TidbitsJanuary 31, 2017 4:56 PM ET

Strawberry Girls have released a new single.

Official press release: Strawberry Girls have grown as musicians since first recording their debut album. If you listen and compare their earlier work to the upcoming record, the difference is massive. This contrast is most highlighted on the re-imagined version of "Black Night, Golden Circus." It's the first track the band ever wrote together and they were excited to go back and redo the song. Guitarist Zachary Garren explains, "When we originally recorded it, along with the rest of the original Italian Ghosts album, we played with less distortion and less energy. Over time, our live shows got more aggressive and energetic, and the recordings didn't really hold up to what we became." The idea to re-record Italian Ghosts was originally brought up because the opening guitar part of "Black Night, Golden Circus" is how the band ended their previous album, American Graffiti. Garren added, "We talked about possibly re-recording the song for fun, or an EP maybe, but we ended up deciding to re-record the whole original Italian Ghosts album to make it sound like the band we are now." Italian Ghosts also features four brand new tracks. As Garren shared, "We also ended up adding 4 new songs which feature vocals, and are based off the songs they follow on the album. We took parts from the original songs and turned them into new songs with vocals, so they are extensions of old songs in a way, but also pretty different than anything we've done." The record will be will be out February 17th and is available now for pre order.
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