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Strong Intention Extermination Vision

01. Panic In Zero Year 02. Rat Factory 03. Beautiful World 04. Suffocation 05. Impulse Armageddon 06. Earthgrave 07. Slash And Burn 08. Biased 09. Betray Humanity 10. Third Space 11. Resign Ourselves To Failure 12. Slaughter Intelligence 13. Coercion Of The Weak 14. Next Of Kin
2002 Coalition Records
Our score 7


You may never have heard of them, but Strong Intention has been ripping a new asshole to all who have seen them in their ten-year career. This Maryland band is the true embodiment of the DIY ethic, having booked their own shows for most of their career, and having toured extensively with the most extreme of the extreme. They're old school, and they've been involved in the hardcore scene since before many new metallers were even born, much less picking up a guitar and copying Korn/Limp Bizkit riffs. The intimidating, brutal "Extermination Vision" is the band's latest, and it's an exhausting blend of thrash, hardcore, and grind, complete with guest vocals from hardcore scenester Rick Ta Life of 25 Ta Life fame on "Panic In The Year Zero" and "Biased." Strong Intention started out as a brutalcore band in the vein of Agnostic Front and Breakdown, but over the years, they've morphed into speed freaks, playing so fast that guitarist Adam must have worn his fingers down to bloody stumps. Caught somewhere between extreme thrash and total grind, "Extermination Vision" doesn't fuck around and doesn't care what anyone thinks. Each song blasts through, makes it point, and then moves on to the next song. Minimal production, ultra-fast, dizzying riffs, and guttural growls are the order of the day on "Extermination Vision." Singer Zac spits and blurts out his words so fast, you wouldn't want to be in the front row when he performs, for fear he'd puke all over you. Yes, his delivery is that intense. Lyrically, Strong Intention follows in the tradition of the best hardcore bands: controversial, politically tinged, and not afraid to speak its mind. Armageddon, social injustices, the rat race, the government, and various conspiracy theories are screamed about in the lyrics of "Extermination Vision." Strong Intention doesn't mince words, and it's not a pretty listen, and we're rather certain that was the point. There is a deep, unruly fury at the very core of Strong Intention. There's nothing too fancy or experimental going on here. Just flesh-flaying speed and an attitude the size of Russia. The band never strays into chugga-chugga meathead territory, either. If you're a fan of Negative Approach, Cro-Mags, or classic C.O.C., then it's best you make the acquaintance of Strong Intention. Bottom Line: Bands like Strong Intention are the very soul of Darwin's theory of survival of the fittest. Lesser men would crumble at the thought of touring the country five times on their own dime, and having to sleep on floors in the freezing cold after playing to only a handful of people. But these DIY/touring hardships are the fuel that feeds Strong Intention's already furnace-hot pyre. They take the shit, and keep on playing. They read the papers, they watch the news. They absorb what's going on in the world around them, and parlay that into bitter, bullish toughcore. "Extermination Vision" isn't the most pleasant of listens, but it doesn't bash you over the skull with its politics, either. The package of feral music and personal, informed lyrics makes the most youth-accessible hardcore and metal. Strong Intention is well aware of that fact, and makes every effort to execute its music according to those principles.


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