TidbitsJune 12, 2020 2:14 PM ET

Aversions Crown share new video

To coincide with today's release of their new album, Hell Will Come For Us All, Australian metal unit Aversions Crown have issued a music video for their song "Paradigm." The clip was directed by Third Eye Visuals and is available below. Chris Cougan (guitar) comments, "We are a generation that has been desensitized and traumatised by a daily dose of violence straight into our living rooms. Innocence has been stripped by the cruel nature of human kind leaving nothing but a bleak and hopeless future." Jayden Mason (drums) comments, "The final single concludes the build up to our new record showcasing a subtle yet apparent change with strong lyrical content and aggressive tunes to follow, this sets the mood for the rest of the record Hell Will Come For Us All which is a strong force moving forward for the band."