TidbitsFebruary 28, 2016 7:52 PM ET

Tour manager says LGND and For The Fallen Dreams frontman owes him more than $4,000.

Scottish tour manager Max Taylor Grant says that LGND (aka Legend) and For The Fallen Dreams frontman Chad Ruhlig et al. owe him and several others over $4,000. The debt apparently stems from a UK tour last fall. As such, Grant has taken to social media to spread the word, posting a handful of text message conversations between him an Rulig. According to Grant, "I've tried very hard to be amicable about the situation and offered them every opportunity to settle their debts, but they've resorted to full on avoidance." You can read the aforementioned text messages here (courtesy of The Djent-Lemen's Club). Take all of this for what you will. Max Taylor Grant vs. Chad Ruhlig