TidbitsDecember 1, 2019 12:53 PM ET

video: Jason Momoa sings Pantera's 'This Love' with Phil Anselmo

Jason Momoa and Philip Anselmo Actor (and metalhead) Jason Momoa attended the final Slayer show last night in Los Angeles, CA and he did what any privileged metal fan would do: he hung out with everybody, including members of Slayer, Primus, and Metallica. Momoa even took the stage during Philip H. Anselmo & the Illegals' performance of Pantera classic "This Love" to briefly provide some backup vocals. You can check out a Momoa's Instagram slideshow below. Momoa had this to say:
"Going on stage and yelling love love LOVE with my baby boy and Pantera, aka Philip Anselmo and the Illegals my mind was blown FUCKIN BLOWN. I was living out my childhood dreams. I am so thankful for those moments shared with dear friends and my babies. It's crazy to think of Slayer and Anthrax and Metallica as ohana but they are, love u guys. and to finally meet Les Claypool was legendary Primis. RHCP AND RAGE was what I grew up on skateboarding and Drogo wouldn't exist if there wasn't Pantera, love ya Phil. I've trained and bleed and fought my way to where I am. Listening to these legends mahalo nui for your music and endless inspiration. Slayer's last show on tour. Ahat a fucking night. Love you Gary, Tom, Paul, and Kerry mahalo for having da Momoas. Babies, i hope you remember these moments with your papa forever. Back to work."