TidbitsJune 20, 2016 9:46 AM ET

Silent Planet has debuted a new song and music video.

Official press release: Alt Press has premiered a new video from Silent Planet. "Orphan" is taken from the forthcoming album Everything Was Sound. A sobering video, the song explores a topic very close to most peoples minds currently. Speaking on the songs theme in detail, vocalist Garrett Russell said, "'Orphan' explores the cultural chasm between the western and eastern world. In the recent political sphere, we've seen instance after instance of politicians framing our narrative of other cultures around the world - often painting other cultures and religions with one broad brush to lead us to unfounded conclusions. Simultaneously, we see the same political tactics being used on the other side of the world - often fanning the flames of fanaticism and anti-West sentiment. Orphan examines two men, caught between the poles of extremism and confusion at one another's culture. The video shows how perception of one another can so often distort reality - bringing us to the greatest illness of all: Fear." Watch the official video premiere of "Orphan" via Alt Press here.
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