern powers of oppression. This video serves to show people across the world that as gritty and unpretentious as hardcore music is, it still translates to the big stage and doesn't need a tiny, intimate atmosphere to work. When a big club pulsates like that, the spirit of hardcore is kept alive."