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Metal and Hardcore Albums Released in 2017

While we make no warranty as to the accuracy of our album releases information, we do strive to maintain a reliable database. If you are aware of any inaccurate information or glaring omissions, please let us know.
1/6/2017 Chasing Safety NOMAD Outerloop Records
1/6/2017 Gone Is Gone Echolocation Rise Records
1/13/2017 Black Anvil As Was Relapse Records
1/13/2017 Code Orange Forever Roadrunner Records
1/13/2017 Pain of Salvation In the Passing Light of Day InsideOut Music
1/13/2017 Reality Slap Limitless War Records
1/13/2017 Sepultura Machine Messiah Nuclear Blast Records
1/13/2017 The Drip The Haunting Fear of Inevitability Relapse Records
1/20/2017 Aversions Crown Xenocide Nuclear Blast Records
1/20/2017 Emptiness Not For Music Season Of Mist
1/20/2017 Palisades Palisades Rise Records
1/20/2017 Riviere Heal Basick Records
1/20/2017 Vesta Collide New Obsession Stay Sick Recordings
1/20/2017 Vipassi Sunyata Season Of Mist
1/25/2017 Aborym Shifting.negative Agonia Records
1/27/2017 Advent Pain & Suffering Bridge Nine Records
1/27/2017 Beheaded Beast Incarnate Unique Leader Records
1/27/2017 Betraying The Martyrs The Resilient Sumerian Records
1/27/2017 Boris The Blade Warpath Siege of Amida Records
1/27/2017 Code Lost Signal Agonia Records
1/27/2017 Deserted Fear Dead Shores Rising Century Media Records
1/27/2017 Fight The Fight Fight The Fight Indie Recordings
1/27/2017 Glare Of The Sun Soil Prosthetic Records
1/27/2017 Hour Of Penance Cast the First Stone Prosthetic Records
1/27/2017 Kreator Gods Of Violence Nuclear Blast Records
1/27/2017 The Great Old Ones EOD: A Tale of Dark Legacy Season Of Mist
1/27/2017 The Northern Solstice Tragic Hero Records
1/27/2017 The Ominous Circle Appalling Ascension 20 Buck Spin
1/27/2017 Wars We Are Islands, After All Spinefarm Records
2/1/2017 Rebel Wizard Triumph Of Gloom Prosthetic Records
2/3/2017 AfterLife Vicious Cycle Stay Sick Recordings
2/3/2017 Iron Reagan Crossover Ministry Relapse Records
2/3/2017 Soen Lykaia UDR Music
2/10/2017 First Blood Rules Pure Noise Records
2/10/2017 I AM Life Through Torment self-released
2/10/2017 Lecherous Gaze One Fifteen Tee Pee Records
2/10/2017 Mutiny Within Origins self-released
2/10/2017 Nidingr The High Heat Licks Against Heaven Season Of Mist
2/10/2017 Overkill The Grinding Wheel Nuclear Blast Records
2/10/2017 Trevor de Brauw Uptown Flenser Records
2/10/2017 Weltesser Crestfallen Prosthetic Records
2/17/2017 Ghost Key If I Don't Make It InVogue Records
2/17/2017 Horseneck Heavy Trip self-released
2/17/2017 Lorna Shore Flesh Coffin Outerloop Records
2/17/2017 Stinking Lizaveta Journey To The Underworld Translation Loss Records
2/17/2017 Strawberry Girls Italian Ghosts Tragic Hero Records
2/17/2017 Sunlight's Bane The Blackest Volume: Like All The Earth Was Buried Innerstrength Records
2/17/2017 Xibalba Diablo, Con Amor.. Adios. Closed Casket Activities
2/20/2017 Dreaming Dead Buried Hammerheart Records
2/20/2017 Midnight Shox of Violence Hells Headbangers
2/24/2017 AntropomorphiA Sermon ov Wrath Metal Blade Records
2/24/2017 Benighted Necrobreed Season Of Mist
2/24/2017 Born of Osiris The Eternal Reign Sumerian Records
2/24/2017 Crystal Fairy Crystal Fairy Ipecac Recordings
2/24/2017 Death Therapy The Storm Before The Calm Solid State Records
2/24/2017 Disperse Foreword Season Of Mist
2/24/2017 Ex Deo The Immortal Wars Napalm Records
2/24/2017 Felix Martin Mechanical Nations self-released
2/24/2017 Fjoergyn Lucifer Es Lifeforce Records
2/24/2017 Hark Machinations Season Of Mist
2/24/2017 Hetroertzen Uprising of the Fallen Listenable Records
2/24/2017 Immolation Atonement Nuclear Blast Records
2/24/2017 King Woman Created in the Image of Suffering Relapse Records
