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Metal and Hardcore Albums Released in 2020

While we make no warranty as to the accuracy of our album releases information, we do strive to maintain a reliable database. If you are aware of any inaccurate information or glaring omissions, please let us know.
1/3/2020 Dear Furious One Stone Two Birds New Age Records
1/10/2020 Loma Prieta Continuum b/w Fate EP Deathwish Inc.
1/10/2020 Mark Morton Ether EP Rise Records
1/10/2020 Unreqvited Mosaic II: la deteste et la detresse Prophecy Productions
1/17/2020 Bleed The Sky This Way Lies Madness Art Is War Records
1/17/2020 Bonded Rest In Violence Century Media Records
1/17/2020 Ether Coven Everything Is Temporary Except Suffering Century Media Records
1/17/2020 Odious Mortem Synesthesia Willowtip Records
1/17/2020 Prospective All We Have Long Branch Records
1/24/2020 Annihilator Ballistic, Sadistic Silver Lining Music
1/24/2020 Blasphemer The Sixth Hour Candlelight Records
1/24/2020 Caspian On Circles Triple Crown Records
1/24/2020 Defiled Infinite Regress Season Of Mist
1/24/2020 Hazzerd Delirium M-Theory Audio
1/24/2020 Higher Power 27 Miles Underwater Roadrunner Records
1/24/2020 Kirk Windstein Dream in Motion MNRK Music Group
1/24/2020 Konvent Puritan Masochism Napalm Records
1/24/2020 Midnight Rebirth by Blasphemy Metal Blade Records
1/24/2020 Nero Di Marte Immoto Season Of Mist
1/24/2020 Novelist C'est La Vie SharpTone Records
1/24/2020 Thy Catafalque Naiv Season Of Mist
1/27/2020 End It One Way Track EP Flatspot Records
1/31/2020 Berzerker Legion Obliterate The Weak Listenable Records
1/31/2020 Bodysnatcher This Heavy Void Stay Sick Recordings
1/31/2020 Clint Lowery God Bless The Renegades Rise Records
1/31/2020 Deathwhite Grave Image Season Of Mist
1/31/2020 Kause 4 Konflikt Fornication Under Control Of King Deadlight Entertainment
1/31/2020 Leeched To Dull The Blades Of Your Abuse Prosthetic Records
1/31/2020 Lorna Shore Immortal Century Media Records
2/3/2020 Space of Variations XXXXX EP Napalm Records
2/7/2020 Envy The Fallen Crimson Temporary Residence Ltd.
2/7/2020 God Dethroned Illuminati Metal Blade Records
2/7/2020 Karg Trakat AOP Records
2/7/2020 Krosis A Memoir Of Free Will Unique Leader Records
2/7/2020 Loathe I Let It In And It Took Everything SharpTone Records
2/7/2020 Napalm Death Logic Ravaged By Brute Force EP Century Media Records
2/7/2020 Orthodox Let It Take Its Course Unbeaten Records
2/7/2020 Sepultura Quadra Nuclear Blast Records
2/7/2020 Sylosis Cycle of Suffering Nuclear Blast Records
2/7/2020 The Spirit Cosmic Terror AOP Records
2/13/2020 Black Sabbath Black Sabbath Warner Bros. Records
2/14/2020 Blaze Of Perdition The Harrowing Of Hearts Metal Blade Records
2/14/2020 Brian Posehn Grandpa Metal Megaforce Records
2/14/2020 Ensnared Inimicus Generis Humani Dark Descent Records
2/14/2020 Godthrymm Reflections Profound Lore Records
2/14/2020 Great American Ghost Power Through Terror MNRK Music Group
2/14/2020 Ihsahn Telemark EP Candlelight Records
2/14/2020 Kvelertak Splid Rise Records
2/14/2020 Necrowretch The Ones From Hell Season Of Mist
2/14/2020 Psychotic Waltz The God-Shaped Void InsideOut Music
2/14/2020 Suicide Silence Become The Hunter Nuclear Blast Records
2/20/2020 Reflections Willow self-released
2/21/2020 Horseneck Fever Dream self-released
2/21/2020 Ozzy Osbourne Ordinary Man Epic Records
2/21/2020 Polaris The Death of Me SharpTone Records
2/21/2020 Raspberry Bulbs Before the Age of Mirrors Relapse Records
2/21/2020 Saturnalia Temple Gravity Listenable Records
2/21/2020 Saving Vice Hello There self-released
2/21/2020 Sightless Pit Grave of a Dog Thrill Jockey Records
