TidbitsJuly 15, 2017 1:44 PM ET

Shattered Sun has premiered a new video.

A week before the release of their second album for Victory Records, The Evolution of Anger, Shattered Sun has released a music video for "Hollow Chains." You can watch the clip below. "Everyone hides behind a keyboard nowadays, and 'Hollow Chains' is a call for individuals to take back their identity," prompts Shattered Sun vocalist Marcos Leal. "Everyone seems to take their arguments to the digital front and fight unnecessary battles between each other every day. All of a sudden any particular event takes away our identities as human beings and replaces it with a close-minded, cold-hearted dismissal of another person that disagrees. It's fueling the divide by turning us on each other. Take away unity and replace it with the 'every man for himself' attitude, and it creates a hollow chain around us all."
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