2/24/2017 Power Trip Nightmare Logic Southern Lord Records
2/24/2017 Reaping Asmodeia Impuritize Prosthetic Records
2/24/2017 Six Feet Under Torment Metal Blade Records
2/24/2017 So This Is Suffering Palace Of The Pessimist Unique Leader Records
2/24/2017 Suicide Silence Suicide Silence Nuclear Blast Records
2/24/2017 Unearthly Trance Stalking the Ghost Relapse Records
3/3/2017 Bungler The Nature of Being New Innerstrength Records
3/3/2017 Desecrate The Faith Unholy Infestation Comatose Music
3/3/2017 Emmure Look At Yourself SharpTone Records
3/3/2017 Junius Eternal Rituals for the Accretion of Light Prosthetic Records
3/3/2017 Minus The Bear Voids Suicide Squeeze Records
3/3/2017 Rozamov This Mortal Road Battleground Records
3/3/2017 She Must Burn Grimoire Artery Recordings
3/3/2017 Within The Ruins Halfway Human MNRK Music Group
3/3/2017 Wolfheart Tyhjyys Spinefarm Records
3/10/2017 Condemned His Divine Shadow Unique Leader Records
3/10/2017 Darkest Hour Godless Prophets & The Migrant Flora Southern Lord Records
3/10/2017 Deathwish Unleash Hell Beer City Records
3/10/2017 Earthists. Dreamscape Tragic Hero Records
3/10/2017 Evocation The Shadow Archetype Metal Blade Records
3/10/2017 Havok Conformicide Century Media Records
3/10/2017 Nova Collective The Further Side Metal Blade Records
3/10/2017 Planning For Burial Below the House Flenser Records
3/17/2017 Ascended Dead Abhorrent Manifestation Dark Descent Records
3/17/2017 Dodecahedron Kwintessens Season Of Mist
3/17/2017 Fit For An Autopsy The Great Collapse MNRK Music Group
3/17/2017 Lantern II: Morphosis Dark Descent Records
3/17/2017 Obituary Obituary Relapse Records
3/17/2017 Replacire Do Not Deviate Season Of Mist
3/17/2017 Righteous Vendetta Cursed Century Media Records
3/17/2017 Stolas Stolas Equal Vision Records
3/17/2017 Svart Crown Abreaction Century Media Records
3/17/2017 The Charm The Fury The Sick, Dumb & Happy Nuclear Blast Records
3/17/2017 Without Waves Lunar Prosthetic Records
3/23/2017 Northlane Mesmer Rise Records
3/24/2017 Cut Up Wherever They May Rot Metal Blade Records
3/24/2017 Damnations Day A World Awakens Sensory Records
3/24/2017 Fuck You Pay Me Dumbed Down Tankcrimes
3/24/2017 Fucked Up Year of the Snake Tankcrimes
3/24/2017 GridFailure Hostile Alchemy self-released
3/24/2017 Memoriam For The Fallen Nuclear Blast Records
3/24/2017 Pallbearer Heartless Profound Lore Records
3/31/2017 1476 Our Season Draws Near Prophecy Productions
3/31/2017 BackWordz Veracity Stay Sick Recordings
3/31/2017 Bereft Lands Prosthetic Records
3/31/2017 Body Count Bloodlust Century Media Records
3/31/2017 Demon Hunter Outlive Solid State Records
3/31/2017 Gruesome Fragments of Psyche Relapse Records
3/31/2017 Imminence This Is Goodbye SharpTone Records
3/31/2017 Isis Live VII Ipecac Recordings
3/31/2017 Jasta The Lost Chapters self-released
3/31/2017 Mastodon Emperor Of Sand Warner Bros. Records
3/31/2017 The Artificials Heart Tragic Hero Records
3/31/2017 The Moth Gatherer The Comfortable Low Agonia Records
3/31/2017 Warbringer Woe to the Vanquished Napalm Records
3/31/2017 Windswept The Great Cold Steppe Season Of Mist
4/7/2017 Azarath In Extremis Agonia Records
4/7/2017 Bear /// Basick Records
4/7/2017 Connoisseur Over The Edge Tankcrimes
4/7/2017 Deez Nuts Binge & Purgatory Century Media Records
4/7/2017 Ecstatic Vision Raw Rock Fury Relapse Records
4/7/2017 Extremity Extremely Fucking Dead 20 Buck Spin
4/7/2017 Harlott Extinction Metal Blade Records
4/7/2017 No Zodiac Altars Of Impurity Siege of Amida Records
4/7/2017 Prisoner Beyond The Infinite Forcefield Records
4/7/2017 Silence Equals Death End Times Eulogy Recordings
4/7/2017 The Obsessed Sacred Relapse Records
4/7/2017 Trial (swe) Motherless Metal Blade Records
4/7/2017 Valborg Endstrand Prophecy Productions
4/7/2017 Wear Your Wounds WYW Deathwish Inc.
