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Metal and Hardcore Albums Released in 2018

While we make no warranty as to the accuracy of our album releases information, we do strive to maintain a reliable database. If you are aware of any inaccurate information or glaring omissions, please let us know.
1/5/2018 Shining X - Varg Utan Flock Season Of Mist
1/5/2018 Sinistro Sangue Cassia Season Of Mist
1/5/2018 Summoning With Doom We Come Napalm Records
1/5/2018 Vile Ones Teeth Good Fight Music
1/5/2018 Watain Trident Wolf Eclipse Century Media Records
1/12/2018 Bleeding Gods Dodekathlon Nuclear Blast Records
1/12/2018 Corrosion Of Conformity No Cross No Crown Nuclear Blast Records
1/12/2018 White Wizzard Infernal Overdrive M-Theory Audio
1/19/2018 Arkona Khram Napalm Records
1/19/2018 Cane Hill Too Far Gone Rise Records
1/19/2018 Druid Lord Grotesque Offerings Hells Headbangers
1/19/2018 Earth Caller Crystal Death MNRK Music Group
1/19/2018 Inquisitor Stigmata Me, I'm In Misery Hammerheart Records
1/19/2018 Night Verses Copper Wasp self-released
1/19/2018 Of Mice & Men Defy Rise Records
1/26/2018 Accuser The Mastery Metal Blade Records
1/26/2018 Agrimonia Awaken Southern Lord Records
1/26/2018 Centuries The Lights Of This Earth Are Blinding Southern Lord Records
1/26/2018 Communion The Communion Hells Headbangers
1/26/2018 Die Young The God For Which We Suffer Good Fight Music
1/26/2018 Hooded Menace Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed Season Of Mist
1/26/2018 Howling Sycamore Howling Sycamore Prosthetic Records
1/26/2018 Machine Head Catharsis Nuclear Blast Records
1/26/2018 Mammoth Grinder Cosmic Crypt Relapse Records
1/26/2018 Orphaned Land Unsung Prophets And Dead Messiahs Century Media Records
1/26/2018 Philip H. Anselmo & the Illegals Choosing Mental Illness As A Virtue Housecore Records
1/26/2018 Portal Ion Profound Lore Records
1/26/2018 Primal Rite Dirge of Escapism Revelation Records
1/26/2018 Sleeping Giant I Am Facedown Records
1/26/2018 Tribulation Down Below Century Media Records
1/26/2018 Vargrav Netherstorm Hells Headbangers
2/2/2018 Genocide Pact Order of Torment Relapse Records
2/9/2018 Erdve Vaitojimas Season Of Mist
2/9/2018 Good Tiger We Will All Be Gone Metal Blade Records
2/9/2018 Harms Way Posthuman Metal Blade Records
2/9/2018 King Witch Under The Mountain Listenable Records
2/9/2018 One Decade Coma Visions self-released
2/9/2018 Pissed Regardless Feed The Birds Creator Destructor Records
2/9/2018 Rotting Christ The Call Peaceville Records
2/9/2018 The Atlas Moth Coma Noir Prosthetic Records
2/9/2018 Visigoth Conqueror's Oath Metal Blade Records
2/16/2018 American Nightmare American Nightmare Rise Records
2/16/2018 Ataraxy When All Hope Fades Dark Descent Records
2/16/2018 Barren Womb Old Money / New Lows Spartan Records
2/16/2018 Extinction A.D. Decimation Treaty Good Fight Music
2/16/2018 For The Fallen Dreams Six Rise Records
2/16/2018 Horcrux The Dark Mark self-released
2/16/2018 Letters From The Colony Vignette Nuclear Blast Records
2/16/2018 Loathe / Holding Absence This Is As One SharpTone Records
2/16/2018 Neolithic / Martyrdod split EP Deep Six Records
2/16/2018 Pianos Become The Teeth Wait For Love Epitaph Records
2/16/2018 Senses Fail If There Is A Light, It Will Find You Pure Noise Records
2/16/2018 The Plot In You Dispose Fearless Records
2/16/2018 Windhand / Satan's Satyrs split Relapse Records
2/23/2018 Afgrund The Dystopian Selfmadegod Records
2/23/2018 Alterbeast Feast Unique Leader Records
