TidbitsJune 3, 2021 12:00 PM ET

09 premiere new track featuring Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens

Portland, Oregon rock outfit 09 have debuted a new single titled "American Disease." The track features vocals from Sleeping With Sirens frontman Kellin Quinn and will formally be released tomorrow. "American Disease" and its lyric video can be experienced here: 09's EJ Olson comments: "09 (OH-NINE) doesn't have a permanent front-person, but instead collaborates with a different singer on each song, which is an awesome way for us to celebrate the genre and play around with different sounds. 'American Disease', which features Kellin Quinn, is all about the energy-we wanted to make a song that starts out sort of fun, but then grows into something angrier and more frantic as the narrative builds. "Kellin came to us with the original premise of the song, which is about how addiction blinds us and makes us numb to the real world. As the song came together, I really started to think about this song through the lens of the political divide we saw in 2020-I wrote additional lyrics using some of the other themes of the track to explore that fanaticism, and how it can grow into radicalism as we blindly cling to our ideals. I love bringing the dual metaphor to this track and hope people can sort of extract their own meaning from the lyrics as they listen. "This track was the first collaboration we did during COVID, which meant that-despite everyone living in the same state-we had to write and track many of these parts remotely. Our producer, Justin Abel, really stepped up to make that happen, and Kellin killed it producing and engineering his own vocals. It set the bar high for how the rest of our songs came together during the pandemic."