4/14/2017 All Hell The Grave Alchemist Prosthetic Records
4/14/2017 Blood Feast The Future State Of Wicked Hells Headbangers
4/14/2017 Blood Feast The Future State Of Wicked Hells Headbangers
4/14/2017 Buckshot Facelift Ulcer Island Paragon Records
4/14/2017 Cravel Idol The Shackles Of Mammon Dark Descent Records
4/14/2017 Enterprise Earth Embodiment Stay Sick Recordings
4/14/2017 Loathe The Cold Sun SharpTone Records
4/14/2017 Necrowretch Satanic Slavery Season Of Mist
4/14/2017 Nightbringer Terra Damnata Season Of Mist
4/14/2017 Novembers Doom Hamartia The End Records
4/14/2017 Shores Of Null Black Drapes For Tomorrow Candlelight Records
4/14/2017 We Ride Empowering Life Victory Records
4/21/2017 Artificial Brain Infrared Horizon Profound Lore Records
4/21/2017 Disbelief The Symbol of Death Listenable Records
4/21/2017 Farsot Fail-lure Prophecy Productions
4/21/2017 Ghost Bath Starmourner Nuclear Blast Records
4/21/2017 Ingurgitating Oblivion Vision Wallows In Symphonies Of Light Willowtip Records
4/21/2017 Night Demon Darkness Remains Century Media Records
4/21/2017 Nine Shrines Misery Mascot Records
4/21/2017 Nothing Left Destroy and Rebuild Facedown Records
4/21/2017 Vampire With Primeval Force Century Media Records
4/21/2017 Vomit Remnants Hyper Groove Brutality Unique Leader Records
4/21/2017 While She Sleeps You Are We SharpTone Records
4/24/2017 Foreseen Grave Danger 20 Buck Spin
4/28/2017 Aborted Fetus The Art of Violent Torture Comatose Music
4/28/2017 All That Remains Madness self-released
4/28/2017 Between The Buried And Me Coma Ecliptic Live Metal Blade Records
4/28/2017 Crypt Rot Embryonic Devils Southern Lord Records
4/28/2017 Firespawn The Reprobate Century Media Records
4/28/2017 He Is Legend few Spinefarm Records
4/28/2017 Hideous Divinity Advenien Unique Leader Records
4/28/2017 Ides of Gemini Women Rise Above Records
4/28/2017 Kenoma The Tides Will Prevail Translation Loss Records
4/28/2017 Life Of Agony A Place Where There's No More Pain Napalm Records
4/28/2017 Terror The Walls Will Fall Pure Noise Records
4/28/2017 Wolfbrigade Run With The Hunted Southern Lord Records
5/5/2017 At The Drive-In in·ter a·li·a Rise Records
5/5/2017 Full Of Hell Trumpeting Ecstasy Profound Lore Records
5/5/2017 God Dethroned The World Ablaze Metal Blade Records
5/5/2017 Hate Tremendum Napalm Records
5/5/2017 Household / Infinite Me split Blood & Ink Records
5/5/2017 Incendiary Thousand Mile Stare Closed Casket Activities
5/5/2017 Kingdom of Giants All The Hell You've Got To Spare InVogue Records
5/5/2017 Motionless In White Graveyard Shift Roadrunner Records
5/5/2017 Oxbow Thin Black Duke Hydra Head Records
5/5/2017 Slaughter To Prevail Misery Sermon Sumerian Records
5/5/2017 Succumb Succumb Flenser Records
5/12/2017 Deathbreaker Disconnect Facedown Records
5/12/2017 Earth Electric Vol. 1: Solar Season Of Mist
5/12/2017 Free Ex Tenebris self-released
5/12/2017 Gideon Cold Equal Vision Records
5/12/2017 John Frum A Stirring In The Noos Relapse Records
5/12/2017 Meatwound Largo Magic Bullet Records
5/12/2017 Mind Power Depopulation self-released
5/12/2017 The Ditch And The Delta Hives In Decline Battleground Records
5/12/2017 Ulsect Ulsect Season Of Mist
5/12/2017 Wormwitch Strike Mortal Soil Prosthetic Records
5/19/2017 Beastmaker Inside The Skull Rise Above Records
5/19/2017 Below Upon A Pale Horse Metal Blade Records
5/19/2017 DragonForce Reaching Into Infinity Metal Blade Records
5/19/2017 Fire From The Gods Narrative Retold Rise Records
