TidbitsSeptember 16, 2016 10:43 AM ET

Planes Mistaken For Stars have premiered a new song.

Official press release: Listen to the second single from Planes Mistaken For Stars' long awaited fourth studio album Prey, titled "Riot Season" on Stereogum. The song, like much of the album, is an instant Planes Mistaken For Stars classic; multi-layered, melodic, and infectious in a way that only PMFS can be. Vocalist/guitarist Gared O'Donnell commented on the song: "In regard to 'Riot Season,' it's one of my faves and was, I believe, the last song slapped together for Prey. Largely based off of some riffs of [guitarist Neil Keener's] — much to his chagrin, he always ends up pooh-poohing his songs — I wrote the lyrics with a LeatherFace, New Model Army, Killing Joke kind of vibe in mind. Political, without painting ourselves in a corner. Every generation has a crucial time, a violent time, a time of dread. This is our time. Read between the lines, it's vital we draw a line in the sand regarding control of ourselves, our dreams, our rights, our spirits. It is clear we are all privy to the puppet show, it's up to you to decide if you are gonna pay for the ticket."