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Ed Gein Ed Gein

1. Bathed In Orange 2. Score One For Team Bitch 3. Willie Loman
2002 Hex Records
Our score 8


Ed Gein, the psychopath, made headlines as a troubled man fascinated with body parts. Digging and sifting through graves eventually led to multiple murders and unmentionable deeds with his victims. It's no surprise that his persona would serve as an inspiration for several drama and suspense films. Similarly, it shouldn't be a shock that a metal band would take on this twisted individual's name as a moniker. Meet Ed Gein the band. Based in New York, the unit's three-song gem of an EP, co-released by the band and Hex Records, is an enjoyable, but brief, soundtrack to terror. Musically, Ed Gein's use of speed, rhythmic shifts, and riffage are the band's most notable strengths. There are plenty of "chugga-chugga" guitars, and though this may sound straightforward in its description, it's not. When combined with the varying riff patterns and time signature changes, it makes for an enjoyable listen. But that's not to say that the unit is one-dimensional musically. In fact, there are plenty of examples of the group's technical prowess in the music, as complex guitar leads are intertwined to keep things interesting and flowing, particularly in the third track, "Willie Loman." No passage or riff is ever abused to the point of boredom or staleness. Combine all of this with solid percussion work, scathing vocals, and various samples from horror/thriller movies (to build upon the psychopathic murderer persona), and you've got the makings of well-balanced metalcore that exhibits plenty of variety to keep you on your toes. Lyrically, Ed Gein doesn't break any ground. But the words and subject matter are a good match for its sound. Visually, the CD comes in a simple white sleeve that sports a silver sticker with a drawing of a girl stabbing a toy doll. Included inside are several slips of Xerox-ed paper with lyrics, contact information, etc. Bottom Line: Although way too short, this EP is a great sample of what is hopefully to come from Ed Gein. The recording is solid and the musicianship is commendable. Musically, I can envision this group having broad-based appeal given its ability to combine some of the most appealing aspects of metal and hardcore. Fans of the genre should enjoy this one.


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Ed Gein_ 3/8/2006 5:22:56 PM

You guys seriously need to stop throwing used condoms at us when we play live because it makes us sad.

ktownhcore_ 4/28/2006 5:18:22 PM

8 hmmmmmmmmmm 9 would be better but 8 is alright...killa band