5/19/2017 Godhunter Codex Narco Battleground Records
5/19/2017 Higher Power Soul Structure Flatspot Records
5/19/2017 Jesus Piece / Malice At The Palace split EP Bridge Nine Records
5/19/2017 Oceano Revelation Sumerian Records
5/19/2017 Scale The Summit In A World Of Fear self-released
5/26/2017 Alestorm No Grave But The Sea Napalm Records
5/26/2017 Comity A Long, Eternal Fall Translation Loss Records
5/26/2017 Danzig Black Laden Crown Nuclear Blast Records
5/26/2017 In Hearts Wake Ark Rise Records
5/26/2017 NY IN 64 The Gentle Indifference Of The Night Magic Bullet Records
5/26/2017 Orthodox Sounds Of Loss Unbeaten Records
6/2/2017 '68 Two Parts Viper self-released
6/2/2017 A Trust Unclean Parturition Basick Records
6/2/2017 Eighteen Visions XVIII Rise Records
6/2/2017 Endon Through The Mirror Hydra Head Records
6/2/2017 Gloom Solaris MNRK Music Group
6/2/2017 Mutoid Man War Moans Sargent House
6/2/2017 Obey The Brave Mad Season Epitaph Records
6/2/2017 Phobia Lifeless God Willowtip Records
6/2/2017 SikTh The Future In Whose Eyes? Peaceville Records
6/2/2017 Tengger Cavalry Die On My Ride M-Theory Audio
6/2/2017 Vallenfyre Fear Those Who Fear Him Century Media Records
6/8/2017 The Konsortium Rogaland Agonia Records
6/9/2017 Cemetery Urn Cemetery Urn Hells Headbangers
6/9/2017 Cemetery Urn Cemetery Urn Hells Headbangers
6/9/2017 Exist So True, So Bound Prosthetic Records
6/9/2017 Foscor Les Irreals Visions Season Of Mist
6/9/2017 Logic of Denial Aftermath Comatose Music
6/9/2017 Merrimack Omegaphilia Season Of Mist
6/9/2017 Necrot Blood Offerings Tankcrimes
6/9/2017 Pine Pillow Talk No Sleep Records
6/9/2017 Schammasch The Maldoror Chants: Hermaphrodite Prosthetic Records
6/9/2017 Suffocation ...Of the Dark Light Nuclear Blast Records
6/9/2017 Svartsyn In Death Agonia Records
6/9/2017 Volumes Different Animals Fearless Records
6/16/2017 Arcadea Arcadea Relapse Records
6/16/2017 Carach Angren Dance and Laugh Amongst the Rotten Season Of Mist
6/16/2017 CHON Homey Sumerian Records
6/16/2017 Currents The Place I Feel Safest SharpTone Records
6/16/2017 Entrails World Inferno Metal Blade Records
6/16/2017 Hundredth Rare Hopeless Records
6/16/2017 Iced Earth Incorruptible Century Media Records
6/16/2017 Igorrr Savage Sinusoid Metal Blade Records
6/16/2017 LNN / WOVOKA split Pelagic Records
6/16/2017 Tombs The Grand Annihilation Metal Blade Records
6/23/2017 Broken Hope Mutilated And Assimilated Century Media Records
6/23/2017 Circle Terminal Southern Lord Records
6/23/2017 Conveyer No Future Victory Records
6/23/2017 Dying Fetus Wrong One To Fuck With Relapse Records
6/23/2017 Ex Eye Ex Eye Relapse Records
6/23/2017 Father Befouled Desolate Gods Dark Descent Records
6/23/2017 Goatwhore Vengeful Ascension Metal Blade Records
6/23/2017 Skelethal Of the Depths... Hells Headbangers
6/23/2017 Wildspeaker Spreading Adder Prosthetic Records
6/30/2017 Origin Unparalleled Universe Nuclear Blast Records
6/30/2017 Sworn In All Smiles Fearless Records
6/30/2017 The Acacia Strain Gravebloom Rise Records
6/30/2017 Vintersorg Till Fjalls del II Napalm Records
6/30/2017 Weaponizer Lawless Age 20 Buck Spin
6/30/2017 Witch Vomit Poisoned Blood 20 Buck Spin
7/7/2017 Aborted Bathos Century Media Records
7/7/2017 Apothesary Accept Loss Forever M-Theory Audio
7/7/2017 Bison You Are Not The Ocean You Are The Patient Pelagic Records
7/7/2017 Decapitated Anticult Nuclear Blast Records
7/7/2017 Earthling Spinning In The Void Forcefield Records
