TidbitsOctober 15, 2012 4:01 PM ET

Cattle Decapitation's new (NSFW) video for "Forced Gender Reassignment" has made its online debut.

Official press release: Cattle Decapitation is pleased to announce that after all the fretting over where they were even going to be able to host their newest video for "Forced Gender Reassignment," Bloody-Disgusting.com has stepped up to the plate and premiered the new video on Monday, October 15th! The video can be exclusively seen at www.Bloody-Disgusting.com by clicking the below link: http://bloody-disgusting.com/news/3195804/exclusive-cattle-decapitation-release-what-might-just-be-the-most-nsfw-music-video-ever/ Banned by YouTube and Vimeo and deemed to be too over the top for Cattle's label Metal Blade Records to even touch, "Forced Gender Reassignment" is a gory, obscenely graphic and explicitly intense story of what could happen when the tables are turned on a group of people whose faith blinds them to the point of being unable to mind their own business and just letting others be themselves. This will truly go down as one of the most disturbing music videos of all time.