2/21/2020 The Amity Affliction Everyone Loves You… Once You Leave Them Pure Noise Records
2/28/2020 Beneath The Massacre Fearmonger Century Media Records
2/28/2020 Dark Fortress Spectres from the Old World Century Media Records
2/28/2020 Dead Man's Chest Dear God Upstate Records
2/28/2020 Drown Subaqueous Prophecy Productions
2/28/2020 Four Year Strong Brain Pain Pure Noise Records
2/28/2020 Insect Ark The Vanishing Profound Lore Records
2/28/2020 Intronaut Fluid Existential Inversions Metal Blade Records
2/28/2020 Neaera Neaera Metal Blade Records
2/28/2020 The Acacia Strain D EP Rise Records
2/28/2020 Today Is The Day No Good To Anyone The End Records
2/28/2020 Tombs Monarchy of Shadows EP Season Of Mist
2/29/2020 Banisher Degrees Of Isolation Selfmadegod Records
2/29/2020 Violent Hammer Riders of the Wasteland Hells Headbangers
3/6/2020 Azure Emote The Third Perspective Selfmadegod Records
3/6/2020 Body Count Carnivore Century Media Records
3/6/2020 Crematory Unbroken Napalm Records
3/6/2020 Downswing Good Intentions Stay Sick Recordings
3/6/2020 Earth Rot Black Tides of Obscurity Season Of Mist
3/6/2020 My Dying Bride The Ghost Of Orion Nuclear Blast Records
3/6/2020 Psychonaut Unfold The God Man Pelagic Records
3/6/2020 Silverstein A Beautiful Place To Drown UNFD
3/6/2020 Trauma Ominous Black Selfmadegod Records
3/6/2020 Viscera Obsidian Unique Leader Records
3/13/2020 Achilles It Doesn't Get Easier, It Just Changes EP self-released
3/13/2020 Afterbirth Four Dimensional Flesh Unique Leader Records
3/13/2020 Aronious Perspicacity The Artisan Era
3/13/2020 Code Orange Underneath Roadrunner Records
3/13/2020 Crimson Shadows The Resurrection EP Napalm Records
3/13/2020 Fotocrime South Of Heaven Profound Lore Records
3/13/2020 Human Impact Human Impact Ipecac Recordings
3/13/2020 Huntsmen Mandala of Fear Prosthetic Records
3/13/2020 Invent Animate Greyview Tragic Hero Records
3/13/2020 Lychgate Also sprach Futura Debemur Morti Productions
3/13/2020 Ruin Lust Choir Of Babel 20 Buck Spin
3/13/2020 Svetlanas Disco Sucks Demons Run Amok Entertainment
3/13/2020 Verbal Razors By Thunder And Lightning Deadlight Entertainment
3/20/2020 Art Of Shock Dark Angeles Century Media Records
3/20/2020 Heaven Shall Burn Of Truth and Of Sacrifice Century Media Records
3/20/2020 High Tone Son of a Bitch Lifecycles: EPs of HTSOB Tee Pee Records
3/20/2020 Hyborian Volume II Season Of Mist
3/20/2020 Medico Peste The Black Bile Season Of Mist
3/20/2020 Neck Of The Woods The Annex Of Ire Pelagic Records
3/20/2020 Nite Darkness Silence Mirror Flame Creator Destructor Records
3/20/2020 The Acacia Strain E EP Rise Records
3/20/2020 White Stones Kuarahy Nuclear Blast Records
3/27/2020 Aodon 11069 Willowtip Records
3/27/2020 Candlemass The Pendulum EP Napalm Records
3/27/2020 Deranged Deeds Of Ruthless Violence Agonia Records
3/27/2020 Disbelief The Ground Collapses Listenable Records
3/27/2020 Igorrr Spirituality And Distortion Metal Blade Records
3/27/2020 Imonolith State Of Being self-released
3/27/2020 In This Moment Mother Roadrunner Records
3/27/2020 Irist Order of the Mind Nuclear Blast Records
3/27/2020 Moon Destroys Maiden Voyage Brutal Panda Records
3/27/2020 Nox Formulae Drakon - Darshan - Satan Dark Descent Records
3/27/2020 Omega Infinity Solar Spectre Season Of Mist
3/27/2020 Parkway Drive Viva The Underdogs (soundtrack) Epitaph Records
3/27/2020 Solothus Realm Of Ash And Blood 20 Buck Spin
3/27/2020 The Beautiful Mistake You're Not Broken. I Am. EP Wiretap Records
3/27/2020 The Suicide Machines Revolution Spring Fat Wreck Chords
3/27/2020 Wake Devouring Ruin Translation Loss Records
3/27/2020 WuW Rétablir L'Eternité Prosthetic Records
3/31/2020 Zous Pandemicon self-released
