TidbitsNovember 14, 2015 1:39 PM ET

A new Capsize track is now online.

Official press release: Equal Vision Records' post-hardcore outfit Capsize is premiering a new song called "You Can't Come Home the Same," which can be heard now at capsize.merchnow.com. The song was produced by Matt McClellan (Being As An Ocean, Better Off) and introduces a hint of clean singing into the band's sound for the first time. "You Can't Come Home the Same" is also available now on iTunes, Spotify, and as an instant download with the band's two new merch bundles on merchNOW. "Everyone in the band is growing together and we're very proud of the natural progression that's happened since The Angst In My Veins came out. This new song is the best thing we've put out," shares vocalist Daniel Wand. "We accomplished everything we initially wanted to when we first made the band...now we're setting new goals and getting back in touch with influences that made us want to make music in the first place, not just what inspired the band's creation. Just like the 7" we put out when we first got signed, this is another very important stage in the band's transition. Every day we are letting ourselves be more of just that - ourselves, and I think that's a defining factor of creating longevity in what we're doing."