TidbitsAugust 10, 2013 3:55 PM ET

Arsis has released their new music video for "Scornstar."

Official press release: Virginia-based melodic tech-death metal masters, Arsis, have premiered their music video for the song "Scornstar" on Bloody-Disgusting.com. The song comes from the band's fifth full-length album, Unwelcome, and was directed by Scott Hansen (Unearth, Carnifex, As Blood Runs Black). "When you film a metal video, and the special effects artists are actually excited about the amount of carnage, you know you've done it correctly," commented Hansen. "After recruiting a team of special effects artists including myself, David 'Bull' Watson, and Rebecca Tilner, 100 cut throat Arsis fans, we were ready to roll... well, almost," added special FX guru Ryan Moore "We still had to make 75 gallons of blood, acquire 15 lbs. of raw meat, air tanks to propel the bloody goodness everywhere, $500 bucks worth of FX supplies, and some 'homemade' explosives... THEN we were ready for destruction. The video is really unlike anything out really. It's an homage to good old fashion 80s horror movie gore meets heavy metal parking lot. Everyone had a blast, got trashed, and saturated in blood. The fans were total troopers as expected; but even then I have to admit I was impressed with their eagerness to take part in some of the 'stunts'. This is definitely one of the must see music videos of 2013 and will open a lot of eyes that a death metal video can be brutal, entertaining, and fun all at once."