4/3/2020 Aara En Ergô Einai Debemur Morti Productions
4/3/2020 Ad Infinitum Chapter I: Monarchy Napalm Records
4/3/2020 August Burns Red Guardians Fearless Records
4/3/2020 Cabal Drag Me Down Long Branch Records
4/3/2020 Loviatar Lightless Prosthetic Records
4/3/2020 Testament Titans of Creation Nuclear Blast Records
4/3/2020 WVRM Colony Collapse Prosthetic Records
4/10/2020 Azusa Loop of Yesterdays Solid State Records
4/10/2020 Barrens Penumbra Pelagic Records
4/10/2020 Benighted Obscene Repressed Season Of Mist
4/10/2020 By The Thousands Dead Matter Stay Sick Recordings
4/10/2020 Calligram The Eye Is The First Circle Prosthetic Records
4/10/2020 Drain California Cursed Revelation Records
4/10/2020 Gaytheist How Long Have I Been On Fire? Hex Records
4/10/2020 Grayscale Season Everything Hurts We Are Triumphant Records
4/10/2020 Kingsmen Revenge. Forgiveness. Recovery. SharpTone Records
4/10/2020 Like Rats Death Monolith Hibernation Release
4/10/2020 Myth of I Myth of I The Artisan Era
4/10/2020 Perchta Ufång Prophecy Productions
4/10/2020 Rotting Out Ronin Pure Noise Records
4/10/2020 Stay Inside Viewing No Sleep Records
4/10/2020 Symbolik Emergence The Artisan Era
4/10/2020 Witch Taint Sons Of Midwestern Darkness Tee Pee Records
4/10/2020 Wolfheart Wolves Of Karelia Napalm Records
4/17/2020 Aborted La Grande Mascarade EP Century Media Records
4/17/2020 Abysmal Dawn Phylogenesis Season Of Mist
4/17/2020 Cadaver D.G.A.F. EP Nuclear Blast Records
4/17/2020 Czern Zgliszcza Selfmadegod Records
4/17/2020 Foes American Violence EP Glacier Recordings
4/17/2020 Holding Absence Gravity/Birdcage EP SharpTone Records
4/17/2020 Khemmis Doomed Heavy Metal Nuclear Blast Records
4/17/2020 Masterpiece Machine Masterpiece Machine EP Triple B Records
4/17/2020 Oranssi Pazuzu Mestarin kynsi Nuclear Blast Records
4/17/2020 The Acacia Strain C EP Rise Records
4/17/2020 The Black Dahlia Murder Verminous Metal Blade Records
4/24/2020 (0) SkamHan Napalm Records
4/24/2020 Auroch Stolen Angelic Tongues 20 Buck Spin
4/24/2020 Barishi Old Smoke Season Of Mist
4/24/2020 Cirith Ungol Forever Black Metal Blade Records
4/24/2020 Dance Gavin Dance Afterburner Rise Records
4/24/2020 Glenn Danzig Danzig Sings Elvis Cleopatra Records
4/24/2020 Hegemony Enthroned by Persecution Hells Headbangers
4/24/2020 Helfró Helfró Season Of Mist
4/24/2020 I Am Abomination Passion Of The Heist II self-released
4/24/2020 I Am Destruction Nascency Unique Leader Records
4/24/2020 Katatonia City Burials Peaceville Records
4/24/2020 Kill The Kong Dead Spirit (Part One) Seek and Strike
4/24/2020 Mantric False Negative Solid State Records
4/24/2020 Nest Nest self-released
4/24/2020 Total Fucking Destruction ...to be alive at the end of the world Translation Loss Records
4/24/2020 Trivium What The Dead Men Say Roadrunner Records
4/24/2020 Ulcerate Stare Into Death And Be Still Debemur Morti Productions
4/24/2020 Unmerciful Wrath Encompassed Willowtip Records
4/24/2020 VAR The Never-Ending Year Spartan Records
4/24/2020 Warbringer Weapons of Tomorrow Napalm Records
4/24/2020 Werewolves The Dead Are Screaming Prosthetic Records
4/24/2020 Witchskull A Driftwood Cross Rise Above Records
4/29/2020 Mindforce Swingin Swords, Choppin Lords EP Triple B Records
5/1/2020 Aether Realm Redneck Vikings From Hell Napalm Records
5/1/2020 An Autumn For Crippled Children All Fell Silent, Everything Went Quiet Prosthetic Records
5/1/2020 Havok V Century Media Records
5/1/2020 Icon Of Evil Icon Of Evil EP Selfmadegod Records
5/1/2020 Killswitch Engage Atonement II B-Sides For Charity self-released
5/1/2020 River Cult Chilling Effect Tee Pee Records
5/1/2020 Umbra Vitae Shadow Of Life Deathwish Inc.
