TidbitsFebruary 13, 2016 2:23 PM ET

Hatchet has released a video for "In Fear We Trust."

Official press release: Bay Area natives and thrash metal band Hatchet have just released the "In Fear We Trust" official music video from their latest album, Fear Beyond Lunacy, via The End Records. The video premiered with Revolver. To put it lightly, filming the video had its obstacles. Says Hatchet's founding member, vocalist, and lead guitarist, Julz Ramos: "In the middle of shooting the video, Northern California's Valley Fire burned down the entire city of Middletown, including the film site on our friend's property. Then when we went to view the footage, the files were corrupted and unretrievable. We had to re-shoot, but that allowed us to perfect what we were trying to achieve, as this was our first attempt at a concept video featuring an actor. A big thanks to our friend and fellow thrasher Mosh Branum, of the Bay Area thrash band Fog of War, for sticking with us from the beginning to the end on this project! He makes one hell of a gun-toting, survivalist type character who is going insane from his own fear and paranoia, which is much of what the track is about."
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