7/7/2017 Ether There Is Nothing Left for Me Here Dead Truth Recordings
7/7/2017 Heaven In Her Arms White Halo Translation Loss Records
7/7/2017 Heresiarch Death Ordinance Dark Descent Records
7/7/2017 Impure Wilhelmina Radiation Season Of Mist
7/7/2017 Invocation Spells The Flame of Hate Hells Headbangers
7/7/2017 Limbonic Art Spectre Abysm Candlelight Records
7/7/2017 Melvins A Walk With Love and Death Ipecac Recordings
7/7/2017 Northern Ghost Happy : Sad : Depressed : Suicidal Tragic Hero Records
7/7/2017 River Black River Black Season Of Mist
7/7/2017 Widowmaker Widowmaker SharpTone Records
7/14/2017 Bloodclot Up In Arms Metal Blade Records
7/14/2017 Boris Dear Sargent House
7/14/2017 Dayseeker Dreaming Is Sinking /// Waking Is Rising Spinefarm Records
7/14/2017 Enfold Darkness Adversary Omnipotent The Artisan Era
7/14/2017 Expulsion Nightmare Future Relapse Records
7/14/2017 Icaria Transcendent Cardigan Records
7/14/2017 Integrity Howling, For The Nightmare Shall Consume Relapse Records
7/14/2017 Livid Beneath This Shroud, The Earth Erodes Prosthetic Records
7/14/2017 Silverstein Dead Reflection Rise Records
7/14/2017 Wilderness Dream Paralysis Rise Creator Destructor Records
7/21/2017 Death Card Damage Swing Innerstrength Records
7/21/2017 Decrepit Birth Axis Mundi Nuclear Blast Records
7/21/2017 GlerAkur The Mountains Are Beautiful Now Prophecy Productions
7/21/2017 In This Moment Ritual Atlantic Recordings
7/21/2017 INTRCPTR I Magic Bullet Records
7/21/2017 Miracle Drug How Much Is Enough War Records
7/21/2017 Pathology Pathology Comatose Music
7/21/2017 Shattered Sun The Evolution Of Anger Victory Records
7/21/2017 Sleep Token Two Basick Records
7/21/2017 Soul Remnants Ouroboros MNRK Music Group
7/21/2017 Tau Cross Pillar Of Fire Relapse Records
7/21/2017 Trapped Under Ice Heatwave Pop Wig Records
7/21/2017 Vanish From Sheep to Wolves Outerloop Records
7/21/2017 Wintersun The Forest Seasons Nuclear Blast Records
7/28/2017 Abhorrent Decimation The Pardoner Prosthetic Records
7/28/2017 Afterbirth The Time Traveler's Dilemma Unique Leader Records
7/28/2017 Couch Slut Contempt Gilead Media
7/28/2017 Dethrone The Sovereign Harbingers of Pestilence Famined Records
7/28/2017 Less Art Strangled Light Gilead Media
7/28/2017 Make Them Suffer Worlds Apart Rise Records
7/28/2017 Nexul Paradigm of Chaos Hells Headbangers
7/28/2017 Oceans Ate Alaska Hikari Fearless Records
7/28/2017 Prong Zero Days SPV/Steamhammer
7/28/2017 Rex Brown Smoke On This... MNRK Music Group
7/28/2017 Rings Of Saturn Ultu Ulla Nuclear Blast Records
7/28/2017 Spite Nothing Is Beautiful Stay Sick Recordings
7/29/2017 Arkaik Nemethia Unique Leader Records
8/4/2017 Bonehunter Sexual Panic Human Machine Hells Headbangers
8/4/2017 Dead Cross Dead Cross Ipecac Recordings
8/4/2017 Lakeshore 41 Outerloop Records
8/4/2017 Marty Friedman Wall Of Sound Prosthetic Records
8/4/2017 Wage War Deadweight Fearless Records
8/4/2017 Warbeast Enter The Arena Housecore Records
8/11/2017 All Out War Give Us Extinction Organized Crime Records
8/11/2017 Atriarch Dead As Truth Relapse Records
8/11/2017 CONS Slowhealer Revival Recordings
8/11/2017 Cormorant Diaspora War Crime Recordings
8/11/2017 Dawn Of Disease Ascension Gate Napalm Records
8/11/2017 Empyrean Throne Chaosborne M-Theory Audio
8/11/2017 First Signs Of Frost The Shape Of Things To Come Basick Records
8/11/2017 Hundred Suns The Prestaliis New Damage Records
8/11/2017 Incantation Profane Nexus Relapse Records