2/23/2018 Cabal Mark Of Rot SPV/Steamhammer
2/23/2018 Deathwhite For a Black Tomorrow Season Of Mist
2/23/2018 Destroyer 666 Call of the Wild Season Of Mist
2/23/2018 Household Everything A River Should Be Equal Vision Records
2/23/2018 Huntsmen American Scrap Prosthetic Records
2/23/2018 Insect Ark Marrow Hymns Profound Lore Records
2/23/2018 Kaoteon Damnatio Memoriae self-released
2/23/2018 Necrophobic Mark Of The Necrogram Century Media Records
2/23/2018 Sumac / Keiji Haino American Dollar Bill... Thrill Jockey Records
2/23/2018 Tengger Cavalry Cian Bi Napalm Records
2/23/2018 Thy Antichrist Wrath Of The Beast Napalm Records
2/23/2018 Turnstile Time & Space Roadrunner Records
2/23/2018 Usurpress Interregnum Agonia Records
3/2/2018 Ancst Ghosts of the Timeless Void Lifeforce Records
3/2/2018 Black Moth Anatomical Venus Candlelight Records
3/2/2018 ILSA Corpse Fortress Relapse Records
3/2/2018 Iron Reagan / Gatecreeper split LP Relapse Records
3/2/2018 Oceans Of Slumber The Banished Heart Century Media Records
3/2/2018 Savage Hands Barely Alive SharpTone Records
3/2/2018 Stone Inch of Joy Pure Noise Records
3/2/2018 Voidhanger Dark Days Of The Soul Agonia Records
3/9/2018 Between The Buried And Me Automata I Sumerian Records
3/9/2018 Drowse Cold Air Flenser Records
3/9/2018 Drudkh They Often See Dreams About the Spring Season Of Mist
3/9/2018 Judas Priest Firepower Epic Records
3/9/2018 Krosis Solem Vatem Unique Leader Records
3/9/2018 Starkweather / Concealment split Translation Loss Records
3/9/2018 Suicidal Tendencies Get Your Fight On! self-released
3/9/2018 Twitching Tongues Gaining Purpose Through Passionate Hatred Metal Blade Records
3/9/2018 Whipstriker Merciless Artillery Hells Headbangers
3/16/2018 Black Wizard Livin' Oblivion Listenable Records
3/16/2018 Casey Where I Go When I Am Sleeping Rise Records
3/16/2018 Gravehill The Unchaste, the Wicked, & the Profane Dark Descent Records
3/16/2018 Green Druid Ashen Blood Earache Records
3/16/2018 Hell To Pay Bliss GTR Records
3/16/2018 Man Mountain Infinity Mirror Spartan Records
3/16/2018 Monotheist Scourge Prosthetic Records
3/16/2018 Rivers of Nihil Where Owls Know My Name Metal Blade Records
3/16/2018 Susperia The Lyricist Agonia Records
3/16/2018 The Crown Cobra Speed Venom Metal Blade Records
3/23/2018 Blessthefall Hard Feelings Rise Records
3/23/2018 Bruce Lamont Broken Limbs Excite No Pity War Crime Recordings
3/23/2018 Crowned Kings Sea Of Misery Demons Run Amok Entertainment
3/23/2018 Discrepancies The Awakening InVogue Records
3/23/2018 Memoriam The Silent Vigil Nuclear Blast Records
3/23/2018 Mournful Congregation The Incubus Of Karma Prophecy Productions
3/23/2018 Nightmarer Cacophony of Terror Season Of Mist
3/23/2018 Of Feather And Bone Bestial Hymns Of Perversion Profound Lore Records
3/23/2018 The Absence A Gift For The Obsessed M-Theory Audio
3/23/2018 The Fever 333 Made An America Roadrunner Records
3/23/2018 The Sword Used Future Razor & Tie
3/23/2018 Thy Feeble Saviour And Darkness Fell Hells Headbangers
3/23/2018 Will Haven Muerte minus HEAD Records
3/30/2018 Augury Illusive Golden Age The Artisan Era
3/30/2018 Berthold City Moment Of Truth War Records
3/30/2018 Eagle Twin The Thundering Heard (Songs Of Hoof And Horn) Southern Lord Records
3/30/2018 Feto In Fetus From Blessing To Violence Selfmadegod Records
3/30/2018 Grandiose Malice The Eternal Inferna Hells Headbangers
3/30/2018 Light The Torch Revival Nuclear Blast Records
3/30/2018 Primordial Exile Amongst The Ruins Metal Blade Records