5/1/2020 Vader Solitude in Madness Nuclear Blast Records
5/1/2020 Witchcraft Black Metal Nuclear Blast Records
5/8/2020 Bear Propaganda Pelagic Records
5/8/2020 Fake Names Fake Names Epitaph Records
5/8/2020 Naglfar Cerecloth Century Media Records
5/8/2020 Sojourner Premonitions Napalm Records
5/8/2020 Winterfylleth The Reckoning Dawn Candlelight Records
5/15/2020 ACxDC Satan Is King Prosthetic Records
5/15/2020 Asking Alexandria Like a House on Fire Sumerian Records
5/15/2020 Binary Code Memento Mori self-released
5/15/2020 Devangelic Ersetu Willowtip Records
5/15/2020 Horisont Sudden Death Century Media Records
5/15/2020 Okkultokrati La Ilden Lyse Southern Lord Records
5/15/2020 Paradise Lost Obsidian Nuclear Blast Records
5/15/2020 Shrapnel Palace For The Insane Candlelight Records
5/15/2020 The Acacia Strain A EP Rise Records
5/15/2020 Voices Of Ruin Path To Immortality M-Theory Audio
5/22/2020 Caligula's Horse Rise Radiant InsideOut Music
5/22/2020 Crossfaith Species UNFD
5/22/2020 Die Kreatur Panoptikum Napalm Records
5/22/2020 Mountaineer Bloodletting Lifeforce Records
5/22/2020 Old Man Gloom Seminar IX: Darkness of Being Profound Lore Records
5/22/2020 Old Man Gloom Seminar VIII: Light of Meaning Profound Lore Records
5/22/2020 Revenge Strike.Smother.Dehumanize Season Of Mist
5/22/2020 The Weapon Repugnant Turn Of Events self-released
5/29/2020 Alestorm Curse Of The Crystal Coconut Napalm Records
5/29/2020 Astralborne Eternity's End Prosthetic Records
5/29/2020 Behemoth A Forest Metal Blade Records
5/29/2020 Bleed From Within Fracture Century Media Records
5/29/2020 Centinex Death In Pieces Agonia Records
5/29/2020 Deathbreaker Isolate Facedown Records
5/29/2020 Erabella The Familiar Grey Innerstrength Records
5/29/2020 Lesser Glow Nullity Pelagic Records
5/29/2020 Palaye Royale The Bastards Sumerian Records
5/29/2020 Xibalba Años En Infierno Southern Lord Records
6/5/2020 -(16)- Dream Squasher Relapse Records
6/5/2020 156/Silence Irrational Pull self-released
6/5/2020 Covet technicolor Triple Crown Records
6/5/2020 Currents The Way It Ends SharpTone Records
6/5/2020 Darko Dethmask self-released
6/5/2020 END Splinters From An Ever-Changing Face Closed Casket Activities
6/5/2020 Exhumed / Gruesome Twisted Horror split EP Relapse Records
6/5/2020 The Ghost Inside The Ghost Inside Epitaph Records
6/12/2020 Aversions Crown Hell Will Come For Us All Nuclear Blast Records
6/12/2020 Behold The Arctopus Hapeleptic Overtrove Willowtip Records
6/12/2020 BPMD American Made Napalm Records
6/12/2020 Justice For The Damned Pain Is Power Greyscale Records
6/12/2020 Lightworker Fury By Failure Solid State Records
6/12/2020 Living Gate Deathlust Relapse Records
6/12/2020 The Acacia Strain Y EP Rise Records
6/12/2020 Ulthar Providence 20 Buck Spin
6/19/2020 Cro-Mags In The Beginning Mission Two Entertainment
6/19/2020 Enterprise Earth Foundation Of Bones EP MNRK Music Group
6/19/2020 Firstborne Firstborne EP self-released
6/19/2020 Hail Spirit Noir Eden In Reverse Agonia Records
6/19/2020 Lamb of God Lamb of God Epic Records
6/19/2020 Machine Head Civil Unrest EP Nuclear Blast Records
6/19/2020 Make Them Suffer How To Survive A Funeral Rise Records
6/19/2020 Mushroomhead A Wonderful Life Napalm Records