8/11/2017 Phantoms Screaming on the Inside Outerloop Records
8/11/2017 Poison Blood Poison Blood Relapse Records
8/11/2017 Pyrrhon What Passes For Survival Willowtip Records
8/11/2017 The Lurking Fear Out Of The Voiceless Grave Century Media Records
8/11/2017 Varials Pain Again Fearless Records
8/11/2017 Venom Inc Avé Nuclear Blast Records
8/14/2017 Converge I Can Tell You About Pain (single) Epitaph Records
8/15/2017 Death Yell Descent Into Hell Hells Headbangers
8/18/2017 Beneath Ephemeris Unique Leader Records
8/18/2017 Cloakroom Time Well Relapse Records
8/18/2017 Cold Black Circles Artery Recordings
8/18/2017 Coldblack Circles Artery Recordings
8/18/2017 Rebel Wizard The Warning Of One self-released
8/18/2017 Save Us From The Archon Melancholia Tragic Hero Records
8/18/2017 Stargazer Tui La Famined Records
8/18/2017 Thy Art Is Murder Dear Desolation Nuclear Blast Records
8/25/2017 Crimfall Amain Metal Blade Records
8/25/2017 Dagoba Black Nova Century Media Records
8/25/2017 Der Weg Einer Freiheit Finisterre Season Of Mist
8/25/2017 Inanimate Existence Underneath a Melting Sky The Artisan Era
8/25/2017 Leng Tch'e Razorgrind Season Of Mist
8/25/2017 Leprous Malina InsideOut Music
8/25/2017 Loaded Guns Unstoppable Century Media Records
8/25/2017 Nervecell Past, Present...Torture Lifeforce Records
8/25/2017 Ruby the Hatchet Planetary Space Child Tee Pee Records
8/25/2017 Sannhet So Numb Profound Lore Records
8/25/2017 The Haunted Strength In Numbers Century Media Records
9/1/2017 Blindwish Good Excuses Rise Records
9/1/2017 Lifelink Love Lost Innerstrength Records
9/1/2017 Paradise Lost Medusa Nuclear Blast Records
9/1/2017 Rosetta Utopioid self-released
9/1/2017 Septicflesh Codex Omega Prosthetic Records
9/1/2017 The Convalescence This Is Hell Unique Leader Records
9/8/2017 Arch Enemy Will To Power Century Media Records
9/8/2017 Burn Do Or Die Deathwish Inc.
9/8/2017 Cannabis Corpse Left Hand Pass Season Of Mist
9/8/2017 Comeback Kid Outsider Nuclear Blast Records
9/8/2017 END From The Unforgiving Arms Of God Good Fight Music
9/8/2017 Forced Order One Last Prayer Triple B Records
9/8/2017 Grizzlor Destructoid Hex Records
9/8/2017 Novelists Noir SharpTone Records
9/8/2017 Stray From The Path Only Death Is Real Sumerian Records
9/8/2017 Usnea Portals Into Futility Relapse Records
9/15/2017 Belphegor Totenritual Nuclear Blast Records
9/15/2017 BIG|BRAVE Ardor Southern Lord Records
9/15/2017 Cripper Follow Me: Kill! Metal Blade Records
9/15/2017 Dyscarnate With All Their Might Unique Leader Records
9/15/2017 Ensiferum Two Paths Metal Blade Records
9/15/2017 Fleshkiller Awaken Facedown Records
9/15/2017 Gigan Undulating Waves Of Rainbiotic Iridescense Willowtip Records
9/15/2017 Hot Water Music Light It Up Rise Records
9/15/2017 I, The Dreamer Shadow Hearts Standby Records
9/15/2017 Krossfyre Burning Torches Hells Headbangers
9/15/2017 Myrkur Mareridt Relapse Records
9/15/2017 Neck Of The Woods Passenger Basick Records
9/15/2017 Prophets Of Rage Prophets Of Rage self-released
9/15/2017 Squalus The Great Fish Translation Loss Records
9/15/2017 The Contortionist Clairvoyant MNRK Music Group
9/15/2017 Vattnet Vattnet New Damage Records
9/22/2017 Acephalix Decreation 20 Buck Spin
9/22/2017 Archspire Relentless Mutation Season Of Mist
9/22/2017 Circa Survive The Amulet Hopeless Records
9/22/2017 Counterparts You're Not You Anymore Pure Noise Records
9/22/2017 Cradle of Filth Cryptoriana - The Seductiveness Of Decay Nuclear Blast Records
