TidbitsFebruary 15, 2017 9:39 AM ET

I'm not sure if this is great or terrible. Either way, this is 'Dance on Meshuggah'.

A new collective called Careless Motion has released their first production, called "Dance On Meshuggah." The group "aims to bring together diverse artists (painters, tattoo makers, dancers, musicians, writers, etc.) to create common works in a metal universe." Their cover of the Meshuggah track "Lethargica" features riffs played on an electric violin and "lyrics [that] are screamed out by the dancer." Meanwhile, here is the official synopsis:
"Growing individualism, widening inequality, violence, manipulation, provocation; a killing machine is on its way. This short movie deals with the identity of an individual who is both an actor in, and spectator of the human decline. A contemporary dance, backed by death metal music, reflects his reaction in the face of his inevitable falling."
You can have a look (and listen) below.
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