TidbitsMay 19, 2012 8:35 AM ET

Fires & Floods (Most Precious Blood, ex-Shai Hulud) have debuted a track from their upcoming album.

Philadelphia hardcore band Fires & Floods will release their debut LP next month. The group consists of Rob Fusco (Most Precious Blood, Recon, One King Down), Matt Canning (ex-Shai Hulud, ex-Dark Day Dawning), Phil Bryer (ex-Twilight Collective), Tony Capponi (ex-Passion, ex-Dark Day Dawning), and Sean Ward (ex-Passion). Canning says, "This is the first band I've been in since I was 19 that wasn't a serious, oft-touring band that I relied on for income; it's literally a labor of passion." The Voice at Your Heels will be released in June on Bitter Melody Records via vinyl and digital distribution. In the meantime, we're happy to premiere a song from the effort below. Check out "Scarcity in Scar City" now: The release features mastering by Dean Baltulonis and lacquer cutting by Dave Eck. Upon release, the vinyl will be available for purchase via bittermelodyrecords.limitedpressing.com.