6/19/2020 Trash Talk Squalor EP self-released
6/19/2020 Vile Creature Glory, Glory! Apathy Took Helm! Prosthetic Records
6/26/2020 Acherontas Psychic Death - The Shattering Of Perceptions Agonia Records
6/26/2020 Bell Witch / Aerial Ruin Stygian Bough Volume I Profound Lore Records
6/26/2020 Brujeria COVID-666 Nuclear Blast Records
6/26/2020 Carach Angren Franckensteina Strataemontanus Season Of Mist
6/26/2020 Emmure Hindsight SharpTone Records
6/26/2020 Exocrine Maelstrom Unique Leader Records
6/26/2020 Falconer From a Dying Ember Metal Blade Records
6/26/2020 Inexorum Moonlit Navigation Gilead Media
6/26/2020 Pyrrhon Abscess Time Willowtip Records
6/26/2020 Shed the Skin The Forbidden Arts Hells Headbangers
6/26/2020 The Third Kind Man vs Earth self-released
6/26/2020 Unborn Suffer Commit(ment To) Suicide Selfmadegod Records
6/26/2020 VoidCeremony Entropic Reflections Continuum: Dimensional Unravel 20 Buck Spin
6/26/2020 Voodus Open the Otherness Regain Records
7/3/2020 American Arson A Line in the Sand Facedown Records
7/3/2020 Boris NO self-released
7/3/2020 Bury Tomorrow Cannibal Sony Records
7/3/2020 Mora Prokaza By Chance Season Of Mist
7/10/2020 Aseitas False Peace Translation Loss Records
7/10/2020 Ensiferum Thalassic Metal Blade Records
7/10/2020 Inter Arma Garbers Days Revisited (covers) Relapse Records
7/10/2020 Lantern Dimensions Dark Descent Records
7/10/2020 Sharptooth Transitional Forms Pure Noise Records
7/10/2020 Skeleton Skeleton 20 Buck Spin
7/10/2020 Voivod The End Of Dormancy EP Century Media Records
7/15/2020 Angel Du$t Lil House EP Roadrunner Records
7/17/2020 Entry Detriment Southern Lord Records
7/17/2020 Kruelty Immortal Nightmare EP Creator Destructor Records
7/17/2020 Zombi 2020 Relapse Records
7/24/2020 Bedsore Hypnagogic Hallucinations 20 Buck Spin
7/24/2020 Defeated Sanity The Sanguinary Impetus Willowtip Records
7/24/2020 Gaerea Limbo Season Of Mist
7/24/2020 Gulch Impenetrable Cerebral Fortress Closed Casket Activities
7/24/2020 Haken Virus InsideOut Music
7/24/2020 Judicator Let There Be Nothing Prosthetic Records
7/24/2020 Primal Fear Metal Commando Nuclear Blast Records
7/24/2020 The Acacia Strain Slow Decay Rise Records
7/24/2020 Valkyrie Fear Relapse Records
7/27/2020 Cardiac Arrest The Day That Death Prevailed Memento Mori
7/31/2020 Drouth Excerpts From A Dread Liturgy Translation Loss Records
7/31/2020 Fall of Messiah Senicarne Holy Roar Records
7/31/2020 Imperial Triumphant Alphaville Century Media Records
7/31/2020 Upon A Burning Body Built From War EP Seek and Strike
8/7/2020 Avatar Hunter Gatherer MNRK Music Group
8/7/2020 Black Crown Initiate Violent Portraits of Doomed Escape Century Media Records
8/7/2020 Death By Stereo We're All Dying Just In Time Indecision Records
8/7/2020 Good Tiger Raised in a Doomsday Cult self-released
8/7/2020 In Hearts Wake Kaliyuga UNFD
8/7/2020 Misery Signals Ultraviolet Basick Records
8/7/2020 Onslaught Generation Antichrist AFM Records
8/7/2020 Orbit Culture Nija Seek and Strike
8/7/2020 Stillbirth Revive the Throne Unique Leader Records
8/7/2020 Terminal Nation Holocene Extinction 20 Buck Spin
8/7/2020 Year Of The Knife Internal Incarceration Pure Noise Records
8/12/2020 Within Destruction Yokai self-released