3/30/2018 Realms of Vision Through All Unknown Creator Destructor Records
3/30/2018 Take Offense Tensions On High Flatspot Records
3/30/2018 WuW Rien Ne Nous Sera Épargné Prosthetic Records
3/30/2018 Zeke Hellbender Relapse Records
4/6/2018 Black Salvation Uncertainty Is Bliss Relapse Records
4/6/2018 Bleed From Within Era Century Media Records
4/6/2018 Caliban Elements Century Media Records
4/6/2018 Crisix Against The Odds Listenable Records
4/6/2018 Glorior Belli The Apostates Season Of Mist
4/6/2018 Hypno5e Alba - Les Ombres Errantes Pelagic Records
4/6/2018 Lecherous Nocturne Occultaclysmic Willowtip Records
4/6/2018 Underoath Erase Me Fearless Records
4/10/2018 Call It Home Better Days self-released
4/13/2018 Graveshadow Ambition's Price M-Theory Audio
4/13/2018 Machinist! Closer to Death Innerstrength Records
4/13/2018 Nekrogoblikon Welcome To Bonkers self-released
4/13/2018 Rotten Sound Suffer To Abuse Season Of Mist
4/13/2018 Scientist Barbelith self-released
4/13/2018 Septic Tank Rotting Civilisation Rise Above Records
4/13/2018 Skeletal Remains Devouring Mortality Dark Descent Records
4/13/2018 Unprocessed Covenant Long Branch Records
4/13/2018 War On Women Capture The Flag Bridge Nine Records
4/13/2018 Whoresnation Whoresnation Throatruiner Records
4/13/2018 Wrong Feel Great Relapse Records
4/13/2018 Yashira Shrine Good Fight Music
4/20/2018 A Perfect Circle Eat The Elephant self-released
4/20/2018 Butcher ABC North Of Hell Selfmadegod Records
4/20/2018 Cancer Bats The Spark That Moves New Damage Records
4/20/2018 Dark Buddha Rising II Neurot Recordings
4/20/2018 Ghastly Death Velour 20 Buck Spin
4/20/2018 Shields Life In Exile Long Branch Records
4/20/2018 TesseracT Sonder Kscope
4/20/2018 The Melvins Pinkus Abortion Technician Ipecac Recordings
4/20/2018 Vomitor Pestilent Death Hells Headbangers
4/21/2018 Inferi Revenant The Artisan Era
4/23/2018 Deiquisitor Downfall of the Apostates Dark Descent Records
4/27/2018 Aura Noir Aura Noire Indie Recordings
4/27/2018 CHRCH Light Will Consume Us All Neurot Recordings
4/27/2018 Demonical Chaos Manifesto Agonia Records
4/27/2018 Homewrecker Hell Is Here Now Good Fight Music
4/27/2018 Ingested The Level Above Human Unique Leader Records
4/27/2018 LIMBS Father's Son UNFD
4/27/2018 LLNN Deads Pelagic Records
4/27/2018 Sink The Ship Persevere SharpTone Records
4/27/2018 Taken With Regard To Other People Records
4/27/2018 Varathron Patriarchs Of Evil Agonia Records
4/27/2018 Violation Wound With Man In Charge Peaceville Records
4/27/2018 Voices Frightened Candlelight Records
4/27/2018 Wolf King Loyal To The Soil Prosthetic Records
5/2/2018 Dead Cross Dead Cross Ipecac Recordings
5/4/2018 Dimmu Borgir Eonian Nuclear Blast Records
5/4/2018 Ihsahn Amr Candlelight Records
5/4/2018 New Heart Feel The Change Blood & Ink Records
5/4/2018 Parkway Drive Reverence Epitaph Records
5/4/2018 The Word Alive Violent Noise Fearless Records
5/4/2018 Thy Catafalque Geometria Season Of Mist
5/11/2018 Abraham Look, Here Comes The Dark! Pelagic Records
5/11/2018 Bad Wolves Disobey Eleven Seven Music
5/11/2018 Flesh Hoarder Homicidal Necrophile Comatose Music
5/11/2018 Sevendust All I See Is War Rise Records
5/11/2018 Skinless Savagery Relapse Records
5/18/2018 Alkaloid Liquid Anatomy Season Of Mist
5/18/2018 Amorphis Queen Of Time Nuclear Blast Records
5/18/2018 At The Gates To Drink From The Night Itself Century Media Records
5/18/2018 Burn The Priest Legion: XX Epic Records
5/18/2018 Fister No Spirit Within Listenable Records
