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Discordance Axis Pikadourei (DVD)

01. the end of rebirth 02. pattern blue 03. empire 04. use of weapons 05. typeface 06. castration rite 07. the inalienable dreamless 08. carcass lottery 09. compiling autumn 10. leaden stride to nowhere 11. drowned 12. angel present 13. the necropolitician 14. ikaruga 15. one last final dystopia + -promo clip of Ikaruga -guitar tablatures -collection of images -mp3’s of hard to find material
2003 Hydra Head Records
Our score 7


Hydra Head has always been a label that just plain doesn’t give a fuck about what people think with their “don’t like it… don’t buy it” slogan. If you could only read the press sheets they send out with each release, you would know exactly what I am saying here. With lines like “did we mention that Discordance Axis is the best grindcore band ever” you know that not only don’t they give a fuck what you think, but they are also very much comedic about it. Discordance Axis is the best grindcore band of all time. No, Hydra Head wasn’t lying when they made that bold statement in said press sheet. The only band that even comes close is Nasum, with their latest effort "Helvette" on Relapse. I don’t even think Pig Destroyer possess the absolute destruction that DA exerted with every blast beat and piercing scream. Simply put, DA just cannot be explained with words. Few will actually be able to get my point. If I hadn’t witnessed them live myself, I wouldn’t be able to make the point either. They destroyed everything and everyone live with their “cryptic yet intellectual lyrics, frenetic and lacerating guitar lines, and inhumanly fast and accurate drumming.” Oh, did I mention that Discordance Axis was and always were a trio Oh yeah, and they never had a bassist either, yet they always seemed to have a better live sound than every other grind band since, with a bassist. After viewing this DVD, I have one thing to say; nuts. As well as this was done, it is hard as hell to watch. I’m not a video nerd, so I’m not exactly sure what the term for this clusterfuck of chronological clips is called. Basically, on every song there was a person filming each player and when they edited each song on the live set, they sort of spliced each player’s parts together at the same time and that’s the outcome. You are seeing their live set from all three perspectives at once. It’s hard to conceptualize without seeing it for yourself, so I strongly urge you to do just that. If you can make it all the way through this hell ride, you are a champ. I had to skip around a bit to make it to the end. What’s even more fucked up is the music video that they had made for the song “Ikaruga.” It’s basically a combination of extreme static and music and creates a rampant headache. Now that’s my type of shit. Bottom Line: There is simply no describing this DVD. All Discordance Axis fans probably already have this gem, or will soon whenever they get the chance. This should seriously have a sticker on the front warning all epileptics, motion sickness or pregnant woman to stay far and clear. Aside from the mental trauma aspect of this live DVD, it’s quite remarkable. Although I wish the live footage was set up like normal live videos are, this is unique enough to warrant a place in my collection.

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arrdam_ 1/12/2009 6:43:12 PM

first post. good band. gotta see this dvd