TidbitsJanuary 27, 2020 4:27 PM ET

Vader debut first single from upcoming album

Polish extreme metal veterans Vader have debuted the first single, "Shock And Awe," from their upcoming album, titled Solitude In Madness and due out this spring. The new track can be streamed below via lyric video. Vader comment: "I am so excited to finally show everyone how the new album sounds! 'Shock And Awe' is the opening track of 'Solitude In Madness' and includes all that you would expect from Vader: speed, aggression and blasting brutality. The album has been finished for a while but the procedure requires a little bit more patience. Expect this frantic song to be included on the set list for the upcoming tour in US/Canada. And of course, more hellish thunder is to come soon."
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