TidbitsOctober 16, 2018 2:43 PM ET

The Casualties stream new track

Official press release: NYC street-punk band The Casualties has released a new song called "Ashes" today at ViveLeRock.net. The track is found on the band's highly anticipated 11th full-length album, Written In Blood, that's due out on October 26th via Cleopatra Records. "This song is like revenge in reverse! It's about all of things you do to self sabotage your life and right when the world thinks you're going to die, you hide out and collect all the broken pieces and put yourself back together. And as you hear all the trash people talk about you, you just continue to take care of yourself and watch as everyone else truly burns up in their own hate. As they say the best revenge is doing good for yourself!," says David Rodriguez.