TidbitsMarch 29, 2016 11:31 AM ET

Basement has debuted their cover of the Nirvana track "School."

Official press release: English rock band Basement unveil their tribute to Nirvana's Bleach-era classic, "School" via The AV Club. Utilizing their renown sound of heavy yet melodic hardcore/alternative rock, Basement opts for a somewhat traditional rendition of the frustrated anthem. On their approach to the song, vocalist Andrew Fisher elaborates: "We picked 'School' because it's really heavy and so simple but so good. It has two parts the whole way through. Just goes to show how dynamics can make a song interesting. Whenever we play it I wish we wrote it because it's that good. We flirted with the idea of trying to make it 'our own' and change it, but because the song is so simple everything we came up with sounded forced and wrong. Instead we thought we'd try our best to do the song justice and so recorded it live and tried to keep it as true to the original as possible. I think it came out pretty cool" The track is found on Robotic Empire's third tribute to Nirvana's legendary studio albums.