8/14/2020 Ingested Where Only Gods May Tread Unique Leader Records
8/14/2020 Nug Alter Ego Willowtip Records
8/14/2020 Primitive Man Immersion Relapse Records
8/21/2020 Atramentus Stygian 20 Buck Spin
8/21/2020 Be Well The Weight and the Cost Equal Vision Records
8/21/2020 Cytotoxin Nuklearth Unique Leader Records
8/21/2020 Expander Neuropunk Boostergang Profound Lore Records
8/21/2020 Incantation Sect of Vile Divinities Relapse Records
8/21/2020 Reserving Dirtnaps Another Disaster EP War Records
8/21/2020 Reserving Dirtnaps Another Disaster EP War Records
8/21/2020 These Streets Stay Awake Upstate Records
8/21/2020 Tuning Defining The Purpose Indecision Records
8/28/2020 Crafting The Conspiracy The Cosmic Key II Innerstrength Records
8/28/2020 Cultus Profano Accursed Possession Debemur Morti Productions
8/28/2020 Exist Egoiista Prosthetic Records
8/28/2020 Hinayana Death Of The Cosmic EP Napalm Records
8/28/2020 Inner Turmoil Raised Through Aggression Upstate Records
8/28/2020 Metallica S&M2 self-released
8/28/2020 Necrot Mortal Tankcrimes
8/28/2020 Nest Pretense self-released
8/28/2020 Ominous Scriptures The Fall Of The Celestial Throne Willowtip Records
8/28/2020 Pain of Salvation Panther InsideOut Music
8/28/2020 Pig Destroyer The Octagonal Stairway EP Relapse Records
8/28/2020 Spook The Horses Empty Body Pelagic Records
8/28/2020 Venomous Concept Politics Versus The Erection Season Of Mist
9/4/2020 '68 Love Is Ain't Dead EP Cooking Vinyl
9/4/2020 Black Magnet Hallucination Scene 20 Buck Spin
9/4/2020 En Minor When The Cold Truth Has Worn Its Miserable Welcome Out Season Of Mist
9/4/2020 Foretoken Ruin Prosthetic Records
9/4/2020 In Parallel Fashioner EP Wiretap Records
9/4/2020 Oceans of Slumber Oceans of Slumber Century Media Records
9/11/2020 Grid Livsleda Selfmadegod Records
9/11/2020 Ihsahn Pharos EP Candlelight Records
9/11/2020 Skeletal Remains The Entombment Of Chaos Century Media Records
9/11/2020 Spectrum of Delusion Neoconception The Artisan Era
9/11/2020 Theotoxin Fragment : Erhabenheit AOP Records
9/18/2020 Ancst Summits of Despondency Lifeforce Records
9/18/2020 Black Sabbath Paranoid Warner Bros. Records
9/18/2020 Carnation Where Death Lies Season Of Mist
9/18/2020 Dematerialize Omniscience Famined Records
9/18/2020 Fight The Fight Deliverance Metal Blade Records
9/18/2020 Finntroll Vredesvävd Century Media Records
9/18/2020 Fit For A King The Path Solid State Records
9/18/2020 Heathen Empire of the Blind Nuclear Blast Records
9/18/2020 Movements No Good Left To Give Fearless Records
9/18/2020 Napalm Death Throes of Joy in the Jaws of Defeatism Century Media Records
9/18/2020 Plague Years Circle Of Darkness MNRK Music Group
9/18/2020 Sumac May You Be Held Thrill Jockey Records
9/18/2020 Vatican Shadow Persian Pillars Of The Gasoline Era 20 Buck Spin
9/19/2020 Fires In The Distance Echoes From Deep November Prosthetic Records
9/24/2020 Proscription Conduit Dark Descent Records
9/25/2020 Alpha Wolf quiet place to die SharpTone Records
9/25/2020 Deftones Ohms Warner Bros. Records
9/25/2020 Four Stroke Baron Monoqueen Prosthetic Records
9/25/2020 Kataklysm Unconquered Nuclear Blast Records
9/25/2020 Life Force Hope and Defiance New Age Records
9/25/2020 Nasty Menace Century Media Records
9/25/2020 Obsidian Kingdom Meat Machine Season Of Mist