5/18/2018 Nocturnal Graves Titan Season Of Mist
5/18/2018 Obliterate Impending Death Unique Leader Records
5/18/2018 Slowtrip Blur Anchor Eighty Four Records
5/18/2018 The Afterimage Eve Tragic Hero Records
5/25/2018 Acherontas Faustian Ethos Agonia Records
5/25/2018 Baptists Beacon Of Faith Southern Lord Records
5/25/2018 Bleeding Through Love Will Kill All SharpTone Records
5/25/2018 Candlemass House Of Doom Napalm Records
5/25/2018 Failure Your Body Will Be self-released
5/25/2018 Graveyard Peace Nuclear Blast Records
5/25/2018 Jonathan Davis Black Labyrinth Sumerian Records
5/25/2018 Light This City Terminal Bloom Creator Destructor Records
5/25/2018 Micawber Beyond The Reach Of The Flame Prosthetic Records
5/25/2018 Pressure Cracks Pressure Cracks self-released
5/25/2018 Sacrocurse Gnostic Holocaust Hells Headbangers
5/25/2018 Split Cranium I'm The Devil and I'm OK Ipecac Recordings
5/25/2018 Torture Rack Malefic Humiliation 20 Buck Spin
5/25/2018 Wayfarer World's Blood Profound Lore Records
5/25/2018 Witchsorrow Hexenhammer Candlelight Records
6/1/2018 Alien Weaponry Napalm Records
6/1/2018 Burial In The Sky Creatio et Hominus self-released
6/1/2018 Ghost Prequelle Loma Vista Recordings
6/1/2018 Gruesome Twisted Prayers Relapse Records
6/1/2018 Kataklysm Meditations Nuclear Blast Records
6/1/2018 Nervosa Downfall of Mankind Napalm Records
6/1/2018 Purgatory Cold Side Of Reality Unbeaten Records
6/1/2018 Slapshot Make America Hate Again Bridge Nine Records
6/1/2018 Witchskull Coven's Will Rise Above Records
6/7/2018 Tomb Mold Manor Of Infinite Forms 20 Buck Spin
6/8/2018 Dance Gavin Dance Artificial Selection Rise Records
6/8/2018 Lesser Glow Ruined Pelagic Records
6/8/2018 Modern Life Is War Tribulation Worksongs Vol. 1 Deathwish Inc.
6/8/2018 Yob Our Raw Heart Relapse Records
6/15/2018 ASG Survive Sunrise Relapse Records
6/15/2018 Culture Abuse Bay Dream Epitaph Records
6/15/2018 Gyre Shared Visions self-released
6/15/2018 Khemmis Desolation 20 Buck Spin
6/15/2018 Levels Levels Famined Records
6/15/2018 Madball For The Cause Nuclear Blast Records
6/15/2018 Orange Goblin The Wolf Bites Back Candlelight Records
6/15/2018 Spine Faith Bridge Nine Records
6/21/2018 Code Orange The Hurt Will Go On Roadrunner Records
6/22/2018 Amarok Devoured Translation Loss Records
6/22/2018 Craft White Noise and Black Metal Season Of Mist
6/22/2018 Deathgrave So Real, It's Now Tankcrimes
6/22/2018 Hatchet Dying To Exist Combat Records
6/22/2018 Impending Doom The Sin and Doom Vol. II MNRK Music Group
6/22/2018 Marduk Viktoria Century Media Records
6/22/2018 Mortuous Through Wilderness Tankcrimes
6/22/2018 Vein Errorzone Closed Casket Activities
6/29/2018 Blind Justice No Matter The Cost Flatspot Records
6/29/2018 Bullet For My Valentine Gravity Spinefarm Records
6/29/2018 Converge Beautiful Ruin EP Epitaph Records
6/29/2018 DENS No Small Tempest Facedown Records
6/29/2018 Night Verses From the Gallery of Sleep Equal Vision Records
6/29/2018 Self Defense Family Have You Considered Punk Music Run For Cover Records
6/29/2018 Shylmagoghnar Transience Napalm Records
6/29/2018 Throneum The Tight Deathrope Act Over Rubicon Hells Headbangers
7/6/2018 Devildriver Outlaws 'Til The End Napalm Records
7/6/2018 Devin Townsend Ocean Machine - Live At The Ancient Roman Theatre Plovdiv InsideOut Music
7/6/2018 Immortal Northern Chaos Gods Nuclear Blast Records
7/6/2018 Kontinuum No Need for Reason Season Of Mist
7/6/2018 Lucifer Lucifer II Century Media Records
7/6/2018 Secret Cutter Quantum Eraser Deathwish Inc.
