TidbitsJuly 19, 2017 9:50 PM ET

Adam22 interviewed White Trash Rob (Blood For Blood, Ramallah) and it's worth checking out (especially the part about Lambgoat).

Adam22 and White Trash Rob Adam22 (aka Adam Granmaison), hailed by Rolling Stone earlier this month as "underground hip-hop's major tastemaker," deviated from his normal subject matter to interview White Trash Rob of Blood For Blood and Ramallah notoriety. If you know anything about either of these guys and the lives they've led, you won't be surprised to learn that their two-hour conversation on Adam's No Jumper YouTube channel is quite fascinating. Politics, Boston hardcore, drugs, BMX, sex... very few topics go uncovered. And, of course, Lambgoat found its way into the interview. (I sincerely appreciate Rob's distinction between the website and some of its posters.) I've cued up the relevant portion (at 1:15:40) below, however, I encourage you to check out the whole thing from the beginning. Let it play in the background as you paint (or whatever it is that you do).
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