TidbitsOctober 22, 2014 1:48 PM ET

Another new Thomas Giles (Between The Buried And Me) song can be heard online.

Official press release: Thomas Giles, the solo project from Between the Buried and Me front man, Tommy Rogers, has unveiled a brand new track from his forthcoming album, Modern Noise. Track #4 from the record, "I Appear Disappear," is streaming now on GuitarWorld.com. The song builds up into an exceptionally catchy chorus, before ending with an extended and incredibly tasty guitar solo from Between the Buried and Me guitarist Paul Waggoner. When asked about the lyrical content of the song, Tommy Rogers simply replied: "It's a story about a man who has another head attached to his… he decides to kill both of them." Listen to "I Appear Disappear" now on GuitarWorld.com here.