7/6/2018 Six Feet Under Unburied Metal Blade Records
7/6/2018 VELD S.I.N. Spawned In Nothingness Listenable Records
7/13/2018 Between The Buried And Me Automata II Sumerian Records
7/13/2018 Birds In Row We Already Lost the World Deathwish Inc.
7/13/2018 Black Fast Spectre of Ruin MNRK Music Group
7/13/2018 Bury Tomorrow Black Flame Sony Records
7/13/2018 Chelsea Grin Eternal Nightmare Rise Records
7/13/2018 Deafheaven Ordinary Corrupt Human Love ANTI-
7/13/2018 Hopesfall Arbiter Equal Vision Records
7/13/2018 Imperial Triumphant Vile Luxury Gilead Media
7/13/2018 Mordant Rapture The Abnegation The Artisan Era
7/13/2018 Obscura Diluvium Relapse Records
7/13/2018 Oubliette The Passage The Artisan Era
7/14/2018 Decayer The Agony Cycle We Are Triumphant Records
7/20/2018 Cemetery Lust Rotting in Piss Hells Headbangers
7/20/2018 Depths of Hatred Bloodguilt Prosthetic Records
7/20/2018 Drowning 23 Fast Break! Entertainment
7/20/2018 Extremity Coffin Birth 20 Buck Spin
7/20/2018 God Alone Bent Shoulders Rise Records
7/20/2018 Jungle Rot Jungle Rot Victory Records
7/20/2018 Khôrada SALT Prophecy Productions
7/20/2018 Mothersound The Distance Between Stay Sick Recordings
7/20/2018 Mutilation Rites Chasm Gilead Media
7/20/2018 Skeletonwitch Devouring Radiant Light Prosthetic Records
7/20/2018 The Agony Scene Tormentor Outerloop Records
7/20/2018 The Lion's Daughter Future Cult Season Of Mist
7/20/2018 Wisdom In Chains Nothing In Nature Respects Weakness Fast Break! Entertainment
7/27/2018 Axis of Despair Contempt For Man Southern Lord Records
7/27/2018 Beach Rats Wasted Time Bridge Nine Records
7/27/2018 Decline Of The I Escape Agonia Records
7/27/2018 Faithxtractor Proverbial Lambs to the Ultimate Slaughter Hells Headbangers
7/27/2018 Inexorum Lore Of The Lakes Gilead Media
7/27/2018 Otep Kult 45 Napalm Records
7/27/2018 Outline Fire Whiplash Hells Headbangers
7/27/2018 Shed The Skin We of Scorn Hells Headbangers
7/27/2018 Sinking Suns Bad Vibes Reptilian Records
7/27/2018 Thou Rheia Sylvia Deathwish Inc.