9/22/2017 Devilish Impressions The I Lifeforce Records
9/22/2017 Falsifier World Demise Artery Recordings
9/22/2017 Implore Subjugate Century Media Records
9/22/2017 King Parrot Ugly Produce Housecore Records
9/22/2017 Mastodon Cold Dark Place EP Warner Bros. Records
9/22/2017 Monarch Never Forever Profound Lore Records
9/22/2017 Satyricon Deep Calleth Upon Deep Napalm Records
9/22/2017 The Bronx V ATO Records
9/22/2017 The Eulogy Last Days Bridge Nine Records
9/22/2017 The Movielife Cities In Search Of A Heart Rise Records
9/22/2017 Ufomammut 8 Neurot Recordings
9/22/2017 Vulture Industries Stranger Times Season Of Mist
9/22/2017 With The Dead Love From With The Dead Rise Above Records
9/22/2017 Wolves in the Throne Room Thrice Woven self-released
9/25/2017 Madball / Wisdom In Chains Family Biz Fast Break! Entertainment
9/29/2017 36 Crazyfists Lanterns Spinefarm Records
9/29/2017 Act Of Defiance Old Scars, New Wounds Metal Blade Records
9/29/2017 Briqueville II Pelagic Records
9/29/2017 Grave Pleasures Motherblood Century Media Records
9/29/2017 Great American Ghost Hatred Stems From The Seed Good Fight Music
9/29/2017 Kublai Khan Nomad Rise Records
9/29/2017 Loincloth Psalm Of The Morbid Whore Southern Lord Records
9/29/2017 Necrovorous Plains of Decay Dark Descent Records
9/29/2017 Propagandhi Victory Lap Epitaph Records
9/29/2017 Shrapnel Raised On Decay Spinefarm Records
9/29/2017 Unsane Sterilize Southern Lord Records
10/5/2017 Lo! Vestigial Pelagic Records
10/6/2017 Antarktis Ildlaante Agonia Records
10/6/2017 August Burns Red Phantom Anthem Fearless Records
10/6/2017 Haemorrhage We Are The Gore Relapse Records
10/6/2017 My Ticket Home unReal Spinefarm Records
10/6/2017 Nesseria Cette érosion de nous mêmes Deadlight Entertainment
10/6/2017 Primitive Man Caustic Relapse Records
10/6/2017 Shine Bright More Wild Than The Wind Standby Records
10/6/2017 Spirit Adrift Curse Of Conception 20 Buck Spin
10/6/2017 The Black Dahlia Murder Nightbringers Metal Blade Records
10/6/2017 The Ongoing Concept Places Solid State Records
10/6/2017 Thousand Below The Love You Let Too Close Rise Records
10/6/2017 Zaius Of Adoration Prosthetic Records
10/12/2017 Basement Beside Myself Fueled By Ramen
10/13/2017 Altarage Endinghent Season Of Mist
10/13/2017 Ancient VVisdom 33 Magic Bullet Records
10/13/2017 Antisect The Rising Of The Lights Rise Above Records
10/13/2017 Cadaveric Incubator Sermons of the Devouring Dead Hells Headbangers
10/13/2017 Enslaved E Nuclear Blast Records
10/13/2017 Exhumed Death Revenge Relapse Records
10/13/2017 Hades Archer Temple of the Impure Hells Headbangers
10/13/2017 MyChildren MyBride Vicious World MNRK Music Group
10/13/2017 Narcotic Wasteland Delirium Tremens Megaforce Records
10/13/2017 No Warning Torture Culture Bad Actors Inc.
10/13/2017 Spectral Voice Eroded Corridors of Being Dark Descent Records
10/13/2017 Stick To Your Guns True View Pure Noise Records
10/13/2017 The Walking Dead Orchestra Resurrect Unique Leader Records
10/13/2017 Through The Eyes Of The Dead Disomus MNRK Music Group
10/20/2017 Amenra Mass VI Neurot Recordings
10/20/2017 American War Machine Prey Drive Bridge Nine Records
10/20/2017 Bell Witch Mirror Reaper Profound Lore Records
10/20/2017 Cyhra Letters To Myself Spinefarm Records
10/20/2017 Daemusinem Thy Ungodly Defiance Willowtip Records
10/20/2017 Death Rattle Volition self-released
10/20/2017 God Mother Vilseledd Party Smasher Inc.
