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The Wage Of Sin A Mistaken Belief in Forever

A Mistaken Belief in Forever
1. Severed 2. A World of Difference In Opinion 3. Forgetting Forever 4. Empty Heart Syndrome 5. Defeating The Purpose 6. Separate Ways 7. Obsessive Impulsive
2003 Immigrant Sun Records
Our score 4


Honestly, if you told me what I just listened to (The Wage of Sin's “A Mistaken Belief in Forever”) was the new Walls of Jericho, I wouldn’t doubt you a bit. In fact, The Wage of Sin sounds almost like demo material from Walls of Jericho crossed with “My statement of life in a dying war” era Morning Again. It’s not as strong or powerful as either, but will excite those eager to hear another girl shriek her lungs out and make your ears bleed. I've not heard the group's debut effort, which came out last year, so I can't compare the two records. But in case you didn't know, The Wage of Sin consists entirely of females, which makes them an obvious rarity in the hardcore/metal scene. Within its ranks, Rachel (also of Most Precious Blood), is the lead axe slinger, but bears little resemblance to the like.. Even though the backup vocals, contributed by a few members of MPB in addition to friends of the band, are the only trace of the male sex on this record that I noticed, TWOS' music bears more testosterone then the vast majority of all-male metal/hardcore bands these days. In a genre overwhelmed with the male species, it takes a lot of guts to do an ample job at turning heads. So, we have seven new tracks of anger-filled metalcore. The lyrics throughout "A Mistaken Belief in Forever," tackle everything from relationships to religion, so there’s plenty here to whet anyone’s appetite. As far as music is concerned, there’s not much variance between each song. Thankfully, this is merely an EP, otherwise, it would be whole different ballgame. What really kind of ruins the album for me is the awful rendition of Journey’s “Separate Ways.” Enough already - give up the Journey covers. It seems now that Rise Against have pulled off a solid cover, everyone thinks they have it in them. Most of the record is typical up-tempo hardcore laced with occasional metal antics (the double bass during the album’s final cut “Obsessive Compulsive,” is about as good as it gets). However, this NJ band has no trace of the off-timing typically utilized by the heavyweights of the area - Burnt By The Sun, Dillinger Escape Plan, etc. Bottom Line: "A Mistaken Belief in Forever" is a 50/50 record. It’s neither shitty nor good. It lingers somewhere in the scope of mediocrity, and judging by all the winners who have claimed On Broken Wings is the best thing since sliced bread, I see we all need a lesson on what is “good” and what should be considered “bad.” Maybe it’s just that I’ve gotten older and thus grown out of metalcore, but I would strongly suggest leaving it to the genre's purveyors, such as Blood Has Been Shed. The Wage of Sin want so much to be loved, yet I feel as a band they struggle to bring anything new to the table here. I want to like this band in the worst way, don’t get me wrong. They just do nothing for me, aside from the headache I get pondering what could’ve been. Try, fail, try again. Better luck next time gals.


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