7/27/2018 Ultra-Violence Operation Misdirection Candlelight Records
7/27/2018 Violation Wound / Cliterati split Tankcrimes
8/3/2018 Abhorrent Deformity Slaughter Monolith Comatose Music
8/3/2018 Bone Crew Bone Crew Stay Sick Recordings
8/3/2018 Crossfaith Ex_Machina UNFD
8/3/2018 Earth Groans Rahab Solid State Records
8/3/2018 Halcyon Way Bloody But Unbowed Agonia Records
8/3/2018 Integrity / Krieg split LP Relapse Records
8/3/2018 Mongrel's Cross Psalter of the Royal Dragon Court Hells Headbangers
8/3/2018 Soreption Monument of the End Sumerian Records
8/10/2018 Aethereus Absentia The Artisan Era
8/10/2018 Erra Neon Sumerian Records
8/10/2018 Transient Sources Of Human Satisfaction Six Weeks Records
8/10/2018 Unanimated Annihilation Century Media Records
8/15/2018 Earthists. Lifebinder Tragic Hero Records
8/17/2018 Black Tusk T.C.B.T. Season Of Mist
8/17/2018 Burial Invocation Abiogenesis Dark Descent Records
8/17/2018 Cemetery Urn Barbaric Retribution Hells Headbangers
8/17/2018 Innumerable Forms Punishment In Flesh Profound Lore Records
8/17/2018 Kill Everything Scorched Earth Comatose Music
8/17/2018 Primitive Man / Unearthly Trance split LP Relapse Records
8/17/2018 Rebel Wizard Voluptuous Worship of Rapture and Response Prosthetic Records
8/17/2018 Sails of Serenity The Crossing Famined Records
8/17/2018 Trappist Ancient Brewing Tactics Relapse Records
8/24/2018 Jesus Piece Only Self Southern Lord Records
8/24/2018 Lair of the Minotaur Dragon Eagle Of Chaos self-released
8/24/2018 Leeched You Took The Sun When You Left Prosthetic Records
8/24/2018 Mantar The Modern Art Of Setting Ablaze Nuclear Blast Records
8/24/2018 The Amity Affliction Misery Roadrunner Records
8/31/2018 Cast The Stone Empyrean Atrophy Agonia Records
8/31/2018 Circles The Last One Season Of Mist
8/31/2018 Gulch Burning Desire To Draw Last Breath Creator Destructor Records
8/31/2018 KEN mode Loved Season Of Mist
8/31/2018 Mamaleek Out of Time Flenser Records
8/31/2018 Omnium Gatherum The Burning Cold Century Media Records
8/31/2018 Roseview The Misery In Me Tragic Hero Records
8/31/2018 Stillbirth Annihilation of Mankind Unique Leader Records
8/31/2018 The Breathing Process Samsara self-released
8/31/2018 The Secret Lux Tenebris Southern Lord Records
8/31/2018 Tragedy Fury self-released
9/7/2018 Arabrot Who Do You Love Pelagic Records
9/7/2018 Clutch Book of Bad Decisions Weathermaker Music
9/7/2018 Counterparts Private Room Pure Noise Records
9/7/2018 Dead Now Dead Now Brutal Panda Records
9/7/2018 Downpour Downpour self-released
9/7/2018 Infera Bruo Cerement Prosthetic Records
9/7/2018 Kingcrow The Persistence Sensory Records
9/7/2018 Korpiklaani Kulkija Nuclear Blast Records
9/7/2018 Krisiun Scourge Of The Enthroned Century Media Records
9/7/2018 Metal Allegiance Volume II - Power Drunk Majesty Nuclear Blast Records
9/7/2018 Pig Destroyer Head Cage Relapse Records
9/7/2018 Set Sights The Heavy Alternative Tragic Hero Records
9/7/2018 Siege Of Power Warning Blast Metal Blade Records
9/7/2018 Skyharbor Sunshine Dust MNRK Music Group
9/7/2018 Stoned Jesus Pilgrims Napalm Records
9/7/2018 The Primals All Love Is True Love Southern Lord Records
9/14/2018 156/Silence Undercover Scumbag Innerstrength Records
9/14/2018 Bosse-de-Nage Further Still Flenser Records
9/14/2018 Conan Existential Void Guardian Napalm Records
9/14/2018 Crippled Black Phoenix Great Escape Season Of Mist
9/14/2018 Cultural Warfare Warmageddon M-Theory Audio
9/14/2018 Deicide Overtures Of Blasphemy Century Media Records
9/14/2018 Diabolic Force Praise of Satan Hells Headbangers
9/14/2018 Failure The Furthest Thing self-released
9/14/2018 Fit For A King Dark Skies Solid State Records
9/14/2018 Future Usses The Existential Haunting Pelagic Records
