TidbitsJanuary 17, 2018 9:18 PM ET

Benighted has debuted a new music video.

Official press release: French death-grinders Benighted have released a new video for the track "Leatherface." "Leatherface" is the second video taken from Benighted's latest album, Necrobreed. The gruesome video, produced by Kick your Eyes Productions, features Cecylia Suicide as a serial killer harboring distinct personalities. Regarding the track, Benighted vocalist Julien Truchan comments: "We are proud and stoked to unleash this new creepy episode of our 'Necrobreed' story in the shape of a music video for the track 'Leatherface'! Kick Your Eyes Productions once again did a great job and delivered this second piece of insanity starring the gorgeous Cecylia Suicide! Enjoy!"
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