TidbitsJuly 25, 2012 7:40 PM ET

Agnostic Front has uploaded their music video for "Us Against The World."

Agnostic Front has premiered their new music video for the song "Us Against The World" which comes off their My Life, My Way album. The clip was directed by Samantha Astolfi and Agnostic Front guitarist, Joseph James. Commented singer, Roger Miret: "In these indecisive times, 'Us Against the World' isn't about USA vs. the rest of the world. It's about the 'powers that be' vs. 'the everyman.' We love our country, and want to shed light on the issues that plague our great nation, (and other nations around the world facing the same problems) while also commending the people with the guts to stand up and do something about it while facing adversity at every turn. Sometimes it can feel like it's 'Us Against the World.'"