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Video: Chicago hardcore brawl involving Drowning sees a female singer punched in the face.

There was a bit of drama in the pit on Sunday, July 15 at the Fallout in Chicago, IL involving the vocalist of hardcore band Drowning, the singer of local band Bad Blood, and members of CYC, among others. Video footage of the fracas, which took place while the band Deaf Ear was performing, can be found below. We received two anonymous submissions regarding the matter. One consisted of the following account:
"I've never seen a crew up until that night attack a crowd full of young kids/adults both girls and guys, it was disgusting. You can see Travis C. run into Des (girl pictured below) and punch her twice in the face. You can also see Bryan Grantz (singer of Drowning) punch a kid (Mikey) way smaller than him, and once that happens a friend of the people getting hit comes to the help (Dan, who is only 19) and the entire crew runs up, piles on him starts choking him while Bryan Grantz continues to punch him while he's being held by CYC."
Here is a photo of Des (of the band Bad Blood) following the brawl: Des of Bad Blood after mosh pit fight during Chicago show We're not clear on what sparked the fight or the involvement of Grantz (in the white long-sleeve and backwards hat), but we were sent this video footage of the incident:
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UPDATE: Just so we're clear, we're not accusing Bryan Grantz of hitting any females. Nowhere in this piece have we stated as much. Regardless, some footage of Grantz speaking with the drummer of Bad Blood about the matter has surfaced online:
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