TidbitsNovember 7, 2013 12:58 PM ET

Protest The Hero's new video for "Underbite" is available online.

Protest The Hero have debuted their new music video for "Underbite," a track from their latest album Volition. The clip was directed by Marc Ricciardelli and the band had the following to say about it: "We admit, we have had some pretty outlandish ideas for music videos in the past. We may not have hit it out the park with all of those ideas - but something tells me we are close with this one. When we brought up the idea of a full blown puppet video to our friend / director Marc, he laughed in our faces. He continued laughing for weeks until he remembered a friend of his knew how to make wonderful little paper puppets. That's when he got serious. He took on the idea with every bit of his creative being and this is the result. You may not like the song, you may not agree with the lyrics, but if you don't like the video, we don't like you."