9/14/2018 Hyperdontia Nexus of Teeth Dark Descent Records
9/14/2018 Infernal Coil Within A World Forgotten Profound Lore Records
9/14/2018 Pyrexia Unholy Requiem Unique Leader Records
9/14/2018 Thrice Palms Epitaph Records
9/21/2018 Aborted TerrorVision Century Media Records
9/21/2018 Dragonlord Dominion Spinefarm Records
9/21/2018 Nuisible Slaves & Snakes Deadlight Entertainment
9/21/2018 Sumac Love In Shadow Thrill Jockey Records
9/21/2018 Voivod The Wake Century Media Records
9/21/2018 Zao / Yashira split EP Good Fight Music
9/28/2018 Anaal Nathrakh A New Kind Of Horror Metal Blade Records
9/28/2018 Beartooth Disease Red Bull Records
9/28/2018 Bloodtruth Martyrium Unique Leader Records
9/28/2018 Bonehunter Children of the Atom Hells Headbangers
9/28/2018 Hangman's Chair Banlieue Triste Spinefarm Records
9/28/2018 Horrendous Idol Season Of Mist
9/28/2018 Immortal Guardian Age of Revolution M-Theory Audio
9/28/2018 Mirrors For Psychic Warfare I See What I Became Neurot Recordings
9/28/2018 Revocation The Outer Ones Metal Blade Records
9/28/2018 Terror Total Retaliation Pure Noise Records
9/28/2018 Un Sentiment Translation Loss Records
10/5/2018 A Storm of Light Anthroscene Translation Loss Records
10/5/2018 Author & Punisher Beastland Relapse Records
10/5/2018 Behemoth I Loved You at Your Darkest Metal Blade Records
10/5/2018 Coheed and Cambria The Unheavenly Creatures Roadrunner Records
10/5/2018 Deathhammer Chained to Hell Hells Headbangers
10/5/2018 High On Fire Electric Messiah MNRK Music Group
10/5/2018 Ice Nine Kills The Silver Scream Fearless Records
10/5/2018 Monuments Phronesis Century Media Records
10/5/2018 Sylar Seasons Hopeless Records
10/12/2018 Atreyu In Our Wake Spinefarm Records
10/12/2018 Basement Beside Myself Fueled By Ramen
10/12/2018 Benighted Dogs Always Bite Harder than their Master Season Of Mist
10/12/2018 Beyond Creation Algorhythm Season Of Mist
10/12/2018 Deadbird III: The Forest Within The Tree 20 Buck Spin
10/12/2018 Helsott Slaves And Gods M-Theory Audio
10/12/2018 Iron Reagan Dark Days Ahead Pop Wig Records
10/12/2018 Outer Heaven Realms Of Eternal Decay Relapse Records
10/12/2018 Racetraitor 2042 Good Fight Music
10/12/2018 Terrorizer Caustic Attack The End Records
10/12/2018 The Odious Construct Shrine of the Obscene The Artisan Era
10/12/2018 Vanhelgd Deimos Sanktuarium Dark Descent Records
10/19/2018 Brainoil Singularity To Extinction Tankcrimes
10/19/2018 Demons Made In The USA Spartan Records
10/19/2018 Erosion Maximum Suffering Hydra Head Records
10/19/2018 Gorod Aethra Overpowered Records
10/19/2018 Internal Bleeding Corrupting Influence Unique Leader Records
10/19/2018 Minus the Bear Fair Enough Suicide Squeeze Records
10/19/2018 Rise Of The Northstar The Legacy of Shi SharpTone Records
10/19/2018 Shook Ones Body Feel Revelation Records
10/19/2018 Soulfly Ritual Nuclear Blast Records
10/26/2018 Bloodbath The Arrow Of Satan Is Drawn Peaceville Records
10/26/2018 Cognitive Matricide Unique Leader Records
10/26/2018 Cryptopsy The Book of Suffering self-released
10/26/2018 Daughters You Won't Get What You Want Ipecac Recordings
10/26/2018 Devouring Star The Arteries of Heresy Dark Descent Records
10/26/2018 Glacial Tomb Glacial Tomb Gilead Media
10/26/2018 Haken Vector InsideOut Music
10/26/2018 Hate Eternal Upon Desolate Sands Season Of Mist
10/26/2018 Hissing Permanent Destitution Profound Lore Records
10/26/2018 Into Eternity The Sirens M-Theory Audio
10/26/2018 Languish Unworthy Prosthetic Records
10/26/2018 Nochnoy Dozor Nochnoy Dozor Prophecy Productions
10/26/2018 Pandiscordian Necrogenesis Outer Supernal Gilead Media
10/26/2018 Street Sects The Kicking Mule Flenser Records
10/26/2018 Super Unison Stella Deathwish Inc.