9/25/2020 Realize Machine Violence Relapse Records
9/25/2020 Svalbard When I Die, Will I Get Better? Translation Loss Records
9/25/2020 Vous Autres Sel de Pierre Season Of Mist
10/2/2020 Anaal Nathrakh Endarkenment Metal Blade Records
10/2/2020 Brave The Cold Scarcity Mission Two Entertainment
10/2/2020 Briqueville Quelle Pelagic Records
10/2/2020 Devildriver Dealing With Demons I Napalm Records
10/2/2020 Eighteen Visions Inferno EP self-released
10/2/2020 Enslaved Utgard Nuclear Blast Records
10/2/2020 Gorephilia In The Eye of Nothing Dark Descent Records
10/2/2020 King Mothership The Ritual 3DOT Recordings
10/2/2020 Nachtblut Vanitas Napalm Records
10/2/2020 Six Feet Under Nightmares of the Decomposed Metal Blade Records
10/9/2020 Bloodbather Silence EP Rise Records
10/9/2020 Coastlands Death Translation Loss Records
10/9/2020 Gargoyl Gargoyl Season Of Mist
10/9/2020 Hundredth Somewhere Nowhere self-released
10/9/2020 Inferi Of Sunless Realms EP The Artisan Era
10/9/2020 King Parrot Holed Up In The Lair Housecore Records
10/9/2020 Necrophobic Dawn Of The Damned Century Media Records
10/9/2020 Touche Amore Lament Epitaph Records
10/9/2020 Venom Prison Primeval Prosthetic Records
10/16/2020 Benediction Scriptures Nuclear Blast Records
10/16/2020 Infera Bruo Rites of the Nameless Prosthetic Records
10/16/2020 JeGong I Pelagic Records
10/16/2020 Molassess Through the Hollow Season Of Mist
10/16/2020 Spirit Adrift Enlightened In Eternity 20 Buck Spin
10/16/2020 Wayfarer A Romance With Violence Profound Lore Records
10/23/2020 Chamber Cost of Sacrifice Pure Noise Records
10/23/2020 Defecto Duality Black Lodge Records
10/23/2020 Demonical World Domination Agonia Records
10/23/2020 Earth Groans Waste Solid State Records
10/23/2020 Fever 333 Wrong Generation Roadrunner Records
10/23/2020 Hoaries Rocker Shocker Reptilian Records
10/23/2020 Mörk Gryning Hinsides Vrede Season Of Mist
10/23/2020 Pallbearer Forgotten Days Nuclear Blast Records
10/23/2020 Sevendust Blood & Stone Rise Records
10/23/2020 Undeath Lesions Of A Different Kind Prosthetic Records
10/26/2020 Disrupted Pure Death Memento Mori
10/26/2020 Wombripper Macabre Melodies Memento Mori
10/30/2020 Auðn Vökudraumsins fangi Season Of Mist
10/30/2020 Bliss of Flesh Tyrant Listenable Records
10/30/2020 Carcass Despicable EP Nuclear Blast Records
10/30/2020 Dead End America Crush The Machine Southern Lord Records
10/30/2020 Draconian Under A Godless Veil Napalm Records
10/30/2020 Evildead United $tate$ Of Anarchy SPV/Steamhammer
10/30/2020 Insidious Disease After Death Nuclear Blast Records
10/30/2020 Like Moths To Flames No Eternity In Gold UNFD
10/30/2020 Mr. Bungle The Raging Wrath Of The Easter Bunny Demo Ipecac Recordings
10/30/2020 Nothing The Great Dismal Relapse Records
10/30/2020 Nuclear Power Trio A Clear and Present Rager Metal Blade Records
10/30/2020 Omen OKC Petals EP 1126 Records
10/30/2020 Stälker Black Majik Terror Napalm Records
10/30/2020 Throw The Goat Capitol Hell Combat Records
10/30/2020 Violent Life Violent Death The Color Of Bone Innerstrength Records
10/30/2020 War On Women Wonderful Hell Bridge Nine Records
11/6/2020 Countless Skies Glow Willowtip Records
11/13/2020 Blood From The Soul DSM-5 Deathwish Inc.