10/20/2017 Gwar The Blood of Gods Metal Blade Records
10/20/2017 Iron Monkey 9-13 Relapse Records
10/20/2017 Low Estate The Covert Cult of Death Flenser Records
10/20/2017 Movements Feel Something Fearless Records
10/20/2017 Rig Time! War Innerstrength Records
10/20/2017 Sorcerer The Crowning Of The Fire King Metal Blade Records
10/20/2017 The Kennedy Veil Imperium Unique Leader Records
10/20/2017 Trivium The Sin And The Sentence Roadrunner Records
10/20/2017 Veil of Maya False Idol Sumerian Records
10/20/2017 We Came As Romans Cold Like War SharpTone Records
10/20/2017 Wormwood Mooncurse Translation Loss Records
10/27/2017 All Pigs Must Die Hostage Animal Southern Lord Records
10/27/2017 Complete Failure Crossburner Season Of Mist
10/27/2017 Cursed Moon Rite of Darkness Hells Headbangers
10/27/2017 Dawn Ray'd The Unlawful Assembly Prosthetic Records
10/27/2017 Dr. Living Dead! Cosmic Conqueror Century Media Records
10/27/2017 Gnaw Cutting Pieces Translation Loss Records
10/27/2017 Left Behind Blessed by the Burn Unbeaten Records
10/27/2017 Limbs Sleep Equal Vision Records
10/27/2017 Ne Obliviscaris Urn Season Of Mist
10/27/2017 Savage Messiah Hands Of Fate Century Media Records
10/27/2017 Sharptooth Clever Girl Pure Noise Records
10/27/2017 Spiritbox Spiritbox self-released
10/27/2017 Winds Of Plague Blood Of My Enemy MNRK Music Group
10/31/2017 Acid Witch Evil Sound Screamers Hells Headbangers
10/31/2017 Vaultwraith Death Is Proof of Satan's Power Hells Headbangers
11/3/2017 Annihilator For The Demented Silver Lining Music
11/3/2017 Converge The Dusk In Us Epitaph Records
11/3/2017 Hangman A Vile Decree Flatspot Records
11/3/2017 Moonspell 1755 Napalm Records
11/3/2017 My Enemies & I The Beast Inside Fearless Records
11/3/2017 Signs Of The Swarm The Disfigurement Of Existence Unique Leader Records
11/3/2017 Zao Pyrrhic Victory self-released
11/10/2017 Audn Farvegir Fyrndar Season Of Mist
11/10/2017 Axis Shift Good Fight Music
11/10/2017 Bodysnatcher Death of Me Stay Sick Recordings
11/10/2017 Cardinals Pride The Quiet Erosion New Damage Records
11/10/2017 Cloak To Venomous Depths Season Of Mist
11/10/2017 Desolate Shrine Deliverance from the Godless Void Dark Descent Records
11/10/2017 Destruction Thrash Anthems II Nuclear Blast Records
11/10/2017 Downswing Dark Side of the Mind Rise Records
11/10/2017 Entheos Dark Future Spinefarm Records
11/10/2017 Forgotten Tomb We Owe You Nothing Agonia Records
11/10/2017 Impureza La Caída de Tonatiuh Season Of Mist
11/10/2017 Nekrasov The Mirror Void Prosthetic Records
11/10/2017 Quicksand Interiors Epitaph Records
11/10/2017 Spook The Horses People Used To Live Here Pelagic Records
11/10/2017 The Offering The Offering Century Media Records
11/10/2017 Threat Signal Disconnect Agonia Records
11/10/2017 Toothgrinder Phantom Amour Spinefarm Records
11/10/2017 Witchery I Am Legion Century Media Records
11/10/2017 Your Memorial Your Memorial Facedown Records
11/11/2017 Like Moths To Flames Dark Divine Rise Records
11/17/2017 American Me Still Firing Rise Records
11/17/2017 Aosoth V: The Inside Scriptures Agonia Records
11/17/2017 Cavalera Conspiracy Psychosis Napalm Records
11/17/2017 Cryptodira The Devil's Despair Good Fight Music
11/17/2017 Daeva Pulsing Dark Absorptions 20 Buck Spin
11/17/2017 Despite Exile Relics Lifeforce Records
11/17/2017 Godflesh Post Self self-released
11/17/2017 Kissing Candice Safe Word Stay Sick Recordings
11/17/2017 Nullingroots Into The Grey Prosthetic Records
11/17/2017 Oblivion The Path Towards... Unique Leader Records
11/17/2017 Phinehas Dark Flag Solid State Records
11/17/2017 Speaking With Ghosts Illuminated Famined Records
11/17/2017 Virvum Illuminance Season Of Mist
11/24/2017 Aetherian The Untamed Wilderness Lifeforce Records
11/24/2017 At The Drive In Diamante Rise Records
11/24/2017 Calligram Askesis Basick Records
11/24/2017 SECT No Cure For Death Southern Lord Records
11/24/2017 Sorxe Matter & Void Prosthetic Records
11/24/2017 The Modern Age Slavery Stygian Innerstrength Records
11/24/2017 Ubergang Zeichen Der Zeit Demons Run Amok Entertainment
12/1/2017 Demons Embrace Wolf Spartan Records
12/1/2017 Glassjaw Material Control Century Media Records
12/1/2017 Intervals The Way Forward self-released
12/1/2017 Morbid Angel Kingdoms Disdained Silver Lining Music
12/1/2017 The Faceless In Becoming A Ghost Sumerian Records
12/8/2017 Thaw Grains Agonia Records
12/8/2017 War Of Ages Alpha Facedown Records
12/8/2017 Withered Bones In Search Of Self-Evidence Blood & Ink Records
12/15/2017 Asking Alexandria Asking Alexandria Sumerian Records
12/15/2017 For All Eternity The Will To Rebuild Facedown Records
12/15/2017 King 810 Queen self-released
12/15/2017 Midnight Sweet Death and Ecstasy Hells Headbangers
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