10/26/2018 The Browning Geist Spinefarm Records
10/26/2018 The Casualties Written In Blood Cleopatra Records
10/26/2018 The Order of Apollyon Moriah Agonia Records
10/26/2018 Unleashed The Hunt For White Christ Napalm Records
11/2/2018 Arsis Visitant Nuclear Blast Records
11/2/2018 Drug Church Cheer Pure Noise Records
11/2/2018 Envy Alnair in August Temporary Residence Ltd.
11/2/2018 Graven Heirs Of Discord self-released
11/2/2018 Sick Of It All Wake the Sleeping Dragon Century Media Records
11/2/2018 Silent Planet When the End Began Solid State Records
11/2/2018 The Ocean Phanerozoic Metal Blade Records
11/2/2018 Witherfall A Prelude to Sorrow Century Media Records
11/6/2018 Anal Trump The First 100 Songs self-released
11/9/2018 All That Remains Victim of the New Disease Razor & Tie
11/9/2018 Architects Holy Hell Epitaph Records
11/9/2018 Brand of Sacrifice The Interstice Unique Leader Records
11/9/2018 Cripple Bastards La Fine Cresce Da Dentro Relapse Records
11/9/2018 Cult Leader A Patient Man Deathwish Inc.
11/9/2018 Decembre Noir Autumn Kings Lifeforce Records
11/9/2018 Evoken Hypnagogia Profound Lore Records
11/9/2018 Four Stroke Baron Planet Silver Screen Prosthetic Records
11/9/2018 Lucifer's Child The Order Agonia Records
11/9/2018 Morning Again Survival Instinct Revelation Records
11/9/2018 Old Wounds Glow Good Fight Music
11/9/2018 Psycroptic As the Kingdom Drowns Prosthetic Records
11/9/2018 Thomas Giles Don't Touch The Outside Sumerian Records
11/9/2018 Ulthar Cosmovore 20 Buck Spin
11/16/2018 Azusa Heavy Yoke Solid State Records
11/16/2018 Baring Teeth Transitive Savagery Translation Loss Records
11/16/2018 Deceased Ghostly White Hells Headbangers
11/16/2018 Failure In The Future Your Body Will Be The Furthest Thing From Your Mind self-released
11/16/2018 Funeral Chic Superstition Prosthetic Records
11/16/2018 King Nine Death Rattle Closed Casket Activities
11/16/2018 Memphis May Fire Broken Rise Records
11/16/2018 Mindforce Excalibur Triple B Records
11/16/2018 Sigh Heir to Despair Candlelight Records
11/20/2018 Pyralis Everything Is Emptiness Good Fight Music
11/23/2018 Blade Killer High Risk M-Theory Audio
11/23/2018 Death Ray Vision Negative Mental Attitude Bullet Tooth
11/23/2018 Planet B Planet B Ipecac Recordings
11/23/2018 Sodom Partisan SPV/Steamhammer
11/23/2018 Unearth Extinction(s) Century Media Records
11/30/2018 BillyBio Feed The Fire AFM Records
11/30/2018 Nachtmystium Resilient Prophecy Productions
11/30/2018 Windrunner Mai Famined Records
12/7/2018 Carnifex Bury Me In Blasphemy Nuclear Blast Records
12/7/2018 Dematerialize Dematerialize Famined Records
12/7/2018 Goathammer Ceremony of Morbid Destruction Hells Headbangers
12/7/2018 Graf Orlock Examination of Violent Cinema, Volume 1 Vitriol Records
12/7/2018 Revenge Deceiver.Diseased.Miasmic Season Of Mist
12/14/2018 Currents I Let The Devil In SharpTone Records
12/14/2018 Venom Storm the Gates Spinefarm Records
12/21/2018 Great Falls A Sense Of Rest Corpse Flower Records
12/21/2018 Witching Hour ...And Silent Grief Shadows the Passing Moon Hells Headbangers
12/28/2018 Nekrofilth Worm Ritual Hells Headbangers
12/28/2018 Palisades Erase the Pain Rise Records
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