11/13/2020 Boundaries Your Receding Warmth Unbeaten Records
11/13/2020 Décembre Noir The Renaissance Of Hope Lifeforce Records
11/13/2020 Ghøstkid Ghøstkid Century Media Records
11/13/2020 Intervals Circadian self-released
11/13/2020 King 810 AK Concerto No. 47, 11th Movement in G Major self-released
11/13/2020 Macabre Carnival Of Killers Nuclear Blast Records
11/13/2020 Of Feather And Bone Sulfuric Disintegration Profound Lore Records
11/13/2020 Scalp Domestic Extremity Creator Destructor Records
11/13/2020 Silence Equals Death Revolution Rising Upstate Records
11/13/2020 Soulburn Noa's D'ark Century Media Records
11/13/2020 Warfect Spectre Of Devastation Napalm Records
11/13/2020 World Be Free One Time for Unity EP Revelation Records
11/20/2020 Contrarian Only Time Will Tell Willowtip Records
11/20/2020 Dark Tranquillity Moment Century Media Records
11/20/2020 Fuck The Facts Pleine Noirceur self-released
11/20/2020 Fuming Mouth Beyond the Tomb Nuclear Blast Records
11/20/2020 ILSA Preyer Relapse Records
11/20/2020 Killer Be Killed Reluctant Hero Nuclear Blast Records
11/20/2020 Lie In Ruins Floating in Timeless Streams Dark Descent Records
11/20/2020 My Dying Bride Macabre Cabaret EP Nuclear Blast Records
11/20/2020 Nader Sadek The Serapeum EP self-released
11/20/2020 Refused The Malignant Fire Spinefarm Records
11/20/2020 Skelethal Unveiling the Threshold Hells Headbangers
11/20/2020 Tombs Under Sullen Skies Season Of Mist
11/22/2020 Hypno5e A Distant (Dark) Pelagic Records
11/27/2020 Azarath Saint Desecration Agonia Records
11/27/2020 Cadaver Edder & Bile Nuclear Blast Records
11/27/2020 Glorious Depravity Ageless Violence Translation Loss Records
11/27/2020 Hatebreed Weight of the False Self Nuclear Blast Records
11/27/2020 Horse The Band Your Fault EP self-released
11/27/2020 Psycroptic The Watcher Of All EP Prosthetic Records
11/27/2020 Scour The Black EP Housecore Records
11/27/2020 Sodom Genesis XIX MNRK Music Group
11/27/2020 Vanguard Rage of Deliverance EP New Age Records
11/27/2020 Within The Ruins Black Heart MNRK Music Group
12/4/2020 Cryptodira The Angel Of History Good Fight Music
12/4/2020 Deafheaven 10 Years Gone (live) Sargent House
12/4/2020 Gama Bomb Sea Savage Prosthetic Records
12/4/2020 Gone Is Gone If Everything Happens For A Reason... Clouds Hill
12/4/2020 Soilwork A Whisp Of The Atlantic EP Nuclear Blast Records
12/4/2020 Undergang Aldrig i livet Dark Descent Records
12/4/2020 VRSTY Cloud City EP Spinefarm Records
12/11/2020 Boris / Merzbow 2R0I2P0 Relapse Records
12/11/2020 Cro-Mags 2020 EP Mission Two Entertainment
12/11/2020 Deeds Of Flesh Nucleus Unique Leader Records
12/11/2020 Folterkammer Die Lederpredigt Gilead Media
12/11/2020 Heretical Sect Rapturous Flesh Consumed Gilead Media
12/11/2020 Yashira Fail To Be Good Fight Music
12/18/2020 Akhlys Melinoë Debemur Morti Productions
12/18/2020 Children Of Technology Written Destiny Hells Headbangers
12/18/2020 Grayceon Mothers Weavers Vultures Translation Loss Records
12/18/2020 Pillory Scourge on Humanity Unique Leader Records
12/25/2020 Dira Mortis Ancient Breath Of Forgotten Misanthropy Selfmadegod Records
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