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In the world of Lambgoat, 'tidbits' are news items that don't really warrant an official news post.

Unofficial Furnace Fest Pre-Show Nightcap with LG 10 days ago

Iron Maiden sells 747 16 days ago

A limited edition Lambgoat shirt is available only at Furnace Fest '22 16 days ago

Gel plays a show at Sonic Drive-In 17 days ago

Watch God Forbid play first show in 9 years at Blue Ridge Rock Festival 19 days ago

Watch some of Sunny Day Real Estate's reunion show 19 days ago

Dead To Fall's debut full-length was released 20 years ago today 20 days ago

Kittie playing live for the first time since 2017 21 days ago

Post Malone seen hanging with Metal Legends at Iron Maiden show 24 days ago

Watch pro-shot live sets from Outbreak Fest 32 days ago

This EP ft Mike Patton dropped 20 years ago today 34 days ago

Machine Head tease new video 37 days ago

Megadeth's Dave Mustaine on the JRE 38 days ago

Check out our interview with Deadguy 40 days ago

Pantera start teasing their new tour 40 days ago

This Is Hell's Trustkill Discography is now streaming 44 days ago

It's been 20 years since 'Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child' came out 49 days ago

Lambgoat is looking for reviewers 53 days ago

this seminal grindcore record is now twenty one years old 68 days ago

this band's 4th studio album was released 15 years ago 68 days ago

Demi Lovato sports Voivod shirt at album signing 70 days ago

Dead Cross (Slayer, Faith No More) tease sophomore release new music in 10 sec clip 76 days ago

Sick of it All released their debut full length album 33 years ago today 80 days ago

Limp Bizkit released their best album 25 years ago today 92 days ago

END and Cult Leader appear to be teasing something 92 days ago