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Across Five Aprils A Tragedy In Progress

01. The Helpless Dreams of an Assassin 02. Pawn Shop Promises 03. Around the World in a Radio Flyer 04. Car Wrecks and Plane Crashes 05. Blue-Eyed Suicide 06. My Eyes Murdered Charles Townsend 07. A Million Miles to Montreal 08. The Sweet and Sour Speech 09. Je Mennuie De Vous 10. Bite the Bullet 11. A Year From Now 12. Hearts, Necks, and Other Things that Break
2003 Indianola Records
Our score 4

by Rob McFeters

A band name like Across Five Aprils seems to wave a big flag. When I picked up this album and saw the band name and song titles, I knew immediately what this band was going to sound like. For once, I was completely right. Across Five Aprils has a serious case of the From Autumn To Ashes disease. There are just way too many elements here, and none of them mesh that well together. There are melodic emo parts, pop-punk parts (with melodic singing), gigantic breakdowns (with throaty, screamed vocals), old-school gang vocals, and metal parts. At first maybe it would seem like there is something for everyone, but it doesn’t work that way. For example, AFA push a big breakdown right in the middle of one of their pop-punk parts and it is one of the most irritating listening experiences I have ever had. The most notable similarity Across Five Aprils have is to older Hopesfall. The mellow and melodic parts, with layered singing, are done very well, and every so often they will have a few screams in the background, which is a nice touch. However, this is the only time I can appreciate the “hardcore” screams. On this record, I would be fine with almost no screaming at all, because the melodic singing is done well, and I find it to be quite catchy. But the screaming is really weak and sounds like it is very unnatural for this guy to be using his voice this way. When these guys inject a breakdown into a song, it happens at such an awkward time that it makes me cringe. Across Five Aprils has carbon copied older Hopesfall breakdowns about fifty percent of the time. The other fifty percent of the time, they must have been listening to Bleeding Through. I can do with a few breakdowns here and there, but it is so overdone on this record, that it almost makes me mad. The metal (and I’m using the term this loosely) parts are sloppy and weak, which is another similarity to From Autumn To Ashes. I personally like the upbeat, pop-punk parts of this record. It’s not pop-punk like New Found Glory, but like a much more mature-sounding Ataris. It’s quite catchy, and, when mixed with the mellow interludes, it comes across as a great combo. The production of “A Tragedy in Progress” is quite good. Everything is represented well. At points, however, it seems that one of the guitars is buried, and weakens the heavier parts. I really like the guitar tones on the clean, mellow instrumentation. Bottom Line: I suppose this isn’t a terrible album, but I sure can’t handle it. Maybe fans of From Autumn To Ashes, Hopesfall, or even Atreyu would really get into “A Tragedy in Progress.” It sounds like everyone in Across Five Aprils is talented at their respective instruments, so I hope they can come into more of their own sound, for the next album.


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azhardcorekid_ 8/28/2004 1:03:29 AM

GIve me a break, They are the perfect balance of melody and breakdown produced at the correct times. I would rant forever like you did but I say this is one of the best albums out there. Thanks. Its not to pop punk either. Maybe you should give it another shot.

willxcore_ 10/9/2004 4:20:32 PM

just had to come back and say that even tho this isn't the greatest cd, it's better than a lot of other emotional garbage out there and i actually enjoy this better than the other crap out there.. i'd give it a 6

justin_ 12/7/2004 5:11:48 PM

i love this cd.... so suck it

riseofthetriad_ 12/6/2005 4:14:19 PM

dead on review. i left my car window open a crack at the parking lot to show. when i returned this piece of shit was on the floor. i guess that person hated it so much they wanted to share it with others. i, in return, tossed it out my window and onto the freeway. im not some closed minded metal head either... i love older hopesfall but this is crap.

eric_ 7/26/2009 3:50:12 AM

f*ck you. This cd was pretty f*cking decent.